Fall in Love. Win a Diamond.

Oh Dog! DeDe here…. yes, on a Saturday…. to tell you that Love is in the Air!!!

Love is in the air!
Love is in the air!

The ASPCA wants to help YOU find YOUR true love this Valentine’s season! So they are hosting a one-of-a-kind dating show!

forever love

On February 12th at 6PM Eastern time, you can watch a live Ustream video of some adorable shelter animals who are looking for their forever home!

mmet your match

There’s also going to be a party on Twitter. And check out this grand prize- a diamond pendant from Zales!

isn't this adorable!!!!
isn’t this adorable!!!!

In addition, the ASPCA has given me a prize pack to share with one lucky reader. It includes: a jumbo “I love my shelter dog” tote, a Valentine’s Day heart collar, an ASPCA tote, Β an ASPCA orange tee, Walker’s Shortbread, and ASPCA wristband and magnet.

Is that cool or what?

be mine

To enter to win this prize, please comment below and tell us of YOUR ideal animal companion (offer open to residents of the US). Then be sure to attend the live Meet Your Match Dating Show this Tuesday at 6pm Eastern, and fall in love.

DISCLAIMER: I am not being compensated for this post. The ASPCA is providing the prize pack being given away.Β 

54 thoughts on “Fall in Love. Win a Diamond.

  1. My ideal companion is one that shares my life and is willing to stick with me no matter what comes…And I’ve been lucky in that all my animal companions have been there with me start to finish…Gizmo is no exception…He never complains, he never says no and he’s always up for adventure…or a quiet snuggle

  2. What a great event this is! To find lovely foever homes for gorgeous animals for Valentine is a wonderful idea! *sniff*
    I hope that lots of animals will find their family!
    P.S the paw diamond pendant is soooo adorable!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Isaiah is my ideal companion. He has really come out of his shyness. He now sleeps with me every night and when I am home he can usually be found downstairs with me. He still has some moments when he gets scared and runs upstairs, but these are becoming more infrequent. He is simply a joy and makes me smile.

  4. The posters are super sweet for the ad aren’t they?! What a great V Day idea…lovely pendant too. Who doesn’t want their doggy’s paws closer to their heart???? My Trev is my ideal little buddy…eternal foot and heart warmer, anytime snuggle bear and my faithful best friend!!!! I hope many sweet doggie bears get their forever homes through this new campaign!!!!

  5. Wonderful idea! One of the shelters here in my city is holding a pre-Valentine dinner/fundraising and will showcase the shelter dogs.

    I hope both events will be very successful. Yey for shelter dogs! πŸ™‚

  6. The ASPCA is one of my favorite rescue organizations, so I will definitely be checking out their “Meet Your Match Dating Show” on Tuesday, though I won’t be adopting at the moment!

    I am blessed with many ideal animal companions. I have my Boxer, Bailey, who is a lovable sweetheart, though she is a complete air-head! I have my wonderful kitty, Ocean, who is a naughty, but playful, little boy. A big, bear-of-a-dog Great Pyrenees, Teddy. And, my one true love, Juno, who is the most loyal, loving mutt you will ever meet!

    DeDe: will you, Rumpy, and your kitty friends be adding any new companions to your family?

    Thanks for sharing this! πŸ™‚

  7. If I didn’t already have four, I’d be so happy to give a home to another. We are already one over our limit, maybe two … but they are such a joy.

  8. My ideal animal companion is dogs! I have three rescue dogs. Hope this event finds some dogs a home! I’m new to the twitter thing, but hope I can join!

  9. Meet Your Match sounds like a great party! We’ll be there! My ideal animal companion is a dog. I generally lean towards medium to large dogs of any breed, although lately I really love the smarter breeds (Maya – Lab, Pierson – Aussie mix).

  10. Ideal companion, why a cat because Dad is allergic…but in a world that is unreal, we would have two cats and two Sibes; but we know SIbes and cats don’t often mix well and we are getting too old to have a challenge like that and we travel too much. sigh and that pendant is very cute! paw pats, Savannah

  11. My Mommie says I am her valentine everyday. She dopted me two years ago and I luv living with her at my furever home. I am one of the lucky ones to have found a true luv. I don’t like other dogs so much so this is the best valentine i could have…my Mom. Thanks for the show and the contest. I hope I wind dat shiny fing for my Mom. she would like that, and she is always giving me presents so dis time. I win one for her. Licks, ChazzTheDog

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