Subaru. Rumpy #DogTested.

Oh Dog! I love going for a ride! Don’t you?

Come on! Let's go!
Come on! Let’s go!

So I decided to buy myself my own car. First though, I need a license.

all set!
all set!

Does your dog want his or her own license too? You can make one here:

Next, to decide what kind of vehicle I want. So I went to the Subaru Dog Matchmaker App:

And then it was off to see Grant Weber about my dream car:

And just look at me now!

Let's go for a ride!
Let’s go for a ride!

You can put yourself in a Subaru (and probably better than Jen did me) here:

You can also enter to win a $300 or a $150 Visa gift card. 

Just go to my Facebook page, Click Like, and choose the giveaway tab:

Then you can buy the gas, and I’ll drive, baby, drive!!!!  woo woo woo!!!!

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Rumpydog only shares news for things we support.


And don’t you DARE forget to vote for me in the World Spay Day Pet Pageant. If you don’t vote, June Buggie will send flocks of birds to poop on your front stoop!


23 thoughts on “Subaru. Rumpy #DogTested.

  1. Rumpy that is one SWEET Subaru!!
    I think they picked a pawsome pal to help get the word out. But I am a cat and anytime I go in the car it’s to go to the V-E-T! ACK!!

    But, if you live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane is your last name Munster?? THAT would be cool!! 🙂

  2. How cool!!!! I need to get a licence for me, too! That car is really good on you! Hmmm…I think that I’ll get a much smaller one as the roads here are much narrow! 🙂

  3. Running behind as usual – but this is great- sending it off to the German’s person who will be most interested.
    Molly is really energized over the whole idea ( RC cat and says dogs make great drivers…they do sleds, right? Cats make so much more sense for this climate…so RC is urging Molly to apply)
    Cute Rumpy!

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