True Fans

I read this very interesting article last night about true fans, and how just having 1000 can see you through.

Then after reading the article, I went to see how Rumpy was doing in the World Spay Day Pet Pageant. (Don’t forget to vote today!)

I got the lowdown for ya!
I’m more than just a pretty face!

And that’s when I had the ‘A-ha!’ moment.

I don’t know how many true fans I have, but you are out there.

You are the ones that visit my blog every day, and leave comments.

You’re the ones that share my blog links on Facebook and Twitter, and various other social media.

You’re the ones that send gifts to the crew.

Why? Because you like this blog. Because you believe in what I’m trying to do here. Because you also care about animals and want to improve their plight.

You’re the ones that told me to hang in there when I have thought of giving up.

ya gotta have friends!
ya gotta have friends!

I wish I could engage with you more. I hope you understand that it’s not that I don’t want to. My job takes a great deal of energy and time, and between earning a living and caring for the crew, there’s just not much time left in the day. That time is spent writing blog posts.

But that makes your friendship that much more special to me. You are the positive part of my life. I want you to know that while I may not always show it, you mean the world to me.

So to all of you true fans out there, here’s a big virtual hug.

And a cookie.

60 thoughts on “True Fans

  1. We’re glad you’re a friend of ours! (((Hugs))) back at you! We don’t always comment, but we do read and enjoy your blog and Rumpy’s comments on FB.

    The Florida Furkids

    pee ess- we’re going right over to vote again 🙂

      1. i am going back to sleep xxxxxxxxxxxxx but if u wanna post anything on my fb page – go for it 🙂 🙂 🙂 ur gonna win – i know it xo 🙂 xo LOVE XO

  2. You are doing a most wonderful job for our four-legged friends and I only wish as you I had more time for visiting every post that is posted by my on-line followers but we do work. And Your work is very important. So stop worrying about Us. We know you are there and we are only too pleased to know that you are there for our four-legged friends. Much love to you. Hugs Sue xxx

  3. WE LOVE YOU RUMPY! We follow you every day and always can’t wait to see what you are up to! We know that life can get busy at times and quite demanding, like us dogs some times (lol), but we all get through it. Nonetheless, we will always be here, waiting for your return after a long hard day of work. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere! VIRTUAL HUGS TO YOU! Love, Nikita & Bella from

  4. This post is so touching and great! *sniff* Everypaw and their humans love your family! We are very happy to have furiends like you!!! 🙂

  5. Awww! More power to you Rumpy … and your human!! Cookies are bad for me and the Staff! I’ll have a niptini and the Staff will have a gin and it … whatever that is? We are voting …… 🙂

  6. Rumpy I have to take exception to a few of your criteria for what constitutes “true fans”

    “You are the ones that visit my blog every day, and leave comments.”—-I visit your blog nearly every day and often leave comments, sometimes life gets in the way of us visiting each others blogs but it doesn’t mean that we don’t value what they do. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t “true fans”

    “You’re the ones that share my blog links on Facebook and Twitter, and various other social media.”—–many readers are NOT bloggers and don’t understand social media. Many bloggers love blogs that they don’t share all of the time. I happen to share tons of posts but don’t share everyone that I love…..sorry…..and I tend to also share those that reciprocate…..”turn about is fair play”

    “You’re the ones that send gifts to the crew.” Whoa! So you “must come bearing gifts?” In order to be considered a “true fan” they must send gifts???? I think the gift of their reading a blog post should be gift enough!

    As for the pageant, many people have voted……to me……World Spay Day isn’t about pageants and who wins them, but sharing the message about spaying/neutering (which you have done) to help save future lives of cats and dogs. Living that message every day is worth more than winning some “pageant”……

    1. I respect your opinion. I am sorry if you feel in some way slighted by this post that was merely meant to show my regular readers how much they mean to me.

  7. I hope you know how special you are to all of us as well Rumpy…and Jen!!

    Twitter opened a whole new world with Murphy and those I have met through there are absolutely wonderful!

    But, I lost my cookie…can I have another! BAHAHAHAHA!!


  8. I do hope so much that everything is going to be allright for you and you dear animals in the near future! You are a brave and good girl.

  9. Great words Rumpy. We’ve tried to spread the word of the contest and asked folks to vote for you…and of course we’ve voted every day. I so understand about your time crunch. Some times there’s just not enough time to do the things we want to do, like visiting all our blogging pals…It’s OK, we know you care ❤

  10. I love reading your blog daily and look forward to seeing tweets and facebook posts. I thank you for sharing your family with us. I totally understand about being busy. I to have the same issue. I also like to make sure that Isaiah has his “Mom” time with me. Please keep on going. Also, the offer is still open on help moving………

  11. You are a wonderful advocate for our four-legged friends even though your life is so busy, but you still do it, and without complaint.
    We love your blog and hearing about Rumpy’s adventures, he is such a gorgeous boy!
    Keep doing what you are doing, because you ARE one of the people in this world who is making a difference.

  12. In a sense, that’s kind of what I meant by my dinosaur comment. If you have 1000 true fans (I can’t even imagine) you’re making a difference in the world. You might not have the most fans in the world, but while prizes and promotions are nice, they were never your goal. The fans that you have and the difference you make through them are. You deserve to be proud of that!

  13. Always been a fan of your blog and even my children know all about Rumpy and his family!! The Berner girls have been voting for you and they don’t even expect cookies since they are on special diets! xo

  14. OurGirl doesn’t always manage her time very well and sometimes misses a few days of reading the blog, but you’re always in her heart. And ours. So that’s nine hearts loving you! And three people voting for Rumpy at our house every day! Go Rumpkin!!

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