Ready for the Weekend!!!

We’re getting ready for the weekend! Come on and warm up with us!

STRETCH!!! Those legs!
STRETCH!!! Those legs!
Now a whole body stretch!
Now move from side to side!
Get yourself all limbered up!
Get yourself all limbered up!
Then take a nap!!!
Then take a nap!!!

You can enter to win your very own dinosaur chew treat from Kong Treats through noon Saturday. Why not enter now!

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32 thoughts on “Ready for the Weekend!!!

  1. Weekend Nap Time – we’re all set for that!! Actually, I think the boys are ready to start limbering up for it by about Wednesday.. 😆 Popper says you got great sleeping arrangements Rumpy. A touch of bed envy going on there I think 😉

  2. 3rd picture …… Now that is YOGA 🙂 lol adorable 🙂 happy weekend 🙂 Dino funnnnnnnn and i am on i think – every page of Yours 🙂 lol xo 🙂 xxx Big hugs xo

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