Hairball- It’s Not Just a Term of Endearment!

You still here? Get outta here and have a great weekend already!
Today is National Hairball Awareness Day, so hock up a hairball on someone you love.


Actually, it’s a day to raise awareness of what causes hairballs (ingesting hair while grooming) the problems hairballs can cause (blockages in the esophagus or intestines), and what can be done to prevent them (brushing your cat, giving hairball remedy or food formulated to reduce hairballs).

If your cat gags more than a day or suffers from diarrhea or constipation, please contact your vet.

For more information, check out this ASPCA Fact Sheet on Hairballs.


Happy Hairball Day!

Uh, somehow that doesn’t sound too good, does it?

26 thoughts on “Hairball- It’s Not Just a Term of Endearment!

  1. Great to promote this. Our Ginger Ninja suffered an almost fatal hairball problem when he took himself off to die. I spent a day trying to find him and in the end had to climb down the well and bring him up. The vet put him on a drip and he eventually vommed what the vet says was the biggest hairball she’s ever seen. He gets brushed more often now and has special hairball food.

  2. Mom brushes my cats really well once a week and so far they rarely have hairballs. Past cats have had more hairball issues and have had to eat some paste stuff to loosen things up. Funny thing is that my cousin Lena the Lab likes to lick my gramma’s cat and Lena actually got a hairball from doing that! I don’t like my cats…don’t need hairballs 😉

  3. Mom sometimes neglect brushing our kitties, so after reading this post, she started feeling that she should brush them more often.
    Thank you very much for reminding her about hairballs!
    Happy hairball day! *Oops!*

  4. Rumpydog – you are now Sam Cat’s favorite public service announcer. He said any dog that would take up and promote a cat cause should win the Nobel Peace prize.

    I sneak in a bit of mineral oil once a week into Sam’s food, but please don’t tell him. It helps him with those nasty hairballs.

  5. Oh My Cod! Me missed hairball day! Me is going to fire my assistant (if me can find another!)
    And me is just now catching up with yous!

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