The Purrime Ministerettes of Purtth!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today my guests are fellow bloggers and two very important people in the blosphere. Please help me welcome the Purrime Ministerettes of planet Purtth- Shiva and Jaya!
The Purrime Ministerettes
The Purrime Ministerettes
Shiva and Jaya: This is your Excellential Honorable Purrime Ministerettes.
Rumpy: Welcome ladies!

Shiva and Jaya: Ohai Rumpy! And salute! We thank you for interviewing us. It’s an honor.

Rumpy: The pleasure is all mine! Please tell the readers about you.

Awwwww..... how sweet!
Awwwww….. how sweet!

Shiva and Jaya: That’s a deep question to begin with. We probably were deep when life no. 1 out of 9 began. Deep down inside the glass bin, that is. Somebody must have heard us and called the cops. In the UK, we call cops boobies…uhm, bobbies, we mean. MOL! Anyway, we were rescued and ended up in a shelter ran where we were bottle-fed by Patricia.

When we were 3 months old, we moved to our forever home where we have been since December 22, 2007. Our names have everything to do with what we have been through. Mom is a Hindu from India. Shiva is a Hindu deity with both a male and female side who stands for the part of God that destroys anything negative in life. Jaya is the name of the Goddess of Victory and rumour has it, she is one of Shiva’s spouses. In sum, we claim victory over the negative glass bin!

Rumpy: Wow! You were destined for greatness! How did you aspire to the position of Purrime Ministerettes?

Shiva and Jaya: Well, it’s how we give whoever dumped us in that glass bin the finger so we’re like: hey you sun of a beach, look at us, then look at you! We were just meant to be Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth and we shall be for 9 lives so brace yourself/-ves! At the moment were are in Rome where we lead the conclave as Principal Cattinals of the Catican. This is how we did that.

It was hard work, but we announce to you with great joy: HABEMUS PURRPAM! The most respectable @pepismartdog was appointed as new Popie of Anipalkind! In the name of all nommable fishies on Planet Purrth, amen!


Rumpy: There is none more worthy than he! So, back to you two. Who do you live with?

Shiva and Jaya: That depends. Our office is on Number 10 where we live and rule and nobody else. Well, sometimes we give Cabinet members access to our office, but since there are a lot of documents inside that are classified top secret, we really have to be there all by ourselves most of the time.

Jaya tells Shiva a secret!
Jaya tells Shiva a secret!

At home, we live with mom and sometimes with dad. Mom is M. She is an 36-year-old unemployed writer/journalist who has been into ballroom dancing for 25 years and spends her time teaching. Then we have H, our dad, a 50-year-old 50 shades of phuqqed up foreign affairs political scientist. He travels all over the world and he loves us. Mom gives fishies; dad gives head scratchies. We don’t know who we love the most. We might just love them equally much.

Rumpy: They both sound equally fascinating. I am sure they feel fortunate to share their lives with you. What social media do you use?

Shiva and Jaya: You mean thingies like Twitter and WordPress? Well, those. Mom ordered us a somewhat scary iPod Touch in official Purrime Ministerette colors. This is him.

purple for royalty!
purple for royalty!

Why purrple? Because red and blue make that color. All things blue belong to Purrime Ministerette Shiva; the red ones to Jaya. We wonder if an iPod Touch belongs in the social media category. Not sure. Do you know? All we know right now is that there is a lot of music on it. Pink Floyd, Adele, Mariah Carey, music from the ballroom and much more!

Shiva takes an important call
Shiva takes an important call

Rumpy: Whoa! That is awesome! So tell me ladies, if you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Shiva and Jaya: OMC Rumpy, that’s a funny one! We see it like this: if we went back in time and brought back all dinos, we would rule over them as Purrime Ministerette dinos. No matter how big or heavy the dinos, they would all be subject to the reign of the Purrime Ministerette dinos. No questions asked. You might have heard of those prehistoric big cats. Well, we would be the hugest. Just imagine a giant Shiva and a giant Jaya bigger than all USS’s together. Meow has it that back then, dinos used to eat fishies. We wouldn’t let them. We would have them eat snakies instead because we don’t like snakies. We are at the service of every anipal except for snakies. So we would hire as much dinos as possible as Cabinet members and Purrime Ministerette-order them to protect Planet Purrth from all nasty mean vicious dangerous unreliable snakies.

Jaya's turn to talk!
Jaya’s turn to talk!

Rumpy: I love it! You two are awesome! Thanks for being my guests!

Shiva and Jaya:  Ministerettes are at your service. Anytime, anything for free fishies for all and a Planet Purrth without home VCs and scary iPods!

Check out Shiva and Jaya’s blog. It’s always an adventure. And check out their multiple award-winning YouTube channel!  You can follow them on Twitter @ShivaandJaya.

68 thoughts on “The Purrime Ministerettes of Purtth!

  1. Rumpy, you found a couple of real winners this time. Those are some funny, nutty, kitties. It sounds like they have the perfect family to suit them, too!! Great interview!

    Love and licks,

      1. I think that’s the most famous loudspeaker in the whole blogosphere ever. I’ll bet sometimes they will auction it on Sotheby’s or Christies :o) Have a happy Easter Weekend dear Purrime Ministerettes :o)

    1. Salute Mr. Oz!

      We Purrime Ministerettes are always at service of anipals except for snakies who we has banned to North Pole all of them.

      We wanna does high paw wiz you, but you has to go through security of PM first. We no think that would be a purroblem.

    1. Hullo! This is Purrime Ministerettes.

      It no really like you subject to our rule. We stand at your service. So for example, if you want us to pose for Playcat magazine, we do! We been does! Twice! It on our bloggie. All for anipalkind. XXXX

  2. Hi Shiva & Jaya! How adorable they are!!!
    It was very interesting to read where your name came after and also was very funny to read about Purrime Ministerettes! Their mom has been into ballroom dancing since she was 11years? Amazing!!!
    Thank you very much for the interview of these lovely kittens and the gorgeous pictures, Rumpy!
    Happy Good Friday! 🙂

    1. This is Purrime Ministerettes.

      We no remember much of glass bin. The glass was sharp though and hurted our paws. But we now totally purrfect. We shall rule Planet Purrth for 9 lives. And phuq whoever dumped us. He gonna has bad karma anyway.

    2. This is Purrime Ministerettes.

      We no remember glass bin. The glass was sharp though and hurted our paws.

      But phuq to whoever dumped us in there. He gonna has bad karma. Very very bad and worst.

    3. This is Purrime Ministerettes.

      We no really remember glass bin. Glass was sharp though and hurted paws. But we good now.

      Phuq whoever dumped us in there. He shall has baddest karma ever.

  3. Hullo all and salute!

    The Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth, yes, that’s us. From number 10 we rule Planet Purrth. Free fishies for all!

    We shall be at the service of anipals except snakies who we has banned to the North Pole because them cannot be trusted.

    We shall be on the cover of Playcat mag every so often and stay tooned…coz there is new movies of Purrime Ministerettes upcomings!

    Rumpy was screened and gotted entrance to PM office. We had fun time together!

  4. Excellent interview pal – with two of my special pals. Aren’t they just “something else!” They had such a rough start in life and have risen so far in this life – I can only wonder at what they might take over next. They are destined for greatness!

    1. Hullo! Show us your smile! We luv your toothies!


      No, that lame. We said before.

      We no knows yet what to take over yet. Purrhaps we should buy all Red Lobster restaurants. You think that good idea?

  5. I love Shiva & Jaya, used to talk to dem once in a while in da anipal twitterverse. They are quite smart and fun kitties. I remember once dey had purry important pawty about cat health. purrrrrin at ya two!
    Fanks for dis catastic interview 🙂

  6. Hello oh goddesses Shiva and Jaya! We are in awe at your super awesomeness and how you stick paws up at the sun of a beach who dumped you two glorious kitties in a bin! 😦 Boooo to them!! And super yay to you two and your amazing mum and dad! Take care

    1. This is Purrime Ministerettes saluting you.

      Them gets worst karma ever whoever dumped us in bin! We had blood on paws!

      Mom wiz us 24/7. Dad sometimes. But we luvs dad as much as we luvs mom.


  7. Reblogged this on Shiva & Jaya and commented:
    Hullo furriends!
    We are sorry we haven’t been here often, but that’s more rule than exception.
    A few weeks ago, Rumpy visited the PM Office to interview us.
    We will be back later today or tomorrow.

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