Wordless Wednesday- Some Recent Pics

Bubba is snoozing
Bubba is snoozing
The ever-happy Miss DeDe
The ever-happy Miss DeDe
What do you think you're doing???
What do you think you’re doing???

Please vote for me today and everyday in the World Spay Day Pet Pageant. I want to teach the world the importance of spaying/neutering of companion animals!

33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Some Recent Pics

  1. Awww….Bubba, Dear DeDe and you, Rumpy all of you are so adorable!!! 🙂
    Oh no! you’re in the 8th place now? We have to spread the word and support Rumpy more!!!!! Please vote vote vote!!!!

  2. It let me vote, So I did my “good” man. Mozie helped me this morning. Homer saw Little Bit eating this morning and I had to make him stay in until she finished. He is very selfish with food. It may be from being a ferrel.

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