What a Bummer!!!

I know it’s Tuesday, but it’s still Monday in my world.

go away Monday!
I am so upset!

The property manager called Jen yesterday afternoon and told her he is showing the house today.

Yep, the house we are renting and signed a one-year lease on is apparently up for sale. Jen had no idea.

At least now we know for sure we’re moving once the lease is up.

But there is one thing you can do to make me feel better– vote for me in the World Spay Day Pet Pageant! The leader has almost 600 votes and I’m not even at 100 yet. I need your help!

Don’t forget tonight’s the ASPCA Meet Your Match Dating Show and Twitter Party. They’ll be giving away that diamond pendant, so be there! Β Also, enter to win that prize pack I’m giving away. Today is the last day to enter!

And if you got any positive energy or prayers to spare, how about sending some our way? Or if you practice law in the state of Florida, a little legal advice wouldn’t hurt either.

74 thoughts on “What a Bummer!!!

  1. Oh nose! That’s awful. Our mumma knows exactly how much of a bummer that is – it’s happened in our last three houses! Give Jen lots of extra loves, she’s going to need them. We’ll cross all of our fingers and paws that a new wonderful house appears straight away. Moving is the worst. On a cheerier note, mumma and Bubba each voted for you again today. Big loves to you guys from us, Bella & Beary x

  2. Oh Rumpy that’s harsh…We rent our house too and know how hard it can be to find the right place…Hope you find someplace really nice…Momz went & voted fur you again today πŸ™‚

  3. Make sure you find out exactly where you stand legally and what your rights are. Been in this sort of horrible situation and people take full advantage of you if you don’t. Thinking of you all.

  4. Moving is a lot of work and stress, but after that, you end up someplace wonderful! As long as you’re together, you’ll be happy. Mom and I will say prayers for all of this to go well.

    Love and licks,

  5. That’s creepy to not tell you they were planning to sell the house your living in. We had someone do that to M &D years ago when they were renting. All our prayers and positive thoughts are with you and family. Your find something perfect πŸ™‚

  6. Darn Rumpy! That IS a bummer…you guys just GOT there and all settled into your new house in Florida and WHAMMO, it’s up for sale? Not fair. Let’s all hope the next move will be more permanent and an even BETTER place for you all ! STAY PAWSITIVE!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. Oh man, that is a bummer with your house. I guess if you have a year contract the owner can sell anytime after that unless you sign a new contract but it would be nice if they had talked to you about it!

  8. Oh no, that’s so mean. I hope you will find a new home soon – or if you want – you can use my guest room ;o) I’ve voted for you Rumpy, hope you’ll win. I will cross my paws for you all.

  9. That is a total bummer. Why can’t people just be up front when renting to someone and say “By the way, the place is up for sale so…”. Gee-whiz. I tried to vote for you but for some reason it didn’t work…but I am heading back there to try again. Good luck!

  10. Oh wow, that is awful. I do hope you find a nice place. It must be hard for June and Rumpy.

    Oh yeah, we did vote for you. LOL. Good luck.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  11. Oh no….I’m very sorry to hear that you have to move Rumpy….it’s so unfair….I’m sending lots of positive energy and prayers for you and your family.
    P.S. We vote for you everyday!!! πŸ™‚

  12. My dear Rumpy (Jen) I’m so sorry to read this and that’s why I didn’t click like….wish they had some other button for posts like “sending prayers” or something. May be this move will bring about something positive for all of you? Sometimes when we get forced out of one place in our lives we get transported to an even better one. Don’t be afraid of the changes no matter how scary it seems right now. There is always something good in the bad. Keep us posted!

  13. I hated renting for reasons like this; we moved to a small town where buying was actually eventually possible. It isn’t perfect but it sure beats getting kicked out of ‘home’. Best wishes and Rumpy, keep Jen cuddled up, this is a yucky, stressful time :/

  14. Oh, Rumpy and Mom Jen, I’m sooooo sorry you got this news. Especially when you weren’t told the house was for sale. Bummer. I do believe, though, that things happen for a reason and something better will come along!

    And, Rumpy. I voted for you again today!

  15. Sorry to hear about your unhappy surprise. I don’t think a lawyer will tell you anything differently than that your rights only extend to the terms of the lease. Most renters find out about a sale unexpectedly.

    I’m not a lawyer but I am a nonprofit housing counselor who has worked with clients in the same situation.

    At this point, you don’t know if the buyer will want to occupy the house or hold it as an investment. But if you would like to stay in the house if possible, try to cooperate with your landlord/property manager as much as possible. It might get you the referral you’d need to sign a lease with the new owner, if possible.

    Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you all.

    And if you think I can help, let me know. I am plugged into a network of housing counselors all over the country.

    1. Good point in this comment.
      Lots of people are buying investment property now – and if there’s a good renter already there, that’s a selling point for the present owner. (But having to keep the house neat and clean and all animal residents calm and pleasant is so difficult…and stressful)
      Such a notice is a rude jarring event. You guys were just settling in so well.
      ALl paws crossed things work out smoothly and quickly.
      (Hmmm must running to vote )

  16. Awww Rumpy – that is such an adorable picture of you. M wants to send you smooches. She’ll have you and your family in thoughts and prayers and I’ll purr for you. Something will work out.

  17. Do you know the owner? Send a little message asking why he is uprooting you when you have a signed one years lease. Check your copy of the lease for any fine print stating they can continue to have the house on the market. A lot of attorneys will talk to you without a fee, find one and check out your rights. It is not likely, but maybe the distant owner does not know he has a tenant, the property manager could be hood winking him. Do your research before you talk to the attorney. Good luck!

  18. The Red Man is appropriately horrified by this news and will send the best vibes he can possibly send through cyberspace. You see, this is what happens when the Peeps rule real estate. I’m just sayin’.

  19. RE: ATTORNEY. We’re in California but my hubby, a contract expert (retired NASA) said if it’s a lease or contract issue he’d be happy to read it for you and talk to you. He only works pro-bono now that he’s retired (helps the poor in the local courthouse self-help legal clinic). I don’t know what your issue is but if you think it’s a general contract issues that doesn’t pertain to Florida law specifically then get me your e-mail address and I’ll contact you with our info. Paulette (we love you Rumpy. Is Jen your mom’s name?)

  20. How terrible to find out they are selling the house. Just awful. I assume they have to honour the 1 year lease, hopefully giving you time to find a wonderful place to move to.
    Regarding the voting, just keep reminding us and we’ll be there everyday for you. Just voted again so you’re now up to 115 – it’s climbing. You can still do it Rumpy!

  21. First, that is our same worry as we rent for first time in over 30 years. Don’t know FL law, but try joining a safe on line community called Loansafe dot org. Crate your account, ou will not receive a bunch of email, trust me. And then start a kbpnew “thread” by asking your question or describing your issue. One of the moderators is a very experienced leasing agent, Tom Eason, and he should give you some information. You can email my Mom if you want any other information. Paw hugs, Savvy and Mom Linda

  22. Sorry, you’re having a bad day, Rumpy! And I hope Jen is able to find a nice house soon!

    I voted for you for World Spay Day, so hopefully that cheers you up! πŸ™‚

  23. I wish I could give you advice, I can’t even give myself advice. My home gets sold since I’m here (over ten years). Until now the owners (Americans) weren’t very successful, but they might eventually get better at selling it. I really don’t know where to go with all my zoo if shit happens. Plus my home is my job. Latest emails by my bosses weren’t very promising. They owe me some money and I got no hope to get it. I’m asking the neighbours since over a year if anybody would take the cats in case… But they either refuse or got cats themselves. You’re in a better situation, you won’t lose your job over this. I hope that you find a nice new home fast.

  24. I Liked and then thought, O wait a minute no that’s awful sorry typist needs more coffee! I will keep everything crossed that everything turns out a-ok! My thoughts are with you all!

  25. Making you move, that’s a horrible thing to do! At least you have warning and time to get ready.

    We’d vote for you if we didn’t have to sign up for an account with that site…our mom just doesn’t like to sign herself up everywhere, too hard to remember and too easy to have problems with so many profiles everywhere.

  26. Well beans. We were in a similar situation years ago. You’re right – God opens doors you don’t expect. Will be praying.

  27. Rumpy this news is a bummer. Jen should see if there is a tenants’ assistance line she can call, and only agree to resonable access. It’s important Jen is in attendance when the house is shown, as it is quite risky and you guys don’t want to lose anything. Good luck.
    Also, Animalartist makes a good point about having to sign up to vote. If there is any other way, can you let us know pls.

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