Stop the Illegal Animal Trade!

Every year billions of animals are inhumanely captured and killed.

Why? Well, for you of course!

Go ahead, look in the mirror!
Go ahead, look in the mirror!

The trade of animals and animal parts is the second largest illegal trade in the world.  

Oh, but I don’t support any of that!


Are you SURE about that?
Are you SURE about that?

Ever been to Sea World?

Do you have a coral or shark tooth souvenir?

Do you use traditional Asian medicines?

Do you know what’s in your cosmetics?

Humane Society International has developed a great interactive tool to educate people on some of the many ways animals are exploited for humans.

Don’t want to know? First consider this:

The ONLY way to stop this illegal trade is to stem the demand. As long as there is a demand for rhino horns, shark fins and oils, exotic furs and pets, then there WILL be someone willing to give the people what they want.

So how about starting with the ways that you can help stem the demand.  Then ask your friends to do likewise.


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33 thoughts on “Stop the Illegal Animal Trade!

  1. We never thought of traditional Asian medicines……although mom and her family don’t take the traditional Asian medicines, they are quite popular to take and people believe that those medicines are much more effective than western medicines with less side effect….Yes for those traditional Asian medicines, we use some parts of specific animals…..if we think of it….well…very cruel….
    Thanks for reminding it to us, Rumpy!
    And of course voted for you today, too! 🙂

  2. Excellent post pal. I’m going over to that site right now. We don’t purposefully buy things made from animals, but we still have more to learn on the subject. Makes us sick how animals are killed because someone needs Ivory jewelry – for example. M won’t even wear fake fur because of what it represents.

  3. Agreed. I think I’m pretty good about not using animal products, and the UK seems to be on top of imported products to make sure we aren’t buying anything we shouldn’t.

    Keep up the good work x.

  4. Just voted.
    Fabulous post. Can I hve your permission to copy parts of it to my Facebook page.

    I must admit I have an ivory bracelet and a meerschaum pipe I bought in India in 1980 when it wasn’t a problem. I haven’t bought anything like that since.

  5. We’ve been actively trying to stop this trade for damned near my entire life. I learned about it in the 1960s and have been fighting it, with surprisingly little success, ever since. The laws are there, but no one enforces them.

  6. No makeup, no sea world, no wildlife pictures.. no furs, not shark teeth or coral pieces purchased. I found my own coral pieces on the beach. No remedies purchased. I’m doing pretty good. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. hi Rumpy! My name is taffy and im just wandering around the dog blogs. Hope to see you at the dog park!!!

  8. Awareness is critical. And awareness of what countries are the worst offenders – spend money carefully and wisely for responsible products.
    (Oh, have you heard about the “dog flipping” on Craigs List – it’s a worry for pet owners)
    Terrific post – (Who can avoid that direct Rumpy glare?)

  9. That interactive tool is really good, although I would never purchase fur, ivory, coral or tortoiseshell products I had never thought to check my cosmetics for shark products but I will in future. Thanks Rumpy! Awesome post.

  10. I forget where I saw the shark tooth necklaces, someplace in Vegas. Anyway, I was surprised to even see them and then I read the label and they were actually encouraging you to buy them to help support animal rights. Supposedly, they were all hand-gathered teeth that were shed naturally and part of the proceeds would go to protecting sea life.

    I think wearing even naturally-gathered animal products sends a wrong message. Personally, I find using wildlife protection as an incentive to buy them disturbing.

  11. In its early days SeaWorld and Zoos captured wild animals. However, that practice in the United States and most foreign countries with accredited Zoos and Aquariums ceased a couple of decades ago. New animals coming to SeaWorld and accredited Zoos come from each other (for example, when the Zoo in Norman, Oklahoma closed a couple of years ago, two of its elephants were adopted by the San Diego Zoo), are born to animals currently in the Zoos (which cannot be released back into the wild because they don’t know how to hunt), or are rescued from private zoos (one in Texas that closed brought another couple of elephants to the San Diego Zoo), from poachers in the illegal pet trade, or as injured animals needing rehabilitation.

    Bears that are taught to invade camps in Yellowstone used to be summarily killed. Now they are taken to sanctuaries and Zoos to live out their life rather than being killed.

    Lions Tigers & Bears, a sanctuary in Alpine, California, about 10 miles from me, rescued a bear that was causing havoc over in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. Authorities wanted to kill it but several zoos and sanctuaries came to the rescue.

    The two grizzly bears at the San Diego Zoo were being taught by their mom to break into cars, trash cans, and camping cabins up in Yellowstone. The two cubs were brought here to the San Diego Zoo and Mom went, I believe, to the Los Angeles Zoo. Bears are extremely smart animals but when they get too smart and cause death and injury to humans, they are taken elsewhere now rather than summarily killed as in years past.

    The San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld, as well as the Los Angeles Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, and many other accredited zoos and aquariums, rescue injured animals and rehabilitate them. Those that can be returned to the wild are. The Zoo’s Safari Park has two bald eagles that were rescued as injured chicks. Their injuries prevent them from being returned to the wild so they get to live out their lives at the Safari Park for the enjoyment and education of those of us who care.

    The San Diego Zoo and the Los Angeles Zoo have been instrumental in breeding California Condors and releasing them into the wild, increasing the population from a mere 22 remaining in the wild in 1987 to, as of May 2012, 226 living in the wild and 179 in captivity at Zoos and sanctuaries.

    Without the work of accredited Zoos and Aquariums, the California Condor, white rhinoceroses, and many other birds and animals would be extinct.

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