Naughty or Nice? You Decide….

Oh Dog! In today’s letters to Santa we have a study in opposites.  One from a cat. One from a dog. One on the Nice list. One obviously isn’t. Guess which is which?

Gordon, the only cat more evil than June Buggie!
Gordon, the only cat more evil than June Buggie!

Dear Santa……

Just get me LOTS and get FATDOG nothing. I don’t need a new bed thank you, I just claimed FATDOGS.

Your friend Gordon.

*gasps* Oh no he didn't!!!!
*gasps* Oh no he didn’t!!!!

The audacity! Not only is he naughty, but he sends photographic evidence to prove it! I’m telling Santa that Gordon is certainly NOT nice! But Emma, on the other hand, is a sweet girl and definitely nice. Emma blogs at My GBGV Life.

Dear Santa Paws,

Hi, it is Emma the GBGV here writing you from Minnesota which is far from the North Pole mom tells me.

I have been busy going through my catalogs choosing the items I really need.  I think I have been a very good girl this year, at least I have been trying really hard.  I have not caught a wabbit in almost a year now, and have been focusing on just chasing wabbits and squirrels.  I have also been nice to my big sister and my cat bro Bert, Sophie I never see, so she does not count.  Mom says I am a devil but I don’t know why.

For Christmas this year I would like more bird feeders for my squirrels and maybe some more bags of food because those fat squirrels really eat a lot.  I could use some fun new collars from my favorite place, Up Country, Inc., I need a new 25 ft. Flexi-Leash because I pretty much killed mine taking off after a wabbit (cord got cut on the brick as I rounded the corner of the house), lots of snacks like bully sticks, cows ears, tripe and any other good treats you have in stock.

I will put out some milk and cookies for you and a big bowl of water and some carrots for your reindeer as I do every year to thank you for stopping by.

Thank you,

Emma the good dog J

Emma, the very good dog!

PS: Please send us lots of snow and cold weather this winter as we love winter and so does our mom!

37 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice? You Decide….

  1. Gordon can’t help being so naughty he is possessed by the evil Mr Tiddles (?) from the Cats v Dogs movie the poor little kitty.

  2. That is sooooooo what I expected from Gordon. I love his cattitude. I’m feel so bad for “FATDOG” Maybe if Gordon is laying on his bed, he should go lay on the Gordon’s mat……kinda like have some revenge.

  3. Oh my, I live with 2 cats but they are not that naughty! Thanks for posting my letter 🙂 and as bad of a cat as he is I hope that Gordon at least gets some catnip, maybe that will improve his mood!

  4. We are just LOVING the Letters to Santa Paws. So very VERY much nice of you to put them up.
    We hope that they get all that they asked fur … Nothing naughty that we can see. NORMAL.. just NORMAL.

  5. Emma is so sweet girl to prepare things for Santa Paws and his reindeer! I hope she gets what she wants for Christmas!
    BOL! Gordon…..he is funny!!! 🙂

  6. Emma is very thorough, and I am sure Santa will want deliver on her requests…as for Gordon…I am not sure why he isn’t being really kind? That fat dog doesn’t really need such a bed as it clearly is ore in Gordon’s color wheel…looks good! A somewhat confused Savannah

  7. Pfffffffft…… I KNOW Santa will be leaving me HEAPS of stuff. I’m a CAT, I’ll be up all night……… and I’m gonna change a few labels….. *sniggers*

  8. I’m sure glad I only have to put up with Scratchy and not Gordon too. Maybe we should find a place for Gordon, Scratchy, and June Buggie that is far away from any dogs.

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