June Buggie is Rawrrrrrrring! About Big Cats!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie and I have something to say.

A little cat with a message about big cats
A little cat with a message about big cats

On March 6th, an intern named Dianna Hanson was killed by a lion named Cous Cous while she cleaned his cage.

Cous Cous was 4 years old, and he was an animal raised in captivity. He was “owned” by a “sanctuary” that was actually a breeding facility for animals.

Why on earth are people breeding exotic animals in captivity? And why are states allowing these people to have tax-exempt status to do so?

Here is a video response from Big Cat Rescue regarding the incident that killed this intern.  I encourage you to watch the entire 6 minute presentation.

And if you still don’t believe that humans are foolish when it comes to big cats, read some of the comments under the video on Youtube.

Oh, I have my work cut out for me with your species!


34 thoughts on “June Buggie is Rawrrrrrrring! About Big Cats!

  1. This incident is very sad to both the big cat (Cous Cous) and the intern (Dianna)……To decrase these incidents, humans seriously have to think what causes these sad incidents… 😦

  2. june Buggie, I agree with you in principle; however those who are really interfering with the wild life are the poachers who them kill off. With so many endangered sepcies the only way to prevent extinction is to breed the animals and then let them loose in the wild. That has seved some endangered species.

    1. and there are some reputable folks who are doing just that. But many of these so-called sanctuaries are not breeding to maintain the species. They are breeding to make money. And, truth be told, some experts believe that it’s these shade-tree breeders that are fueling the increase in poaching.

  3. So tragic. I love the beauty of wild cats and wolves but couldn’t possibly imagine trying to keep one as a pet. INSANE!!! Like the video said, they can kill you with just one swipe of the paw, even on accident. And the whole process of breeding them is just cruel, especially when you think about the purpose that they are being bred for.

    Another thing… that lion at the end of the video may not look very big on video but I bet he stands more than three feet tall to the shoulders. Add an extra foot to go to the top of his head. I bet his head alone is probably almost two feet wide. And his canines are at least three inches long! Do you seriously want to go in a cage with one of those? Not me. No way.

    1. Jen found out today that you can legally own one as a pet here in Florida. Can you imagine what could happen during a hurricane? You could suddenly find out your neighbor has a big cat, and he wants you for breakfast!

  4. People are idiots. I’m sorry. They just are. Isn’t there a TV reality show about people who keep and are mauled by wild and exotic animals?

  5. June buggie I read about that and was disappointed. There is a big cat rescue not far from me in Tampa. They don’t breed the cats, but acquire them from owners and make them sign a legal document forbidding them from ever owning another exotic cat. It’s a good thing, and they do rehab injured bobcats.. but they too have had problems with the law and their practices. I say if you want a wild cat capture a feral cat not a largecat.

  6. I’m in tears. Humans are so arrogant. To think we hold the lease on the planet and any of its inhabitants. We are lucky that any animal will have anything to with us.

  7. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I had no idea that the intern that was tragically killed was working at a breeding facility! The media did a very good job convincing me that it was a sanctuary! And thank you for posting the video from Big Cat Rescue. I have full respect for individuals that are not afraid to tell us the truth. Unfortunately, on my end, the video gets cut off about half-way through. 😦 But I have a feeling I got the important stuff! 🙂

    1. The facility where Cous Cous the lion killed the intern was not and is not a breeding facility. Rather, it is a private zoo east of Fresno, California. Private zoos are allowed in some counties, although not here in San Diego County where I live.

  8. Actually, Cous Cous was not a resident at a sanctuary. Rather, it happened at a private zoo called Cat Haven east of Fresno, California. Unfortunately, private zoos are not accredited by anyone so they kind of do what they want, especially if they are outside of city boundaries. Once you get out of the city, most counties will let you do what you want. Fortunately, San Diego County where I live is not one of them. The County exerts a lot of control here so that even our sanctuaries that are outside of the city limits have to abide by certain safety regulartions. I’ve worked with all of the sanctuaries here in San Diego County.

      1. I have no tolerance for private zoos simply because they are unregulated. Michael Jackson had a private zoo at Neverland and that’s when I first got involved with accredited sanctuaries, zoos, and aquariums.

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