What is “Animal Welfare” Anyway?

What is animal welfare? Depends on who ya ask.
What is animal welfare? Depends on who ya ask.
Some think that if animals are alive, that's enough. Others think there must be a quality of life standard.
Some think that if animals are alive, that’s enough. Others think there must be a quality of life standard.
Animal researchers and animal agriculture each have their own standards they abide by (or don’t).
Oh, then there’s the ones selling everything from toys, to medicine, to food, to training….. they set the bar high so you’ll spend money on their products and services.
Personally, I think a species that can’t take care of its own should not determine what kind of existence we deserve.


How do YOU define “Animal Welfare”?

35 thoughts on “What is “Animal Welfare” Anyway?

  1. I was listening to an animal welfare authority today on the Ellen Show. He was saying that some were trying to make what they do illegal. They go to puppy mills and places where animals are caged inhumanely such as chicken and pig farms and take pictures to show the world the horror that some animals suffer. If this is what we as humans think as honourable and fair, please beam me up Scotty…

  2. I completely agree we humans not only mistreat each other we also abuse and use our young. I often despare when the News alerts me to the dreadful things done in the name of humanity. I do not know the answer. 😦 xx

      1. Yes , life is never easy, even us human have problems. But we have voices and ways to survive. That is why I have you guys photo as link to you on my page and why I have written about your different plights. Big hugs to you and Jen.xxxxx

  3. Great point. I’ve been thinking about this a lot too. Most people, when they refer to ‘animal welfare’ are thinking about the prevention of cruelty to domestic animals. But the fate of production animals is equally important to consider.

  4. I guess the basics for me are to respect that all animals are living beings and we should “Do No Harm” but then what does that mean…a lot of food for thought in this question

  5. My husband says “Animal Welfare” is what Sam Cat does – eats, sleeps, and makes merry. However, Sam says animal welfare is when I came to the rescue place and took him out of a cage and brought him to live with us. Sam has a bumper sticker on his little red wagon, “There is no snooze alarm on a cat who wants his breaksfast.” I say, how we treat those of us (animal or human” who cannot help themselves and is innocent and can’t fight back, is what defines us as humane. I’m so glad there are those of us who treat all creatures with love and respect.

  6. People may not agree on animal welfare but it is up to us to try and improve the care of animals…we’re the ones with the opposable thumbs who build the cages, leashes, and cookie jars. Providing humane care is where it starts imo.

  7. I think the countries of the world should send delegates to an “animal welfare” symposium. How those delegates are chosen should be the responsibility of the rescue/animal care people, plus national organizations like SPCAs, Human Societies, already involved in trying to make the world safe and caring for animals. No one who says, “They’re only dogs,” or “They’re only [insert name of animal here],” should be allowed to enter the symposium.

    I think it would then be up to the delegates to work out a working definition for “animal welfare.” They should decide the guidelines they would like to see followed in their countries and how they propose to oversee this initiative.

    Once the delegates have hammered out some kind of Global Charter concerning animal welfare, then the delegates of each country should get together with their fellow country delegates and decide how much of the charter they can bring back to their country for implementation.

    For instance, one of the items of the charter may be to ensure that so many rescue and care facilities be funded by the organization per animal population. However, a country like Somalia has no money and little civil law and order. The humans of this country cannot count on any quality of life, so it is not feasible for them to try and improve the quality of life of the animals. However, they should not be turned away from the symposium because of this. Perhaps they can start by educating their fellow countrymen in mercy and kindness for people AND animals.

    Near the end of the symposium, all the delegates should get back together and provide the Secretary with the revised Charter for their country. This would also be the time for the delegates to ask for help in implementing what they have decided to do in their country.

    The richer countries should have a comprehensive charter in hand when their delegates return that should be implemented by the Charter Members, through the good graces of the centers already in place as mentioned in the first paragraph.

    I realize this is a very ambitious plan and I may not have included the pitfalls and obstacles. It would have to go slowly once the Charter came back to each country. However, we have to start somewhere. The animals of our planet are here for a very important reason. If we continue to deplete their numbers, both domestic and wild, through greed and cruelty, if we continue to ignore their plight, we will suffer grave consequences on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

    I think the time has come to stop talking and start doing…for the sake of our co-inhabitants on this planet. I’m not an organizer or a leader, but I am willing to work towards some kind of plan that will start the “animal welfare” ball rolling. Sorry, I got a bit carried away here, but I don’t know where else I can speak my mind about this near and dear subject. Thanks for having patience and letting me “speak”.

  8. You can certainly see your expertise within the work you write.
    The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

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