The Cycle of Violence- a poem by Rumpy

Today I don’t want to be cute.

Today I don’t want to be happy.

My heart is hurting
My heart is hurting

Here is a poem I wrote after learning about the bombing in Boston:


The Cycle of Violence







Lulled into a false sense of


until the next…….



39 thoughts on “The Cycle of Violence- a poem by Rumpy

  1. It hurts so much to be a caring person in this world sometimes.Sad words but true such news is always so disheartening.This is why it is important to be kind to all creatures,those who care for animals also tend to hurt that bit more .Hope tomorrow brings a brighter day.

  2. Oh rumpy.. I just want to hug and cuddle you. I just want to protect all my friends and keep them safe. I hate the cycle of violence, I want it to stop and everyone to just get along. *hugs*

  3. I feel very sad for the people who got hurt, for their families, for those who were on the scene and had to endure the shock and the sight of horror, for the rescue staff … and for all the invisible victims such as friends, colleagues, neighbours and especially children who will see images this tragedy …
    I can never get used to the idea that some people consider violence as an option to defend their ideas … they must live in a horrible world, full of fright, pain and violence. Who wants to live in such a world ?
    Sorry I was so long Rumpy, My human’s sister lives in Boston, and thank goodness everyone’s fine.

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