Monday Blues

Oh Dog! Monday is back, and she’s in a take-no-prisoners mood. *sigh*

go away Monday!
go away Monday!

Congratulations to Marta, voted MVP (most valuable puppy) of the Puppy Bowl yesterday. I hope each puppy and kitten finds a wonderful forever home!

And weren’t those Subaru commercials fun?

A few of you have accepted my Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge. I thank you for your willingness to look at your lifestyle choices and see how they impact animals. It’s not an easy task.

Here are some posts you may not yet have seen:

Jamie’s Table

Easy’s Blog

Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Jessie and Janie

American Dog Blog

Will you be next? For more info on the challenge, click here.

The Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge
The Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge

15 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Thank, Rumpy. I’m so pleased to see you got such a fine response and sorry I forgot to post my link! 🙂
    The days are busy, busy but at first chance I will visit the other participants.

  2. take no prisoners mood? oh that sounds scary ;o) I hope a lot of people will accept the challenge – it’s important, I like to read this posts and I love it to learn something ;o)

  3. The puppy bowl was great, they were all adorable as usual and we loved the commercials. We have your challenge on our list of “to do’s” and hope to get to it soon.

  4. If we were going to buy a car… it would be a SUBARU after those super commercials!!

    L O V E D the puppy bowl!!!

  5. Everyone’s a little bleary today. Molly is doing her best to keep us all alert with her loud squeaky bone. (don’t know if recent wolverine post counts, but there’s only 250-300 left in US so they may be listed as endangered soon. Like the polar bears, wolverines need lots of snow. There’s a link to find out where meetings are)

  6. It’s Tuesday here and I *STILL* have the Monday blues! But, I have taken the challenge –

    I’m not very good with the linky photos (ie I don’t know how to make them work – d’oh) but I did link back to your original post about the challenge in today’s blog.

    Yay for you and for raising awareness!

    Your BRTB buddies xx

  7. Hai Rumpy! Me, too…I hate Monday….Hmmmm… My mom hasn’t written the Animal Welfare Challenge yet…Hey Mom! Hurry up!!! 🙂

    1. Me hates Mondays so much, me is not reading Monday’s posts until today!
      But in reality, Mommy has been busy. Between work and making Dancing pictures, she has NOT Been visiting my furends, or writing our post for your challenge.

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