Help is a Four-Legged Word!

While I was watching the Inauguration yesterday, I heard a commentator state there would be 200 animals in the Inaugural Parade. I was intrigued.

Animals in the parade?
Animals in the parade?

Granted, animals in parades is nothing new. Horses have been in parades for many years. But could it be possible that there would be some other animals in the parade as well?

I had to watch!

And I was thrilled to find that, halfway through the parade, there were…. dogs!

This is one of the dogs that marched in the parade (from the CCI Facebook page)
This is one of the dogs that marched in the parade (from the CCI Facebook page)

And not just any dogs, but dogs who help people with special needs!

Meet Canine Companions for Independence!


This amazing organization trains companion animals for children and adults, including vets, with special needs. Their motto? Help is a four-legged word!

And they do it free of charge! Canine Companions for Independence operates solely on donations.

If you’d like to learn more about CCI, check out their website and see how many are enjoying a better quality of life because of this fantastic organization.

Thanks Canine Companions for Independence for helping so many people! And thanks Inaugural Committee for including them in the parade!

31 thoughts on “Help is a Four-Legged Word!

  1. Pawsome! We watched much of the inauguration but didn’t see that bit about the dogs and that fine organization. How wonderful…….and we too are glad they were included in the celebration.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. I’m a huge fan of CCI. A friend of mine is a puppy raiser for the organization. She fosters one puppy at a time and teaches each one the basic skills required for service dogs. After the puppies grow up, they go to intensive training and testing before being placed as companions. The volunteers and dogs are amazing!

  3. Wow!!!! CCI is a great organization to help people with no charge! I know that it might be sometimes hard to run it with only donation, but which means they don’t run their business, they do it for helping humans who need certain help! Wonderful! 🙂

  4. kaiser permanente is my doctor / hospital facility, whatever you want to call it… while i was waiting around for my asthma meds this kaiser worker comes in with a service dog and goes, “would anyone like a feel good – happiness pet with the service dog?” i was like what in the feck? within 2 mins, everyone on line wanted to pet the dog – me included – and some very sick ppl looked very happy, at least for a moment. i thought that was sooooo cool. just thought i’d share it with you. great post, as always. xo, sm

  5. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    That sounds like it was a highlight of the entire Inauguration that this particular organization was recognized on National television for their efforts…a thumbs up to that network for recognizing this and not some violence that happened during the Inauguration. Great Organization btw if you are looking to send donations to an organization to support.

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