To Make More Pleasant or Bearable

It’s human nature to want to help, but many times people don’t realize help is needed or how they can contribute.  Today I have two different appeals for help to share with you.

A smile for Monday!
A smile for Monday!

The first comes from Laura, who is a reader near Chicago. She may soon find herself homeless. She is 51 and has health concerns. She has two cats, ages 9 and 18 years, who require daily medication. If you can offer her any suggestions on what she can do or where she can go, or at the very least, if you can help care for her cats until she lands on her feet, could you please contact her

Bubba is feeling better!
Bubba is feeling better!

The other appeal is from PAWS of Norwalk CT. If you’ve been a reader for awhile now, you’ll recall our two-part series on what it’s like to be a shelter volunteer.  Yesterday Kevin put out on Facebook that the shelter is in need of Whisker Lickin’s soft treats or cheesy hard treats for some picky kitties at the shelter. The dogs could also use some fleece blankets (not comforters). If you’re near Norwalk, CT, could you help them out? Here’s their Wish List of things they could use.

I’ll bet you’d be surprised what your local shelter could use. Many of us can afford a couple of bags of cat treats to donate. And how many of us have wondered what to do with that food we bought that Kitty just won’t eat?

I'm sexy even when I'm napping!
I’m sexy even when I’m napping!

I do not know Laura and I’ve never been to PAWS. As with any request for help, you should do your homework.

But whatever you do today, find some way to make someone’s journey more pleasant or bearable.



23 thoughts on “To Make More Pleasant or Bearable

  1. Rumpy, I am shocked that you are suggesting that cats are picky eaters 😉 Shelters do always appreciate even a small donation such as treats. We drop stuff off now and then to help out.

  2. I watched a video the other day called One Nation Under Dog. Very very sad. Made me feel like what little I do is so insignificant. Besides normal donations there is one thing my neighbor and I do that your readers might be interested in trying. Whenever we have a party, our own or the neighborhood party we have twice a year, the “entrance fee” is a bag of dog food or cat food. We collect a lot for our local humane society and people are going to bring something anyway so it’s a win win!

  3. Thank you very much for spreding those words of help Rumpy.
    Although we can only do very small donation and help, if many people do the same, it’s gonna be quite a big help for both people and animals.
    I think that it’s very important to make a step without hesitations.

  4. Showing we care in some way takes little time, little effort, little money but it means SO MUCH. Whatever people can do for people and animals in need – well, it’s never a waste of time or effort….never. Thanks for the reminder Rumpy!

    Pam and Sam

  5. Awww thanks for the good deed again Rumpy 🙂 you even care for your readers, and it’s crazy how happy shelters are with a bag of dog food even. I only learnt that recently when they were standing at a pet shop asking for aid.

  6. Thank you for spreading the word about helping, I can vouch for a few facebook helpers that you can share information on. Fatboy babushka’s kin, paws for a cause and pet guards angels.

  7. What a sweet post I truly hope someone can help her and the kitties. I had a coworker once with 15 cats who was in danger of becoming homeless and that was a terrible problem. Thank goodness at the last minute she found some place that would take her and the kitties

    urban hounds

  8. How awful to reach the age of 51, with health concerns and two elderly cats, and find that you may be homeless shortly. I can’t even imagine the anguish involved in this. Thanks, Rumpy, for speaking on their behalf.

  9. Good job Rumpy. It doesn’t take much to help others; sometimes just a message to let them know you are thinking of them or it can be taking those unused or unwanted items to a thrift store run by a rescue organization…the old adage “every little bit helps” is true, paw pats, Savvy

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