June Buggie Rants About Seal Hunts!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

I have something to say!
I have something to say!

Soon the Canadian Seal Hunt will be gearing up. That means humans will be out looking for little critters that look like this:

baby harp seal

And killing them to make things like this:

this is a harp seal coat
this is a harp seal coat

And yes, it’s baby seals they kill. The ones killed are less than 3 months old and most are one month old or less.

The Canadian government continues to allow and financially support this endeavor, even though a majority of Canadians don’t support the hunt.

Some supporters claim it is because this is the tradition of the First Nations, or Inuit people. Yet the reality is that less than 1% of the seals killed are killed by native peoples. Most are killed by white commercial fishermen from the East Coast.

The practice is supported by both the Canadian and Norwegian governments. The government of Newfoundland and Labrador, while cutting public sector jobs and facing a deficit, is giving a $2 million dollar subsidy to the Carino Company, dealer in seal pelts and seal meat. This after the company failed to pay back a government loan given to them last year. Oh by the way, you DO know some of that seal meat ends up in pet foods, right?

When you consider the cost of icebreaking for the sealing boats, search and rescue, and enforcement of Marine Mammal Regulations, the government pays out more than what the industry brings in. The Canadian government spends a great deal of money trying to open the seal market to other countries. The government of Norway financially supports the Norwegian company that purchases most of the pelts each year.

Do you think government tax dollar should prop up an industry that practices such brutality?

No matter where you live in the world, I ask you to join me in asking the Canadian government to put an end to this cruel practice.

You can go to the Humane Society International website and learn more about the practice of seal hunting, then join the boycott of Canadian seafood by clicking here.

Let 2013 be the year we finally end the killing of innocent seal babies.


41 thoughts on “June Buggie Rants About Seal Hunts!

  1. The Norwegian company, Rieber, is the biggest purchaser of Canadian pelts.

    In Norway the market has collapsed and they burn the pelts and meat, still the hunt is ongoing since seals and whales are considered as pest, eating too much fish!

      1. not to mention the fact in reality humans are considered the real pests to just humanity a hundred times over then any whales or seals left. My opinion of course πŸ™‚

  2. The baby seals, or whitecoats, have not been hunted since 1987, when it was ruled illegal. Veteranarians claim it is done humanely. Here’s a link to the FACTS: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2009/05/05/f-seal-hunt.html

    Once again, those against the seal hunt don’t care to research for the truth. And why does nobody care about the slaughter of pigs, chickens, etc. Are you all vegans, people? If not, you really have no room to judge on one species of animal. I love animals as much or more than the next guy, but I don’t understand why hunting one type of wildlife is inhumane compared to another.

      1. It isn’t that I support it, I don’t like seal meat or their fur, it just galls me that no one objects to the atrocities done to millions of other species. Did you enjoy your bacon or your pork chops or your steak today, knowing that the pig’s head was slammed into a concrete wall to kill it? Or that cows live in tiny stalls for their whole lives to be milked or until they are slaughtered? At least the seals have a life enjoying the wild before they are hunted. And not just for pelts. The seal population has exploded to the point where they are partially to blame for the cod collapse. All I ask is that people would check the facts before they get all teary about the cute and cuddly photo ops. GET EDUCATED.

      2. There is dispute as to the seal having anything to do with cod numbers. Many believe that is due to over-fishing. And to bash those of us who want to see an end to seal hunts by accusing us of hypocrisy is a very weak argument indeed.

      3. Once again, not paying attention. I said “partially”, yes, overfishing definitely occurred.
        I didn’t bash anyone; simply trying to supply some facts. As a Canadian, I have heard all of this before, ad nauseum. I should have taken the advice of a fellow blogger: you can’t change minds that are already made up, regardless if they spout fact or fiction.

      4. If you would present a sound argument I would be more open to your comments. As it is I have done my homework on the subject and feel comfortable with my position.

  3. makes me so sad too dear June, how I wish everybody to think like you… One day maybe people would understand this but I am afraid we will lost all these beautiful animals… so I wish not to be late to save them all… Thanks and Love, nia

  4. Wow! You know I love my humans, and your human seems nice too, but sometimes I just don’t understand these other humans. My mom thinks there’s better ways to keep oneself warm!

  5. Look at that cute innocent face of the harp seal….. I can’t believe how come Canadian goverment still allow to hunt them……..
    Besides I didn’t know that mostly they are less than 3months or less…humans are very cruel….. 😦

  6. It’s the perception of our relationship with animals that needs to evolve and come out of the dark ages. We need to teach and shed some light on human responsibility in the plight of so many creatures, we need to make laws for animals voice to be heard and defended.

    We should always keep in mind Gandhi’s saying : “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

    What this means is that by protecting animals, we protect ourselves and future generations.

  7. I’m with June Buggy on this. And concerning the discussion further above: I don’t have anything made of real fur and I’m happy I never liked to eat fish. As far as my pets are concerned. They aren’t vegan pets, and they like a rabbit from time to time, even the cats. And the cats kill rodents all the time. But it’s the way they are made by nature, they can not understand why killing could be bad. And I will certainly not force them to become vegan contrary to their nature. If I could afford petfood from ecologically raised livestock, I would certainly buy it. And they don’t ram the heads of pigs against walls to kill them, they use a captive bolt gun. It’s illegal to kill livestock any other way in Germany btw. In France kosher butchering (rather halal) is allowed though (which does not include concrete walls either).

  8. Just goes to show what barbarians people can be. How anyone could club a seal and live with themselves is unfathomable. Fur looks best on the animal it was intended to keep warm. Humanity’s track record of cruelty towards fellow being is just deplorable, baby seal killing is the tip of the iceberg.

  9. I clicked on the line up top to write to the Canadian Gov. and it went to this:
    Error 404 – Not Found

    I’ll search the net to find that and sign it and bless you once again, June Buggy and your whole family for helping end needless suffering of our fury family around the world.
    Paulette and her whole family

  10. Tragic and horrible… it is heartbreaking. Currently we, having had the horsemeat scare are now facing the question of what is going into the UK curry…they don’t know! It’s not horse or any other usual animal…could be anything…dog…cat…SEAL??? Anybody’s guess…I won’t be rushing to eat anymore Curry though! If they can use poor innocent seals to make fur coats, I can easily see them slipping bits of them into food…no-one even knows WHAT bits of whatever animals are being used is going into the food chain!!! I think it is time to boycott all food and start breeding/growing our own!! πŸ™‚

  11. Very sad. Based on what I know of Native Americans, they only killed what they needed for food or clothing. They did not needlessly slaughter animals. I suspect the same is true for the Inuits.

    1. And indeed they use every part of the animals they slaughter. But the Canadian government has opened the killing to non-natives in the hopes that by killing seals they can prolong the over-fishing of cod awhile longer. The seals killed by white men are not used at all. In fact, the government of Newfoundland announced yesterday they would subsidize a company that will store the pelts. They have to store them because no one will buy them.

  12. We have written, donated for years to support ending the seal hunt. I am astounded still that men and women purchase any item made from real fur of any animal. Clearly the animal that ‘donated’ that fur is no longer living. Yes,I wear leather shoes….call me hypocrite…I don’t buy toys for Savannah made from real rabbit fur. And I will boybott Canadian sea food and go back to my organizations we follow to see what else we can do. I hate this almost more than I hate the helicopter slaughter of wolves in our own Alaska.

  13. Ugh! It’s easy to be endeared by the cute seals, but honestly, it’s not killing them or even the fact that we make coats that is the problem. Thousands of years ago, when the seals outnumbered us, it was simply a survival necessity. The problem is the mass bludgeoning of entire herds to satisfy the gluttonous race we have become, overpopulating and depleting our beautiful planet. Like that story I wrote. There is a list of thousands of transgressions as grave as this one from dolphins to the rainforests to the ozone layer. We need to depopulate Earth, to become once again a guest rather than a blight.

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