And Last, But By No Means Least….

OH Dog! It’s here! It’s here! It’s Christmas tomorrow and tonight Santa is coming! Santa is coming! I bet there’s not a carpet in the world without just a LITTLE pee on it! woo woo woo!

Today we have two last letters to the Big Guy. And after you read the first one, you’ll see why I saved it for today. Nope, it’s not sappy by any means, but well….. *whispers* Santa IS kinda busy today so may not realize who’s writing it.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Cocoa Puff with her letter to Santa!

Hi Cocoa Puff!
Hi Cocoa Puff! What a great smile!

Dear Santa:

I know our relationship became a little strained with the ‘definition’ of endless bacon last year and to be fair I do regret the “I am going to suing your Jolly Red Butt off” incident. So let us start anew, shall we?

I'm with Cocoa Puff.... that is NOT an endless supply!
I’m with Cocoa Puff…. that is NOT an endless supply!

This year I have been very good. There has been no sneaking out the gate, counter surfing the Sunday roast … what? How did you know about … well yes there was that grabbing the chicken, and the sandwich, and the hot dog out of Aunt Betty’s hand but that was a training exercise. Trying to teach her to hold it up higher.. out of my reach.

So what I would like (expect) this year is an ENDLESS supply of bacon. Endless meaning it never ends, always there, anytime I want it.. how could you have been so clueless last year.. *cough*  sorry bygones will be bygones.

My Mom could have been better but hey I am in the Christmas spirit so why don’t you throw her a bone…. no a real bone… well sure she would like it. If not she can always give it to me.

Looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve… just want to make sure there are no misunderstandings this year….

Luv Cocoa Puff

Sacked out and waiting for Santa!
Sacked out and waiting for Santa!

Thanks Cocoa Puff! And last, here’s a letter from the FiveSibes!

FiveSibes Santa letter


Thanks to all my friends who sent in their letters to Santa!

In case you missed it, here’s a recorded letter to Santa from me and June Buggie. 

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and I hope all of your holiday dreams come true!

44 thoughts on “And Last, But By No Means Least….

  1. Cocoa, I couldn’t have said it better…All Bacon! all the time fur me too…And the 5 Sibes express the wish of all anipals and all hoomins who love them Thanks fur sharing all these Dogmas wishes with us ths year Rumpy Happy Christmas to you and your whole funny, wonderful family Gizmo & Beth

  2. Well as a fellow “bacon-a-holic” I totally “get” Cocoa Puff’s wish for Santa. Totally…..but I also “get” the wish for forever homes for all animals because that would TRULY make all of us and our humans very happy. Rumpy, I hope you and your family have a VERY happy and merry Christmas……!!

    Holiday Hugs to all….
    Love, Sammy

  3. *drools* I’m with Cocoa Puff, too….endless supply of bacon sounds fabulous present!!! I hope she gets what she wants and invites us for the bacon pawty!
    and Fivesibes’s letter is so touching! Me too, I wish what they wish for Christmas!!!
    Happy Merry Christmas Rumpy and his family! 🙂

  4. Awwwww what wonderful letters to Santa!! We hope you get your bacon and bone lovely Cocoa Puff and we love your letter too FiveSibes!

    Happy Christmas Rumpydog and family! Take care

  5. Rumpy we would like to THANK YOU fur putting up the series of Letters to Santa Paws… they have been very… Ummm Ahhhh Hummm… ENLIGHTENING.
    Merry Christmas to YOU, June Buggie, and your Peeps.

  6. Kirby loves your letter….and your bacon! Its so nice to meet you on a fabulous Christmas eve day! And we agree homes for all homeless pets would be our wish too! HaPpY cHrIsTmAs RuMpY!

  7. May you be blessed with peace, love, joy and the abundances of the Lord’s fruits of prosperity this Christmas Season. We love you and appreciate you for all that you do in helping to build and promote the Kingdom of God here on this earth.

  8. Hey Rumpy, Jet here. Hi Miss Jen.

    Sorry we haven’t visited a lot lately… Mom’s been under the weather and we’re REALLY behind.

    Anyway, boy did you select 2 perfect Santa Letters to finish the series… We laughed, we agreed, we agreed with a hopeful heart.


  9. May this Christmas bring you and your family lots of happiness.
    Wishing you a season filled with bliss, enriched with love and glittering with success. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Kisses from Nellie and Kozmo and the Hairy Slobbery Sisters Bob and Cinnamon and the Pawrents

  10. You’re too gorgeous, Rumpy 🙂 Merry Christmas to you.

    And there’s not ‘a bit’ of pee on my carpet!!

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