I Have Been Falsely Accused!

On Saturday, March 9th, a terrible crime was committed at our home! Sometime between 8:30 AM, when Jen left out to commence her investigation, and 11:00 AM, when she returned….. well, you can see for yourself.

How did this happen?
How did this happen?

Jen was understandably upet. So was I. How could this have happened without my knowing?

conducting an investigation of my own
conducting an investigation of my own

Now, wait just a minute Jen! You don’t think that I had anything to do with this…. do you? It’s just a coincidence that I developed an upset tummy Saturday night. I’m innocent, I tell ya!

See? There's a cat! THAT should be your prime suspect!
See? There’s a cat! THAT should be your prime suspect!

It appears each of the cat food cans were licked clean, so DNA testing may take place, unless someone goes ahead and confesses.

I'm working on my defense
I’ve been framed!

In the meantime, I am working on my defense.

103 thoughts on “I Have Been Falsely Accused!

  1. If you need an alibi, we have a standard form of words used to great effect on multiple occasions. It’s actually based on Pinnochio’s denial of culpability from Shrek.

  2. Bribes always work! Get Mommy some jewelery & she’ll forget all about it! LOL Anyhow, something must have been in the air this weekend, because I (Bella) was bad too on Saturday, but I was caught in action.

  3. Wow ! The purrfect crime, somebody put a lot of thought into this. This must have required some sophisticated prepurration Rumpy. I don’t think you should worry about the investigation, there’s no way you could have done this.

  4. I commensurate . My ex accused me for every horrible matter that went on in the entire world and when I ran for public office in the ’80s the newspaper and opposition accused me of so many things, well I would have to be 700 years old to have done even just 1% of everything.

  5. I’m so sorry mate but the evidence is quickly building up against you. I say plead guilty and promise never to give in to your secret relishes. I’m sure your mom has already forgiven ya πŸ™‚

  6. I think it is something came from outside… Maybe aliens πŸ™‚ You are all so nice and good! But seems terrible… Dear Rumpy do you know my cat, my Princess makes this everyday in my living room… My first job in the home to tidy up what she did… Yes she is making by herself all these mess… Thanks and Love, nia

  7. We will totally testify that you were in no way any where NEAR this area of destruction, lovely Rumpy!!! You are innocent! πŸ™‚ Take care

  8. Cat food cans licked clean…. oh it was a cat who done it for sure. I am not saying one of your cats. But maybe a cat who is a professorial cat bugler who has skills for breaking in.

  9. Oh no! Poor rumpy! Maybe your tummy was upset because Jen was upset? You poor sweetheart. I would never accuse you.. I think a strong wind blew through the house as Jen was leaving and what’s what really happened.

  10. OMD! Your cats brofurs must have had a big party!!! I can see some plastick bottles on the floor….hmmmm…were there any cats who got drunk? πŸ™‚

  11. Uh-oh! I don’t believe for one mintute it was Rumpy! I agree with one of the comments above- it must have been aliens or ghosts!

    I’ve came home to messes like this in the past. Del looks so sad when I find the mess that I know it can’t have been him that has done it!

    Great post! Really made me chuckle πŸ™‚

  12. Oh nooooo. M is laughing her head off because she came home to a mess like that once – years ago when she had a schnauzer and a “smart” kitty. The kitchen floor was a disaster area. Love the expression on your faces too – such innocent looks.

  13. Cats are nefarious creatures that strive to set up all dogs so they can eventually “rule the world”. We, as dogs, know it is complete rubbish that cats are even capable of leadership…they are only good for knocking over garbage cans and laying blame elsewhere. (Hmm, maybe they are set to rul the world…sounds a lot like politicians those cats.) BOL

  14. back when Dave Barry was holding court he seemed to KNOW dog and cat psychology and behavior. Cats, he said, will sit aloof when you come home, even sitting right next to the broken plant-pot, broken clay spilled dirt roots and stems akimbo, as if they had nothing to do with this. Dogs, on the other hand, all will cower and cringe and gladly(?) take blame for anything that happened … even if somehow they had nothing to do with it.

  15. Rumpy, it’s me, Tuck The Law Dog. Don’t “speak.” Don’t let them take your “paw” prints! Tell them you want a lawyer! You know where to reach me: Twitter.com/TuckTheLawDog

  16. Good luck, Rumpy. This criminal was clearly very thorough. I bet he wiped all the surfaces clean of paw prints. This crime is hilarious. I mean heinous.

    Love and licks and it wasn’t me,

  17. The body language is kind of telling, Rumpy. You’re at ease, looks like you’re asleep on the couch. Someone falsely accused might not be so blaze about the whole affair. Or, am I reading too much into this? πŸ™‚

  18. Well, Rumpy, when this was first posted on Facebook, I immediately jumped to your defense and (my dogs) wrote to Jen that it was obviously the Landlord who did it. I’m sure the upset tummy was just feeling bad for Jen that she had to clean it all up. xo

  19. Rumpy, cough up your commission for letting that new event planner use your home for a furbaby recreation center. (Still wasn’t you.) Then Mom can give you some Pepto and move on to important things like taking you to Petsmart to help you spend that commission.

  20. Gulp, does look like maybe S.O.D. (some other dog) came over from Jasper and Nellies Blog and messed up Jens kitchen. DeDe couldn’t have been involved, look how cute she is.

  21. OMG o_O what has the world come too. Rumpy didn’t doos dothing and he has tummy upset cos he was shocked that someone would even think that he dids dit
    Rumpy is innocent look at his “I can’t believe you said that eyes”

  22. This is all hearsay evidence. No jury of your peers would ever convict you on this, especially given the abundance of other possible culprits on the premises at the time of the crime. You will go free. LingLing, Oreo, and Tilly Tot are ready, able, and willing to testify on your behalf. Woo hoo!

  23. Rumpy, I think you have civil lawsuit. I think what really happened was your head got stuck in the guillotine swing topper of the trash can and fearing for your life the trash got strewn about trying to get out of the trap. You poor thing. You could really have been hurt by all this!!!!

  24. Had my dachshund still been alive you could have probably blamed him. He was caught “red-handed” or is that “red-pawed” several times.

  25. I’ve seen this phenomenon before. People always blame their pets, or poltergeists if they don’t have pets. But don’t play the poltergeist card, Rumpy. There’s no such thing as poltergeists. This was the work of an indoor tornado. The science behind those is a little complicated, but basically a sudden shift in temperature causes warm air to mix suddenly with cold air and, bam! You have a funnel cloud. Usually, they are small scale, causing otherwise inexplicable things such as all the toilet paper to be unrolled on the floor, or the car keys ending up in the garbage. This was obviously on a much larger scale. Also, few people know this, but when cold air gets into a dryer, it creates an indoor tornado that’s capable of sucking up socks!

  26. Thanks for stopping by … good you checked out the FDA warning for the doggie food but good golly i wouldn’t feed my dog Bravo products !!!

      1. I had no doubts! Although they did a good job making it coinside with you having a poorly stomch – that’s very dasterdly!

  27. Who is the cat? I say it looks like the cat had its friends over for a nice purrty. Typical after-purrty look in the kitchen… What I don’t understand is how they could have this party without you noticing them? Or did they bribe you with the fishy cat food?

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