DeDe Checks In

Oh Dog! DeDe here. It’s a cloudy day here in paradise, and there’s a good chance of rain. *sigh*

I guard Jen from my comfy new bed
I guard Jen from my comfy new bed

We slept in this morning….. well, actually Jen did, and I had to maintain my guard post until she decided to get up!

We already had a cat fight this morning. This one resulted in the barrier gate falling on top of Graybie’s head. Fortunately, there were no injuries…… yet. Bubba’s still hiding just in case.

One of Β Jen’s goals for this year is to set aside some time each week that’s just to do what she wants to do. Play around on the computer. Veg in front of the TV. Take a nap. So she got her shopping and cleaning done yesterday, and now it looks like she has most of today to do just that!

What will you be doing today?


29 thoughts on “DeDe Checks In

  1. Good for Jen: having a day to herself! I’m sure all of you will be a big help to her! I’ll just be in charge here….like everyday!
    Love, Sundae

  2. My Mom’s gonna be a bum today too (oops…did I say bum? I meant “lady of leisure”!!)…..and as usual I’ll keep an eye on everything so it stays quiet for her. Your new bed looks quite comfy DeDe… if the cats will just behave, maybe YOU can rest up too??!!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  3. Oh! I’m relieved to hear that Graybie baby was ok! We have a cat fight quite a lot a day….*sign*
    I think that it’s a good decision for Jen to step aside some time to do what she wants to do! Jen is very busy lady, so she must need to have relaxing time sometimes!
    Have a lovely sunday, Dear DeDe! πŸ™‚

  4. Good for Jen – everyone needs what I “me” time. Today is my cooking day. I good food for the week, so that when I get home from work, I just have re-heat. I am cooking some boneless pork chops, a turkey thigh, squash and green beans. Now I need to go to Staples because my wireless mouse has decided not to work properly. I hope Jen enjoys her day. Love to you all – Joyce and Isaiah

  5. That’s nice of you to let Jen sleep in, she deserves it! I always let mom sleep but Jack wakes her up at exactly 7:40 on weekend mornings. He’s a bugger of a puppy.

  6. I think we’re going to take an extra long walk. It’s not going to be all that warm today, but my husband has the day off so we can walk both dogs together. Generally, I walk them separately because they tend to misbehave when it is just me by myself trying to handle both of them at once. πŸ™‚

  7. Sunday is the day of rest, the lazy, daisy dog day at our house, shorter walks and lots of napping…I am also trying to forget that disaster of a football game last night with my Vikings, very sad game for this pup!

  8. Mom thought she was going to sleep in today but we had a different idea….. sun rises we want the door opened. So after a cup of coffee she’s getting caught up on blogging. Happy Sunday.

  9. That’s an excellent resolution to make. We hope Jen will get to keep it all year! OurPeople like to do all their errands on Saturday so they can stay in bed and read the Sunday paper. Some of us get in with them and take naps. The rest of us take naps in the sunroom or on the piano. It’s raining here, too, so it’s a good day for naps! ❀ Love & loud purring from all us kitties!

  10. As it’s Monday in Australia I’m sending huMum to the shops for more noms for me, then we might veg in front of TV with air con on as hot hot hot summer and watch Tennis preparations for Australian Open on 14th … sooooooo very very busy

  11. Hi there Dede! Such a pretty girl you are. I think Jen’s plans for the year sound splendid! Sorry to hear about the cat squabbles. We have them here now and again but my two girls are getting older and realize spending too much time seeking retribution for perceived wrongs takes too much energy! With my back acting up I’ll be pretty much confined to the comfy chair, football and my yarn crafts! Hugs to all of you.

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