Introducing Jasper the Maremma!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today’s guest hails from New Zealand. That’s the opposite of us. They have daytime when I have nighttime. They are in the middle of summer when I’m in the middle of (I guess you call this) winter! I wonder what we have in common? Gather close and let’s find out from Jasper from Jasper’s Doggy World!

Say hello to Jasper!
Say hello to Jasper!

Rumpy:  Thanks for being my guests today. How about you first tell us about your breed.

Jasper:  Me and Nellie are Italian sheepdog. In Italy we are called “cane da pastore Maremmano-Alruzzese”, but mostly we are refered to as Maremmas. Physically we are large, white dogs and males can weigh up to 100 pounds (45 kgs) and females about 88 pounds (40 kgs).

Rumpy:  Wow! You guys are about the same size as me!

Jasper:  Maremmas are working dogs and are still used in the Italian Alps to protect sheep flocks from predators.  Nowadays, maremmas are found in North American, Australia and New Zealand, protecting livestock.
Hi Nellie!
Hi Nellie!

Rumpy:  So your breed is similar to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog! Do you work Jasper?

Jasper:  Me and Nellie are not working dogs.  We are too busy protecting our flock of one.  One being our mummy.  We must protect her at all times, therefore, We must be with her at all times.  Sometimes mummy gets annoyed with Me and Nellie wanting to be with her at all times, but Me and Nellie do not care.  Our job is to be with her and that is what We do.

Rumpy:  You’d think she’d be more grateful! How did you come to live with your mummy?

Jasper:  When family moved from the city to the countryside in December 2009, mummy promised brother and sister that they could have a dog.  Mummy wanted at Yorkshire terrier, but sister found me on Trademe (our version of Ebay).  I was such a little, cute puppy, but I was a bit naughty because I liked to chew anything and everything.  No sooner had I come to live with my family, mummy wanted another one of Me.  It took her a while to persuade daddy that it would be a good idea to get another dog, but there are very happy that they got Nellie.
Nellie and Jasper
Nellie and Jasper
Rumpy: And what’s your home like?

Jasper: Me and Nellie live with our family.  Mummy and daddy and brother and sister, three maine coon cats, two silly rabbits called Bella and Quincy, seven peasky chickens, eight sheep with one lamb,  and two cows.  There is also the worm farm, next to the rabbit hutch. I like to put my head in the rabbit hutch and in the worm farm to see if there are any tasty treats but for some reason mummy does not seem to appreciate my assistance.  She says tthinks like “get out you great furry git”.

Rumpy:  Wow! What a big family! How do you and Nellie get along?

Jasper:  Me and Nellie get along like a “house on fire”.  I was so excited when mummy told Me that another me was coming to live with us and when she arrived I was so pleased to see her that I broke my heavy duty lead.  I follow mummy around and Nellie follows Me around the garden.  We love to play bitey face and zoomies.

Maremmas on the move!
Maremmas on the move!

Rumpy: Sounds like a great life ya got there! What are your favorite treats?

Jasper: Food is my favourite treat, especially anything left on the table, kitchen bench or floor.  I am a greedy dog and will eat anything I can.  Mummy once  had to ring the National Poison centre because I had eaten some Crystal Rain, water storing crystal,  but thankfully I was Ok.

Rumpy: Oh Dog!!!

Jasper: Nellie is a good dog and is not so greedy, but she is still a little portly and is on an anti whale diet.  So far it has been very successful and Nellie has is getting her figure back.

Rumpy: One more question Jasper, if you and Nellie were dinosaurs, what kind would you be?

Jasper: If me and Nellie were going to be a dinosaur, we would be big, white graceful one.  Mummy says she doesn’t think that a dinosaur like this exists, but Me and Nellie don’t care, that is what We want to be, so that is what We will be.

Jasper is pooped!
Jasper is pooped!

Rumpy:  On my blog you can be any kinda dinosaur you want Jasper. Thanks again for being my guest!

Don’t forget to connect with Jasper and Nellie at Jasper’s Doggy World!

29 thoughts on “Introducing Jasper the Maremma!

  1. They are cool dogs, I have been following their blog for a while, they are similar to my Kuvasz sister. Great and informative interview – job well done!

  2. Wow! Jasper and Nellie are pawgeous! I don’t think that we have met their breed on our walk. I’m glad his mom decided to take Nellie in their family for Jasper! 🙂
    Oh! Jasper please be careful what you eat!!

  3. I love those giant woofies from down under. They are always getting into something. Thanks for highlighting them on your blog. Have a great New Year Rumpy and family.

  4. So glad to hear that the big dogs, Jasper and Nellie, are doing well and protecting their family.
    I had to share this with you. My brother’s dog, a shelter dog, is a Boxer-German Shepherd mix. My brother was awakened with the past day by Lola barking. Turns out some guy broke into the house. My brother, adreneline pumping, threw the guy out. He is ever so grateful that Lola was there to alert him to the intruder who was hiding out by the back door.
    Dogs are great protectors and family members. Whoo-whoo!

  5. Awesome interview Rumpy. I’ve followed Jasper & Nellie for some time and they’re very entertaining. I love they Mums garden too. Awesome to live in New Zealand I should think. Happy New Year!

  6. Jasper died suddenly two and a half years ago. He is buried in our front yard where he will guard us through eternity. Miss the crazy dog.

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