The Malachi Memes

If you spend any amount of time on the Internet, you’ve seen memes using this photo:

The Dog Equis guy
The Dos Equis guy

Recently Malachi posed for a photo, and it’s a striking resemblance to the Dos Equis guy.

the Dos Equis cat
the Dos Equis cat

So I tried my hand at some Malachi memes. What do you think?

Malachi meme 2



malachi meme 3

What do YOU think a Malachi meme should say?

38 thoughts on “The Malachi Memes

    1. Saw this and thought of the community of Malachi on Malachi Lake, about 30 miles NW of here. We went there once… pretty rough ride! Lots of yummy blueberries to eat when the two-leggers gave me a business break. Those blueberries made me feel very welcome, but no cats around! BOL
      Stella the Great Newfenees via my scribe

      1. I think they need a kitty in Malachi…. or my slogan is wrong :o)
        Blueberries sounds good… they make me looking like a chow-chow with a blue tongue :o)

  1. *I used to be scared of humans, but now I love my human mama, Jen! *
    I love the picture of Malachi! 🙂

  2. Too cute! The food in hand is funniest. How about, “I don’t need to chase mice. The mice come to me. I’m like the Pied Piper… only sexier.”

  3. Great photo! What a look!

    Somehow it reminded me of Catherine Deneuve and her old Chanel No 5 commercials.

    Malachi would be saying. “I don’t have to ask, they know I want.”

    “Chat”elle Number 5.

  4. If he’s anything like my cat, “I don’t always like humans, but when I do, I bite and scratch them.”
    “I don’t always let people pet me, but when they do, I bite them.”

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