Hissy Helps Out!

MEOW! Hissy Fit Jones here. I know I’m not a regular contributer to Rumpydog.com, but everyone else is busy and so I agreed to help out.

Sorry, we're a bit busy today!
Sorry, we’re a bit busy today!

I have just the thing for your reading pleasure:  one of our first posts that featured……. me!

The dangers of getting high, or living with a cat named Hissy Fit Jones


17 thoughts on “Hissy Helps Out!

  1. Hey there, Hissy! OurGirl used to have a cat named Alger Hiss! Maybe she was your cousin!? Zhaan likes to sleep on a box on top of the bookcase and Daisy & Annie like to sleep on a rug on top of some high shelves. They all say it’s because the air is nice and warm near the ceiling. Is that why you like your kitchen cupboard? We think that’s a great reason to get high!

    Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8
    P.S. You have beautiful golden eyes!

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