It’s In the Mail!

Oh Dog! Rumpy here, and today I’m trying my hand at my first-ever review. It’s not about a product, but instead about a service.

We’re waiting for the box-bringers!

As you may know, I receive lots of packages. So today I’m going to rate the delivery services that bring me those packages from a dog’s point of view.

United States Postal Service: We have a box on a stick outside the fence for mail. The mail human drives up to the box and puts things in it. But if the things don’t fit, the human takes it back and leaves a piece of paper instead. Then Jen has to go away to get my box. I guess that’s better than what they did once, which was to drop my box on the ground by the box-on-a-stick. Jen was REALLY mad that day and the dog next door was jealous!

I don’t get it. Why can’t they just bring it to the door? Jen says cutbacks lead to bad attitudes. June Buggie says they’re afraid of me. I say phooey!

FedEx: That’s another human that’s afraid of me. But he seems a little weird so the feeling’s mutual. Once he delivered my box to the wrong street, even though my name was on the box. Doesn’t he know where I live? And once he came and sat outside our yard for 15 minutes before giving me my box because he said he was on a mandatory break and he couldn’t work until it was over. So Jen brought us outside and we barked at him. After that he started leaving boxes hung on the side of the box-on-a-stick. I don’t think I like him very much.

Ooh! You got mail!
Ooh! You got mail!

UPS:  These deliverers wear uniforms the color of poo! So you know I like them already! When they leave my boxes, they either put them  inside the glass outer door or behind the shrub. That way that dog next door won’t see them and be jealous. Jen says she wishes she could get them to go to the side door instead, but that’s a minor complaint. DeDe barks at them and I give ’em the woo woo woo! But they don’t seem to be scared of me. Well, there was one young guy at Christmas that was afraid, but that was because his buddy took off in the truck and left him…. but then he remembered and turned around and got him.

So who’s my favorite? Hands-down, it’s Jen! She’s the one that brings them inside and opens them for me. Yay Jen!

Will you tell me about YOUR box-bringers?


53 thoughts on “It’s In the Mail!

  1. Murphy Brown Dog gets the occasional package. When asked, he thought carefully before voting for – over lots of years and numerous experiences – for FedEx. They most often leave his packages in a safe, dry place and on rainy days, they even put them in a plastic bag knotted at the top, just in case rain water rushes through the carport. Woofs n wags!

  2. Our mail guy is brilliant. If there are parcels for us and we are not in, he takes them to my brother’s house at the other end of the village! And if there is no one there either, he comes back later in the day on his way home!! He’s called Gwyllim and we love him (the Staff says she loves him mainly because of his shorts!!)

  3. We live in a condo Rumpy so we have a concierge who takes all our packages when we are not home and mom grabs them quick when she gets home. Mom gets a lot of packages for me too and they STILL ask her for ID before they give her our stuff! Don’t they know by now that she is the crazy dog lady?!

  4. We love them all because they bring us stuff, we bark but that is all and they leave our packages on the front step right in front of the window so we can guard them if mom is not home. Never attack a delivery person, that is our motto!

  5. oh and I forgot to say that both FEDEX UPS and the United Postal Service are all under so much pressure that I don’t think we can even comprehend it. My heart goes out to them because they have hard and highly stressful jobs. Love, Dakota

  6. We are very lucky, our mail lady brings packages up to our house and honks so Mom knows that she is there. And the Fed Ex and the UPS all do the same. Maybe because our :Person is older than dirt. Take care.

  7. Putney’s always glad to see ANYONE who brings stuff, edible or otherwise, to our door! (He gets a strop on though if I answer the door without him; he sulks in the living room, shouting naughty words till I come back 😮 ) Putney says his vote for best delivery person goes to the guy who brings The Big Bag of Dog Food every month; he’s a nice chipper man and is very dog-friendly, and if we’re not home he leaves the parcel with our neighbours 🙂

  8. The USPS carrier in my neighborhood is great. She will come to my door for big packages. And she loves dogs! BTW, my sister is a USPS mail carrier in Oregon. She loves dogs too and knows the dogs on her route well enough to know which will let her in the fence to deliver to the door and which won’t.

    I like our UPS carrier too. It is almost always the same guy. Sometimes he brings the dogs treats. The FedEx person is generally a different person each time so their service and reaction to the dogs vary.

  9. *giggles* Well you are a pretty big guy and a lot of people are scared of dogs. And Jen is right, cutbacks and bad attitudes. Personally I’ve learned when approaching a dog, look down, let them approach you and sniff you and wait for approval.

  10. We have a locked gate so when UPS, FedEx or the USPS carrier has packages for us they honk at the gate. Our UPS man is like family he has been bringing us packages for over 10 years. He brings our human brothers packages here too when our brother is not home. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. Ummmmm. Rumpy ,those people aren’t afraid of you, they are afraid of doing their jobs. We use all 3 services, at our last home we had a covered porch with railing so if it didn’t fit in our teeny letter box up the street, they always dropped it in the back of porch. Our new home has same teeny letter box a few doors away. But, nice hidden and covered porch and all 3 services knock when they leave something. Mom say she would start a written complaint campaign for your service people, by name, and/ or ask them ” look, this service is not working for me, how can I help you deliver to me in a way. That works for us both. She would start with that approach. Paw pats, Savvy and Mom Linda

  12. LOLOLOL We BOL’d at the UPS man getting left behind!
    We’re pretty friendly here at Casa de Grimaldi so the only problem we have is mommy won’t let us jump and give kisses to the man in brown! Though once Henri ran out when the man was dropping something off and I tried to follow but the man grabbed me and held on till mommy came back with Henri. Henri just wanted to see if there were any more packages for us in the truck!

    We never had the fed ex man hang around out front but we do have a cat lady down the street who is a little strange. She liked to hang around outside our window with three or four cats that follow her around and I barked at her to let her know they shouldn’t be there. Mommy went out to talk to her and from what I understand she is looking/feeling for the healing pulses. Yeah!

    So mommy did what your mommy did, she put our retractable leashes on and took us outside, the cats scattered and she ran off after them! She doesn’t hang around anymore!

  13. Pamela my mail lady is the best…She says Hi! to me every day when she leaves the mail and if Momz lets me i go out to visit with her…And she even left me a nommy rawhide treat for Christmas…The other guys don’t talk to me so I don’t know much about them

  14. We have Grouchy Mailman and he’s awful. Sometimes he just drops the mail on the ground! He leaves the mailbox cover up when it’s raining and the mail gets all wet. I find the UPS and Fed Ex guys are usually very nice. They’ll even carry the heavy stuff inside.

  15. Mr. Cheddar doesn’t like anyone showing up in a uniform but like you guys, we get a lot of parcels etc. so that can’t be avoided. I’d say I’m most impressed by the guy who delivers for Canada Post here. It takes a long time for pkg. to come from the US though.

    Happy Weekend, G 🙂

  16. Living in a small town, we have good USPS service and have never had a problem with any of the others you’ve mentioned. Living in a residential area helps I think!

  17. Stella the Great Newfenees via my scribe here.

    We have the lady who delivers sticks that my two-leggers burn in the hot box in the winter time. I like her. Sometimes she brings her son and he piles the sticks up neatly in our stick house.

    Then there’s Doyle the Dogfood Man. Not only does he deliver bags of dogfood, he also carries them into the basement and puts them in our storage bin! I love Doyle the Dogfood Man. Just thinking about him makes me drool. Excuse me…

  18. Our Girl Penny greets all our delivery persons. Her favorite is the mail man (Joe). Joe pets her and gives her a treat (most times). Every day when Penny sees Joe, she gets very happy…;-)

  19. The Eagles (USPS) bring packages to the front door. Fed Ex leaves packages at the garage, they drop and gun out the driveway.

    The Brown Trucks bring packages to the front door, and ring the bell. They do brown truck parades past our house every morning and every night.

    We like the Eagles the best – they pick up boxes at the front door, always smile, and they never get mad when my yappy sisters bark at them.

    We say Jen should call the Eagle Office and ask why they can’t leave packages at the door. If they hang them on the mailbox, they can stolen by any dog walking by. Unless she has to sign for them – they should not be leaving yellow notes. They do that when they are lazy – and that is furry mean!

    Purrs from the Ship Morgan

  20. Litchi did manage to get one package from overseas, delivered (rather amazingly) by our dubious postal service. The fact that she has been informed of other packages which have never arrived, simply reiterates the “dubious” portion of this.

  21. Dogmom (also a Jen!) told us that mean people in the neighborhood stole all the packages, so she had to get a PO box. So she has to take the adventuremobile to another building to get our boxes. Sometimes she comes back with nothing because they lost our packages, and last week the delivery-man-with-the-poo-colored-uniform changed the address of our parcel on their own and gave it to somebody else… even though dogmom called them when they made the mistake two days before it was delivered. Dogmom said the full version of “WTF” lots of times and had a bunch of phone calls about it. She seemed angry, we tilted our dog heads a lot. But she finally got our box from the poo-colored building! xoxo Mort and Tig.

  22. I forgot to say one time before dogmom got the PO box, she found a box of our toys down the street on the side of the road. The bad people who stole it from our doorstep didn’t want our dog toys she said! Silly bad people, they aren’t very smart. Those dog toys were awesome! I chewed them up the very next day, so dogmom had to throw them out anyway. xoxo Mort.

    1. That is mean to steal people’s packages! We are fortunate that our next-door neighbors work from home and are around all the time, so our packages have always arrived so far.

  23. I’m pretty sure the mailman is trying to kill me, so as soon as I see him (10 houses away on the other side of the street) I sound the alarm. I bark until he delivers all the mail in my neighborhood, gets in his vehicle, and drives away, and then I bark some more.

    Love and licks,

  24. Such a funny post, Rumpy! You’re right, love the color of the UPS uniforms. BOL! We like the mail carrier, and when he takes a day off, we always know because things get dropped on the ground by the box-on-a-stick…just like what happened to you!

  25. All our box carriers bang on our door then leave. The only one we see carrying boxes is our mom. Course, we love it when she has a box because they are usually for us! And boxes are great toys besides.

  26. In Japan, most of the boxes from overseas are brought by Japan Post that is not bad one, they leave a paper in a mail box if nobody is here though… And if we call them and tell them bring it again with telling certain time, they bring it again. 🙂
    Oh no…poor USP young guy…*giggles* Glad he was finally taken by his buddy!

  27. Panky:Haiz Rumpy! Iz unnstand DaMa used to get lots packages fur her ‘day job’, but she no longer werks dere. Da UPS man always nice, knocking on door when leaving da packages. Da FedEx came once a while and just as nice to da Spottyed Ones just like UPS man. The mailbox is just like yours – on a stick but it’s across da street with a bunch of others. Once inna while, da mailman bring packages to da door, but mostly leave a piece of paper. Dey used to bring da Bandit’s medicine packages to da door because dey knew how important dat one wuz. Now dat Iz only 4legger here, Iz neva seen any packages from any of dem. Iz only goin by wut DaMa tells me.

  28. My box bringer in the small truck says hi from far away, but he does not want to meet me up close. But the box bringer in the big brown truck gives me some tasty biscuits, so he is my most favorite 🙂

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