Hissy Fit Jones Demands Equal Time

Hey you! I have a complaint! Are you listening to me?
I would like to file a complaint.
Why am I never showcased on this blog? What’s your problem, fluff ball dog?
How come I never get spotlighted on this blog?
I’m gonna take this up with my attorney!

Uh oh! Looks like somebody’s in trouble with Lil’ Hiss! Keep me in your thoughts! *runs and hides*

49 thoughts on “Hissy Fit Jones Demands Equal Time

  1. Those cats…they should get their own blog and leave us dogs alone to continue our important work…they are napping all the time anyway, like they have time for a social life!

  2. Mr. Hissy fit Jones, I can certainly find you a good cat attorney. In my line of blogging I have some good cat friends. Please let me know if my services are needed. Also do not harm the dog, just get the other cats in the household together you don’t want the dogs attorney turning this into a dog fight. The last thing you want is the dog to show up in a neck brace and crutches and this going to a jury.

  3. Hissy looks a LOT like Tiggy!! (@TiggyBean) I think this is your blog so your decision! Maybe do a weekly Hissy Thought? That way he thinks you’re listening to him but you only give him one sentence to say!

  4. I’d love to read Hissy’s post, too!!! Oops!!! Sorry Rumpy….well…why don’t you make a kitty post once a week, that Kitties write about their post in turn? We love June Buggie’s and Little Girl’s, so maybe Hissy, Graybie baby, Malachi and Bubba can have their post? 🙂

  5. We think some equal time is called fur… Or ELSE.. THAT face is NOT a happy one!!!

  6. We love a kitty with tude! Oh, right, that would be every kitty. Well, we love them all, and can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Or, are you going to take a nap now?

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