Showing Some Love!

Oh Dog! Happy Saturday! It’s Jen’s only day off this week, and she has committed to spending quality time with us! She’s also going to be a part of another transport today, helping this sweet kitty go to her new forever home.


And while we’re on the subject of adoration, you might want to check out this great contest Iams is sponsoring. Just share a photo and write in 500 characters or less about the unique relationship you have with your dog or cat and how Iams helps you show your love. Then submit your story following the steps on their Facebook page.  Entries will be accepted through March 3rd.

Iams will select 50 stories as semi-finalists. Ten finalists will win a case prize and free Iams for a year. Then in April, their Facebook fans will chose a grand prize winner.

Hiss wants to be in today's post.
Hiss wants to be in today’s post.


Friend and fellow blogger Anne Schilde has written a haunting short story for our Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge. Please check it out! 

will YOU take the challenge?
will YOU take the challenge?


And please vote for me today and every day in the World Spay Day Pet Pageant! I know this is about the animals, but it makes me sad to see myself so far behind my competition. Come on now! You can help me win this thing! Don’t you WANT a world-renowned dog to be the world spokesdog for spay/neuter? Then vote! vote! vote!


41 thoughts on “Showing Some Love!

  1. Indeed – awwwwww. How good is your Mom to be helping to get this cutie pie kitten to it’s forever home. Fantastic job. Going to hop over to that competition to see if it’s open to South Africa or not. Usually not but worth a look.

  2. Hi Rumpy and Hissy! That kitty is so sweet! I’m glad that she found her forever home! How sweet of Jen to help her to go to her new home! Thanks so much for helping her, Jen.
    Oh no! Are you far behind on the competition? I vote everyday for you, Rumpy…oh no…I really hope that you’ll get more vote until the deadline! *paws crossed*

  3. Hang in the Rumpy! You are so kind to let Jen leave on her only day off.
    That’s another reason everyone should vote for you!
    (Note: I’ve found many of my friends have stopped doing Facebook because they are mad at change/concerned about privacy issues – so that may be a reason?)
    HUGS for a real can share with Jen….and who ever seems to need one.

  4. That black kitten is adorable! Is she all black, or is there a touch of white somewhere on her body? I had a friend with a cat named Midnight. She was all black, even her whiskers and her claws were black! Black IS beautiful.

  5. I voted for you today Rumpy. But I have to say I’m disappointed that this looks like a cat blog today. I do hope that kitty gets a good forever home though.

  6. We love your Mommy for helping this sweet little kitten get to her home!

    AND we went and voted for you using the Human’s fakity-fake facebook page she made JUST so she could do things like this, MOL!

  7. That kitty reminds me of Puss in Boots in the Shrek movies, haha. So cute!
    I missed voting for maybe 3 days for you, but will be catching up today. Best of luck, Rumpy! 🙂

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