Happy Weekend! Woo! Woo! Woo!

Good morning everybody! Happy Saturday! Happy Easter! Chag Sameach!

It's my "I'm ready for the weekend" look!
It’s my “I’m ready for the weekend” look!

Bubba went back to the vet Tuesday, and after looking at all the results of prior tests, the vet suggested the next step would be pain management to see if meds would help. Jen was given a week’s worth of medication to see how Bubba responded.

The good news is he’s responded well! He’s not acting as afraid. He’s more comfortable. He’s eating more. And there have been no pottying outside the litter box since then.

The bad news is we now know Bubba has been experiencing pain and we’re not sure why. The vet suggested it could be arthritis. We’ll explore that further when Bubba goes back Monday for a re-check.

Jen is also relieved. She has been upset that he could be headed toward the Rainbow Bridge and his final days would be spent in fear. That is no way for any creature to live. At least now, no matter what the prognosis, she feels better knowing Bubba won’t face it while terrified.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some important napping to do.

It's nap time!
It’s nap time!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

56 thoughts on “Happy Weekend! Woo! Woo! Woo!

  1. Awww so sorry to hear about Bubba. If it is Arthritis, Glucosomine tablets sprinkled in his food will help a bit. Poor kitty. I’m purring for him. Happy everything to you and your family.

  2. So sorry about Bubba. I had a cat that appeared healthy but started to stay under a bed all day instead in pools of sunshine. She was 18 and my best guess was dementia of some sort or maybe cataracts so she could see well that made her frightened all the time. I remember feeling so badly for her. It is so hard to watch your pets age.

  3. Oh, Rumpy, Everyone there’s probably tired: worrying over a friend is stressful. So glad he’s soothed while Jen tries to figure out what’s going on.
    RC sends soft gentle cheek pats and is purring for an answer. Molly offered a just a little chewed up bone that she says will help with nervousness….but we suggested she just send a warm sunny spot for a nap instead. She said she’s be glad to share on of those!
    Warm hugs being sent for all!

  4. I hope that Bubba’s pain will disapear before long! Our Tora had been limping his left front leg and the vet couldn’t anything wrong with his left leg after doing several test, so at that timd, we thought that Tora had been suffering
    from arthritis….we saw another vet for his unclear condition. Thankfully, there were not serious problem we have!We really under stand Jane’s concern. Glad to hear that Bubba is ok!:) Happy Easter Weekend Rumpy!

  5. So sorry that Bubba is not feeling well, but it seems like he is feeling better now. Its been our experience that cats get sick fast, they look fine and then oh dear. My parents cats both lived to nearly twenty and one had very bad arthritis at the end and was on pain meds, but still kept going for a year or so more. Im hoping for a life that long that our three cats. Positive thoughts for Bubba and happy Easter

    urban hounds

  6. We are happy to hear the meds are helping sweet Bubba to be more comfortable and we are sending up prayers that all the treatment continues to make him better. Enjoy your nap sweet Rumpy. You all have a blessed and wonderful Easter. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. so purrleased about BUbba. Mom says her kitty Tasha, OTRB 2011, had to have pain med every day for about the last 18 mos of her life cuz of artyrightus. But just a little bit, liquid, and Tasha stopped being so grouchy and she let them pet her again on her back. She was able to play again too. Mom never knew she was in so much pain…

  8. Just popping in to say thanks for the like on my Easter Lamb Cupcakes. I have to say, you are gorgeous! Lot’s of love being sent over to Bubba hoping he get’s better really soon. I have a best 4 legged friend that lives with me too. She’s a Border Collie called Nell xx

  9. We’re sorry to hear about Bubba. But we’re glad the pain med is helping him. Have you thought about acupunture? Ernie suffers from intervertebral disc disease and he has had a few acupuncture and laser treatments for back pain and it seems to help him. The biggest problem is finding a vet who does this. We are fortunate to have a rehabilitation vet in our area and she is wonderful.

    1. My holistic vet told me to tell people to look on the internet for vets certified in VOM. She has been giving BJ laser and chiropractics for his back and neck and it seems to work.

  10. Thanks Rumpy for your update. I’m happy to hear that Bubba is getting relief for his pain and is more comfortable. I hope the meds continue to work. Give Bubba extra hugs and licks,

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