Introducing Sasha the Malamute!

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today I get to interview another Alaskan Malamute! And she lives with cats too! I guess I’m not the only dog that puts up with kitties. Anyway, I know you’re going to love her story, so put your paws together for Sasha!

Take a flying leap!
Take a flying leap!

Rumpy:  Thanks for being my guest Sasha! Tell us about you.

Sasha:  My name is Sasha and I am a sable Alaskan Malamute. I was born in  Gridley, Illinois and I live in Champaign, Illinois. I’m the only dog  here now, but when I was an itty bitty puppy there was a dog here  named Nikki (rescue dog from our local shelter!) who was my best friend  ever. She went to the RB and I miss her.

Sasha with Nikki
Sasha with Nikki

Rumpy: I’m so sorry Sasha. What makes you happy?

Sasha:  I LIKE TO DIG HOLES! I love  squeaker toys and I howl when I make them squeak, it’s beautiful music!  Squeak Squeak WOOO!

Rumpy:  I like them too!

Sasha:  I have a boyfriend on Facebook and his name is  Tyler and he lives in Oklahoma and he’s so dreamy! I’m pretty big for a girl malamute at 130 pounds but I’m also cheerful! Nothing gets me  down! I prefer to play with papa because I like to play rough (I am too  strong for mama!) but I am a mama’s girl in all other ways, I go to her  for noms and lovings! I am 7 years old!

Sasha, Papa and Will
Sasha, Papa and Will

Rumpy:  We’re close to the same age! I’m 8 years old. So how’d you come to live with your family?

Sasha:  Back in the mid-1990’s mama and papa had another Alaskan Malamute named  Cody. He was their joy. He developed epilepsy and the frequency of his  seizures soon became daily, to multiple times daily, despite medical  treatment. His anti-seizure meds also overwhelmed his kidneys and liver  =( He never made it to even 2 years old.

Sasha as a baby
Sasha as a baby

Rumpy:  How sad!

Sasha:  My folks were crushed. It took  them over ten years to get another one. When they decided to get  one….they searched and searched for a reputable, well-recommended  place…and found one right here in Illinois! We found a family in  Gridley, Illinois that has beautiful malamutes and they travel with  all over the country because they are in pulling competitions. (In fact  my blood-related uncle was the national champion for a number of  years!) My folks were interviewed and were allowed to select a puppy  (ME!) and are still in touch with them after all these years. Mama  sends them notes and photos!

Rumpy:  So who all do you live with?

Sasha with Papa and Mama
Sasha with Papa and Mama

Sasha:  I live with my (human) mom and dad and 14 cats! I was raised up with  the kitties so we’re all good. In fact, a couple of them I really  really like a lot and I will groom them and let them groom me. A couple  of them don’t like me, can’t imagine why!

Rumpy:  Whoa! Someone who has it worse than me!  So tell us, if you was a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Sasha:  Hmmmm. That’s a tough one. I would say T-Rex, but you know, I’m really  not THAT fierce! I smile too much. In all truth, I’m a bit of a  chicken…I bark all brave…BEHIND my folks BOL! I’d have to say  perhaps an Apatosaurus because some of the artist renditions I’ve  seen—they are very pretty and I am pretty. I am not very modest BOL!

Sasha in the snow!
Sasha in the snow!

Rumpy:  An excellent choice! Thanks so much for being my guest today!

You can find Sasha on Facebook, Twitter @Sasha_Malamute, and Myspace. Sasha also has a Facebook fan page!   Check her out!

38 thoughts on “Introducing Sasha the Malamute!

  1. Awwww lovely to meet you Sasha!! you are utterly gorgeous and we love that you live with FOURTEEN CATS! How pawsome!! We are in AWE!!

    Awww we are sad too to read about angels Cody and Nikki. Take care

  2. Lovely to meet another gorgeous Malamute and I enjoyed the article about Sasha. Loup, our Mallie is all excited to hear about Sasha, too. And she likes cats just like you do, Rumpy. What’s up with that? Loup sure doesn’t, well, except for dinner maybe.

  3. Hi Sasha!!! *waving* What a cheerful and gorgeous girl you are! I like the way you see things so happily! That makes us who read your interview also cheerful, too!
    I’m so sorry to read bout Nikki and Cody…you and your humans must have been very sad…
    Wow! 14dogs!!! I live with 4cats now and have a very tough life…*sigh*
    You’re very lucky to have wonderful and lovely Papa and Mama!
    Thank you so much for nice interview, Sasha and Rumpy! 🙂

  4. Sahsha is a big girl and she is super cute! Thanks for introducing us to here Rumpy!

  5. Malamutes are gentle giants – lovers of humans and cats and other critters:) I knew two growing up that were show dogs and sled dogs; Whiskey (male) and Brandi (female) – loved to play and always open for a great belly rub or brushing.

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