Letters to Santa- Kitty Edition!

Oh Dog! Can you believe it? One week from today we’re gonna wake up and see all the wonderful presents Santa has left for us! I am so excited!!!!!

Today Santa’s gonna get tag-teamed by a pair of sweet kitties who have their little hearts set on some sweet surprises. First up, Sundae from These Days of Mine.

It's Sundae, doing what cats do best.
It’s Sundae, doing what cats do best.

Dear Santa Paws,

Sundae, the sweet little calico kitty here. I sure hope you’ve had a wonderful off-season and are geared up for your big evening coming up in a few weeks.

As you know, I’ve been extremely good this year. What’s that?Β  The little biting incidents? Well, um, you know that’s really just my way of showing affection right?Β  Surely you’ve heard of “love nips”?

Okay, okay, I’m really trying to get them under control. I promise to really work on it between now and Christmas.

Meanwhile, here’s my tiny little Christmas list:

1.) I really could use a pair of kitty sunglasses. The sun outside my window is really bright sometime, and I’m worried about my eyes.

2.) Motor Mommy mentions a new kitty once in awhile. Could you puhlease work some magic to let her know that isn’t a good idea?

3.) I have made lots of new furriends in blogland and I would really love it if you could bring all my kitty friends a little nip and my doggy friends a little chew toy.

4.) Oh yeah, a new toy for me would be pawsome too.

5.) And – this is a tall order – warm happy homes for all the poor little kitties and doggies who don’t have one. I know: that would be a Christmas miracle, wouldn’t it?

Thanks and tell Mrs. Paws that I say hi.

Love, Sundae

Oh Dog! I dunno Sundae, another cat might be a good idea! And June Buggie here would make a GREAT fit for your home…. just sayin’!

Next we have another sweet kitty- Satchie from Satchmo The Cat!

Dear Santa Paws,I’m Satchie, a 7 months old kitten from Canada. This is going to be my very first Christmas! Mom and big bro Jay, and my auntie Savvy and my uncle Sammy told me that if I’m a good girl, you’ll bring me presents. I even have a brand new stocking ready for you that my mom brought home the other day. My very first stocking! I’m very excited about Christmas so I’m writing you this letter and sending it to Santa Dog so he can give it to you.This is my list:

  • A forever home for all doggies and kitties
  • A kitty calendar from Nine Lives Greece
  • My own blankie so big bro doesn’t get mad at me when I sleep on his
  • All the kitty toys you can spare
  • An extra toy for auntie Savvy, another one for uncle Sammy and another one for Rumpy
  • A salmon steak for big brother Jay (he likes salmon)
  • A basket of fresh fruit from Colombia for mom and hu-sis. They miss it very much

I think that’s it.Β  I hope I did it right.

Oh, and Santa? Please don’t ask big brother Jay if I’ve been a good girl, OK?

Love and purrs,




I hope you get everything you asked for and THEN some!

Merry Christmas everybody!

22 thoughts on “Letters to Santa- Kitty Edition!

  1. Aw…thanks, Rumpy, for sharing Sundae’s letter to Santa. And that little Satchie is a real sweetie!
    Heading to my blog right now to share this link!
    Thanks again.
    Dianna (Sundae’s “Motor Mommy”)

  2. Oh what great kitty Santa Paws letters Rumpy! Of course everybody (I think) knows the beautiful Sundae is my girl-catfriend and I’m honored to be little Satchie’s honorary uncle……I think they both have VERY reasonable “wish lists” for Christmas, don’t you? I know we’d ALL be very happy if every dog and cat that needs a home got one this year…..talk about JOY TO THE WORLD!!! Thanks for publishing all these great letters to Santa…..You’re doing a grand job of being Santa’s Special Helper Rumpy!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  3. Awww…Sundae and Satchie are so cute on those pictures and what they asked Santa Paws are sweet! Thanks so much for asking forever homes for homeless doggies and kitties!
    I hope that both of you will get what you want for you and your family! Have a lovely Christmas! πŸ™‚

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