Thank DOG it’s Friday!

Thank Dog it’s Friday! It’s been a busy week for Jen, which means I have been sorely neglected.

When she came to say good-bye to me yesterday morning, this is the look she got.

Jen, do you HAVE to go to work?
Jen, do you HAVE to go to work?


Can you believe she had the NERVE to go anyway?

I need to trade her in for a sportier model.

37 thoughts on “Thank DOG it’s Friday!

  1. I feel for you! I tried snuggling up to Mom this morning and looking adorable and she still climbed out of bed to get ready for work. Tomorrow it had better be a different story!


  2. Oh, how could she leave a face like that??? I just bet she thought about you ALL day long and couldn’t wait to get back to you!
    Hope you get all the attention you deserve this weekend, my friend.
    Love, Sundae

  3. We are so spoiled with mom home most of the time but yesterday she was gone most of the day and night…I was not happy and when she left last night I cried a bit. I should be happy for what I have as it is pretty nice. Hopefully you will have a good weekend with your human!

  4. i’ve been away from home for most the week. when i get home, the DAWGGZENEYE (that’s sum kind of many-headed dog beast, izzn’t it?) are going for a romp!

  5. She needs to go to work to get Cookie Money, but, yeah…what a bummer. We feel the same way about OurBoy. Love from RainbowCatsx8

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