There’s Always a Way to Get Your Message Heard!

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So SeaWorld went public on April 19th. That means people could buy stock in the company.
And PETA decided to do just that.
They bought enough shares to get a voice at all future board meetings (Orlando Business Journal).
Ya think SeaWorld will finally get the message about animal cruelty?


What do you think of PETA’s actions?


51 thoughts on “There’s Always a Way to Get Your Message Heard!

  1. Good idea, I dislike this seaworld, fish tank, aquarium stuff… I feel sorry for the dolphins and whales. They say they are the most intelligent animals and anyway they incarcerate them. How cruelty.

  2. I think that this action is one of the smart ideas for them to step forward! We hope it goes in a good way! 🙂

      1. Actually, it was proven – since they’re a charity, their records are public. It isn’t a rumour that they have 3x committed arsonist teaching members to make homemade bombs to use on university science facilities, unfortunately. They also clearly state that animals aren’t ‘friends’ to them; the woman in charge openly said on video that she sees no emotional attachment to any animals. They’ve even got an enormous freezer on their facility for storing animal remains. So… Not a fan of PETA, personally. It was an interesting idea, though, and I’m all for Seaworld getting the right idea!

      2. Animals aren’t friends because they do not believe in humanizing animals. Do they euthanize? Yes. Do they do some things I personally disagree with? Yes.

        The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Would I rather side with them or with SeaWorld? I’m siding with PETA on this one.

      3. I’m against the way they protest people who wear furs and how they want to set all animals free. They don’t want to use animals for testing but yet the head of PETA is a diabetic who uses insulin.. which is created by animal byproducts. So if they stop animal testing and stop using animals for medications, she would no longer get her insulin. She’s okay with using the animals for her insulin but not okay with anyone else doing so. I can’t back an organization that does one thing and says another. I do want to note that the purchase of the owning shares of SeaWorld story did make the news.. which is pretty nice to hear it from you first. 🙂 I will agree to disagree with you on this one. But thanks for the article as always you supply really great material. =^..^=

  3. Smart but I really don’t agree with PETA and they sometimes have mixed priorities. This will only work for them if they are sensible and the few stories I have seen before give me little hope.

    Fingers crossed they can make a difference this time instead of just making headlines.


      1. Sorry if I’ve missed something here but I went to SeaWorld Australia a few years ago, are we talking about the same thing? And if so, just out of curiosity, what exactly have they done that need exposing?


      2. It is PETA’s stance (and mine) that to take a creature used to having access to vast oceans to roam and forcing them to live out their lives in small tanks and forced to perform tasks that are not natural to them is inhumane.

  4. Before the mom’s financial crunch, she was a member of PETA. She didn’t do any of the protests, but she supported them financially and felt they had a good message in spite of their extreme ways of getting their message heard. Sometimes that is what is needed to cut through all the “sound bites” on the news so people hear what you are saying. Man has an atrocious record when it comes to treating fellow beings humanly.

  5. Wow!! Good job, PETA!! Sometimes we need to partake in actions that are out of left field in order for very stubborn individuals to finally take notice!

  6. I’m one of the many who is not a big PETA fun, for many of the reasons stated here. However, what’s the old saying? Set a thief to catch a thief. I think Sea World may have met their match with this brilliant move on PETA’s part.

    Nowadays, Project Awareness is the big buzz phrase, and there is no question in my mind that awareness will be raised on the plight of the whales and dolphins at Sea World. This is a good thing 🙂

  7. I’m happy to hear them getting some positive press for a change. I was a member for a long time but some things they did were disturbing to me…breaking into labs and just letting animals run loose outside and on their own instead of rescuing them…other things…but this sounds great and I agree with them on Sea World. And I definitely agree with protesting fur-wearing and promoting vegetarianism.

  8. Well, I’ll be darned. I don’t really know what to think. I don’t know if you saw The Big Miracle which is really a story about how people only want to appear eco-friendly when it’s going to benefit them, but I’m left wondering if I should have a similar taste in my mouth. I can’t help but wonder if it’s all about their public image.

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