Stella’s Christmas Wish!

Now it’s only TWO days until Christmas! I can hardly wait! woo woo woo!

Stella is a wonderful dog who blogs from her human’s bookshop. with a Christmas wish that only Santa can fulfill….. at least I HOPE he can!

Sweet Stella!
Sweet Stella!


Dear Santa Paws~

My name is Stella the Great Newfenees and I’m hoping, because I hear I don’t live too far away from your place at the North Pole (globally speaking, that is), you might have time to pay me a visit on your Christmas rounds.

I’ve been a pretty good dog this year, although I still have (a lot) of trouble coming when I’m called. But that’s only because I’m busy trying to protect my two-leggers from the dangers lurking in the Boreal Forest. And what is really the priority, eh? I’m sure you will understand my point of view….

All I really want for Christmas is another Dog Friend to live and play with me, and help me guard my two-leggers. I’m awfully lonely for dog company in the Winter because all my dog friends go away ’til Spring.

I know my two-legger Elizabeth would like another dog friend, too. But we have a problem. I have a lot of health problems, and Elizabeth can’t afford another dog. She and my other two-legger Kay have talked about fostering, but now that I’ve picked up a tick-bourne disease from the wood ticks in our area, they are afraid another dog might also get sick from them. They wouldn’t want to have another dog get sick, or that they couldn’t care for properly. And I understand completely, really. I do!

But I’d really love a pal.

I’m hoping maybe you could find a way to help me solve this problem. I hear you’re pretty magical. Maybe I’m asking for too much? That’s what I’m kind of afraid of…. But it’s okay if you can’t help. I’ll understand. Maybe in that case, you could just see that my dog pals get back safely in the Spring?

Thank you, Santa Paws.
Stella the Great Newfenees & Bookshop Dog

P.S. I’m sending you a picture of me in one of my favourite places – a snowbank, so you’ll know what I look like when you drop by… OH! and set a guard on your reindeer when you park them… we have some hungry old wolves hanging around! (I got beaten up by a deer twice, so I’m not very good at guarding them myself….)

Dear Santa: Can you PULEEZE make Stella’s Christmas wish come true?


15 thoughts on “Stella’s Christmas Wish!

  1. Oh, that is so sad, I sure hope Santa can find a solution for you. I have a big sister and we have lots of fun together and that way we are also never alone. Have a Merry Christmas, Stella!

  2. Awwww…Stella’s Christmas wish is so touching….Please Santa Paws, please give Stella a good idea and then give her one more fur family! 🙂

  3. Stella! You are so beautiful (and strong) sitting in the snow. *shiver* I do hope Santa brings you a pal. Maybe a pal a little less fluffy, so a tick check would be easier and safer. Good luck with your wishes. I’ll cross my paws for you. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  4. She’s a beautiful, big beastie … please, Santa, please find a way to bring Stella the Great Newfenees & Bookshop Dog a pal to help her guard her two-leggers. Happy Holidays Rumpy Dog!

  5. Thank you for all your support! In a way, I think maybe my Christmas wish has been answered with some new friends here. But I have my dewclaws crossed that Santa Paws will find a more three dimensional solution to my problem, too.

    Thank you, Rumpy! And Merry Christmas to all!
    Stella the Great Newfenees, via my scribe.

    P.S. it’s -31C here with the windchill today. I think it’s the North Wind pushed down by the speed of Santa’s sleigh!

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