June Buggie’s Talkin’ Big Cats!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

Often imitated, never duplicated
Often imitated, never duplicated

I get emails from a variety of organizations dedicated to helping animals. One that recently struck my eye was an email I received from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL.

Now let me just say that I believe sanctuaries, and for that matter, ALL animal rescues, are a necessary evil. If you humans weren’t irresponsible in the first place, none of these places would be required. Therefore, only groups that are also working to eliminate the need for sanctuaries are, in my opinion, truly helping the cause of animals.

I am also skeptical of any group until I’ve learned more about how it operates, because, to be blunt, there are many groups out there calling themselves sanctuaries and rescues that are anything but.

So why was I attracted to this particular email by Big Cat Rescue? Because the first story was about a serval named Nala that was surrendered to them from Nashville, TN. I used to live just outside of Nashville, ya know. Who keeps a serval as a pet? Apparently lots of folks.

photo taken from the Big Cat Rescue website
photo taken from the Big Cat Rescue website

But it was what I read next that made this Little Kitty purr. Big Cat Rescue said that in order to accept the serval into their sanctuary, the owner had to give up their Exotic Animal permit and sign a legal agreement to never again own an exotic cat as a pet. The group does this because they don’t want people to surrender an older animal they have grown tired of only to acquire another baby. Big Cat will impose hefty fines if the agreement is violated, so they’re not playing around.

Is that not fantastic?

It was for Nala. The original owner of Nala died, and his son signed the agreements and surrendered her to Big Cat. Before coming into the care of Big Cat Rescue, she was kept indoors as a pet and had, most likely, never been outdoors. But she is now, as she was meant to be.

Thanks Big Cat Rescue for doing your part to stop the exotic animal trade in the US.


Here’s a video from Big Cat Rescue that talks about the rescue and about Nala.

38 thoughts on “June Buggie’s Talkin’ Big Cats!

  1. Hey June buggy. I went to visit the big cats rescue in Tampa. They do have all the former owners sign that agreement before they take the cats. They also do enrichment for the cats which gets them playing. You should see the Halloween and Christmas videos. They were in the news a few years back because a rabbit sanctuary was upset that the cats were being fed live rabbits. It’s only the cats that are being rehabbed and released but the sanctuary was upset about them raising ra bits for food.

      1. and june buggy.. may i ask where you got your name from? I ask because I have buggy too..he was supposed to be Andrew.. then it became Andy-bug.. and now it’s bug or buggy.. when he first came home with us he was shown where the litter box, food and water were and was let out of the carrier and just flopped wanting pets. he was such a love bug so hence the name bug.

      2. Meow! My REAL name is Junior. My human morphed that into Junebug, and from there June Buggie or Buggie for short. She is mean to treat a cat of my rank with such disregard.

  2. That Big Cat’s Rescue is a great place. The story about Nala is a good one. Those kittens are cute and we can understand why someone would want one of those. There should be a law against selling big cat kittens. Take care.

  3. That is great! Mom and I don’t think there is a need for any private citizens to own exotic pets! Hopefully that practice will be snuffed out one rescue at a time!

  4. We LOVE the Big Cat Rescue! We follow them on FB & know zoo staff that help support them! They have the best enrichment for their animals & they even occasionally take in domestic cats! They are such a special place! We should take a field trip June Buggie, we’ll pick you up on the way!

  5. I think that the Big Cat Rescue gives quite a clever condition to the former owners who have to make an commitment before surrender their pets. I admire what the Big Cat Rescue does for those animals.
    Nala is so lucky to move in there and now to be able to walk around that she is supposed to do.
    Thanks for this great info, June Buggie! 🙂

  6. Some animals are not meant to be pets. Speaking of big cats the other day a bobcat was hit on a road in our area…. seem to be several around now which is good… but not on the road!
    the collies and chuck 🙂

  7. I visited the Big Cat Sanctuary several years ago and I was very impressed. (I don’t impress easy, especially when it comes to animals.) The areas where the animals are kept is very naturalistic. The tigers have water ponds to swim in and most big cats have caves. It’s not zoo-like at all. The people who run it are dedicated to the animal’s welfare. They know all their animals personally and mourn all they loose. I have supported them ever since. If anyone is in the Tampa-Clearwater area, it’s well worth a visit. This was a great post to give them some exposure.

  8. Yes, of course, the ignorance and irresponsibility of humans…. that’s why we have such severe cat overpopulation for domestic cats on the streets and in shelters. Cats can’t spay and neuter themselves… Anyhow, thank you for sharing. I would like to be able to visit this sanctuary one day.

  9. Great post June Buggie. We wish there was a law that prevented anyone having exotic animals as pets. Bless those at the Big Cat Sanctuary for all they do to help put an end to exotic animals as pets and thank you for this post. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. June Buggie xxxx i think out of all the topics i’ve read – about- animal welfare wise – i think this is the one that really GETS my heart the most ………. You know? no taming the wild and beautiful – no way – no how ………….. xxxx tons o love xx

  11. Reblogged this on CatForsley.me and commented:
    i have never re blogged – never – This is a topic i feel very strongly about …….. June Buggie and Rumpy – Thank You so much for posting – Some beautiful creatures are too wild and free to be tamed . It’s 3:16 am, and i am thinking about this topic ……Big Cats are Wild …… should not try to be “owned ” or “kept” …….. That’s what I think ……. Thanks For writing this guys xx Love xx Cat

  12. Couldn’t agree with you more. The organisation sounds fantastic and they are working towards animals not having the need to be there. It’s my big bug bear in life, trying to get to a point where the shelters/sanctuaries are not required. It’s the reason I started training the kids at school, in the hope that at least that group of our “next generation” will be more responsible.

  13. So sad for the poor wild animals, but thank goodness for this organization. I love animals, both wild and domestic. But I love the wild ones from a distance. I never understood the attraction to owning a wild animal. What a terrible thing to do to them.

  14. I recently finished a second internship at Big Cat Rescue! I completely agree with your stance on sanctuaries and it took months of intensive research before I discovered the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and Big Cat Rescue. It’s so important that people make sure the sanctuaries they visit and donate to are legitimate, otherwise they are only adding to the problem. Thanks for the great article!

    Ps. Here’s a photo of Nala I took earlier this year; http://alexandthealpacas.com/2014/02/28/feather-thief/

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