June Buggie is NOT a Belieber! Here’s Why!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

You make me wanna cough up a hairball in your shoes, Bieber!
You make me wanna cough up a hairball in your shoes, Bieber!

If you’re a Belieber, this post is not for you.

So someone gave Justin Bieber this baby Capuchin monkey. And Bieber, being the responsible new caregiver for this animal, flew into Germany WITH the monkey but WITHOUT first getting the proper approval. The monkey was quarantined by German officials. 

And then what happened?

Bieber went on his merry little way, leaving the monkey behind. Let the Germans worry about it, right?

This pic was tweeted by Mally Moll
This pic was tweeted by Mally Mall

Bieber has until May 17th to provide the proper paperwork to Germany to prove Mally is his. For now, the monkey is in a shelter in Germany. 

News reports indicate Bieber’s handlers tried to find a zoo to take the monkey. Are you serious? Obviously they need to get out more and soak up some reality. You can’t just put a monkey that hasn’t been socialized with other monkeys into a zoo environment. That will mean much work on the part of zoo staff. I guess they just assume that since they bend over backward for the brat, everyone else should too.  *rolls eyes*

Oh, and lest you think this is an isolated event, Bieber is also alleged to have, out of the blue, given away his pet hamster to a fan THAT HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW!

So this is how the world thinks us animals should be cared for? A few photo-ops, then pass us off for someone else to worry about?

I hope you think about THAT next time you fork out hundreds of dollars for your kid to go to one of this clown’s concerts.

Which will be more than Bieber does. He doesn’t seem to think at all.




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90 thoughts on “June Buggie is NOT a Belieber! Here’s Why!

  1. Please I will not get started on that little twit. Needless to say I have never been a fan and never will be. He needs to be seriously educated about animal care. All he cares about is himself. He probably will not be around much longer as he seems to be imploding…

    1. I don’t just blame him. I blame an industry that supports him to act in this way, solely because he makes money for them. Those poor teenage girls who think this guy is all that. If you want someone cute who can sing, I got a dog I can give ya!

  2. We also find it distressful that this poor baby monkey seems to have been taken away from mum much much too early. 😦

    Monkeys and primates in general are not pets anyway and should never be. Poor thing.

    As for JB – we truly believe in karma!

    Take care

    1. I agree. It’s sad that people think animals can be “owned” anyway. At least us dogs and cats are domesticated and are suited to this way of life. But monkeys? No way!

  3. We agree, June Buggie! Very irresponsible indeed. And folks are “making excuses” for his behavior by saying he’s so young…. even young folks should know how to treat animals!

  4. Reminds me of another Canadian idiot – the lady at IKEA with her pet monkey wearing a sheepskin coat. And I’m Canadian!

  5. Dear June Buggie, We have, in Almere, Holland, a very good shelter for abused monkeys. Perhaps this little chap can come over (it’s not so far from Germany) and have a good life over there (and of course, living in the wild would be better, but that’s off now).

    1. I hope the monkey finds a great home and is cared for. But that’s beside the point. There shouldn’t be a NEED for shelters like that. But humans just seem to pass off this kind of irresponsible behavior as acceptable. And that simply has to change.

  6. Honestly I’m sure the German zoo will take care of the monkey much better than Justin Bieber ever would. After all it’s Bieber’s monkey and if anything bad happens to it, the Bieber-fans will start a shitstorm on the zoo. But they will never start a shitstorm on Justin. There’s no need for brains when singing btw. Cuteness (there must be a reason why he has so many female fans) isn’t the same as brains either. Didn’t you read about Justin Bieber visiting the Anne Frank Memorial? He said: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” He’s a moron and utterly egocentric. http://www.thejc.com/comment-and-debate/comment/106418/no-justin-bieber-anne-frank-not-you

    1. I did read about that. I was horrified. I just don’t get it, though. How is it that you humans seem to let him go around doing all of that on YOUR dime? I mean, he earned every cent off of hard working adults who gave their money to their children to blow on losers like Bieber.

      1. I don’t have kids and I never liked him. But here in France not only teenagers like him, even grown up women are fans of his. I don’t understand them, but what do I know? I don’t like sparkling vampires either, so maybe something is wrong with me. ^^

  7. *shakes head* I really wish celebrities would stop adopting exotic pets they obviously know nothing about their care. Pets are a lifetime commitment. If you can’t provide and care for them get a stuffed animal.

  8. The poor monkey, June Buggie. Since Ma doesn’t have kids (except me and my brofeather, Corky), she is appalled at how “her generation” raised their kids. They didn’t teach them respect for anything, including animals that should never be pets, and have created a race of egocentric brats who whine when they don’t get their way. What a wake up for these kids when they hit the “real world”…which Bieber will never live in, Hollywood being the “land of make beliebe”.

    1. We can only hope the kids who were raised poor will be able to lead our country in the future. They are the only ones that know what it’s like to be told “no.”

  9. I was so horrified when I saw this on the news. The poor little monkey. But I agree with some of the comments that it’s not entirely Justin’s fault – it’s a wider issue about the sort of kids society is raising and the consumerism in our world, where everything is easy to discard. No, I’m not a Belieber either…

  10. This is just one more reason to proudly declare I’ve never heard a JB song and wouldn’t know him if I tripped over him on the sidewalk..to me he’s just a totally irrelevant tabloid creation

  11. Oh no…what an annoying behavior that boy took….It seems to be that the monkey is just a his toy or something….obviously not a companion animal for him….very irresponsible…We only know his name “Justin Bieber” but we think he is crazily popular in US, isn’t he? Which means his behavior might be very influential especially to young people…
    We hope that the monkey will soon find some safe way to live….

  12. June Buggie…no JB fans here and only believers in karma….and there are multiple aspects of this unspeakable action an his part. First, the monkey should never have been available for “purchase”; second his handlers and yes, parents are accountable for not instilling a sense of accountability in him given his current popularity; the public should hold him accountable for his juvenile delinquent behaviors and cease buying his music and tickets to view him. Nuff said…

      1. right, but animal lovers all want to change the laws to their own personal “right way”. Even more sad that we get caught up in our own “self rightness” rather than holding ourselves accountable for making changes that truly directly and immediately affect animal welfare positively. We cannot even stop the hunting of gray wolves after millions spent on reintroducing them into Yellowstone. With most humans, as with the kid Bieber, we can’t take care of humans let alone animals…ok, that was my rant for the day. sorry June Buggie to do it on your post. Great awareness post

      2. Quite alright, Savannah. It is the truth. We have allowed the manipulative tricks of our opposition to fill our minds with absurdities. So sad we animals have to depend on humans for our well-being.

  13. I’m not a fan, I don’t know his songs, I really don’t care.
    I Think his behavior is stupid and wrong but I’m more upset about WHO give him the little monkey! How is possible? In America monkeys can be sold like a doll? And where are the parent of this boy? Likely ti spend money instead to educate his child.
    B. is like the most famous people, too rich and worshiped to handle reality and duty. The industry is guilty but the real problem are the people that finance the system. How many superstars wear furs or use their dog/cat/whatever like an fashion accessory? This word is sick.
    Hope the little monkey will find a good home.

    1. It is sad that this is the path he has chosen. Hopefully he will one day find some peace. I am concerned, though, that his actions teach others that we animals are mere commodities to be discarded at will.

  14. Where’s his parent? She’s wrote a book and needs to sell that more than minding her kid. Money is not a substitute for common sense. The guy is for the kiddies, the under 15 crowd! Personally I can’t really understand why grown woman are screaming over an adolescent prancing around with his pants half off, it’s weird and somewhat alarming.

    1. It is sad. But the bigger picture is that if society found his behavior inappropriate, this would NEVER have happened. So the problem isn’t just Bieber…. it’s humans in general.

  15. LIKE? I love this post but there’s only a Like button. Thank you for writing out what I’ve been thinking! The same way an out-of-control pup needs a parent’s reprimand (think fierce growl, stare down, and possible neck-shake – dog version of a HUGE SLAP!) this rude youngster needs to wake up and GROW up. Adopting and then abandoning a pet but especially a MONKEY? God save us all from the worst of celebrity. Great post and great image. Love your blog!

    1. It’s all so sad. Probably somebody’s idea of a publicity stunt. Well it’s got him plenty alright. He better hope PETA doesn’t hunt him down and douse him with urine.

  16. I think the young star is on autopilot at this point and thoughtless. He badly needs a wake-up call.

    Hey, Rumpy..glad you stopped by to see us! (Mumsy wants to scratch your neck.)

    Tom, Tink, Mom Julie & Stasia

  17. Preach it, JuneBuggie! I don’t know what the f*** that boy has been smoking, but he’s clearly dense as a brick.

    He seems to be spiraling out of control lately. So unfortunate that so many children idolize him. :/

    Hack up one for me too!

  18. I have never liked that kid and I agree, I don’t think he will be around much longer. He certainly needs to be drummed out of the animal world. We should all write letters complaining about cruelty to animals.

  19. Oh my. Mom is a high school special ed teacher and her students are Bieber mad so she has to listen to his songs sometimes, most of the kids are on rewards programs or have behavioral issues and what they want is to listen to his songs. Mom is not a fan. Now with this monkey thing she is even less of a fun


    urban hounds

    1. I’m sure he will, because so many are willing to clean up behind this kid. It’s the monkeys that will be adopted by the “beliebers” that worry me.

  20. Boooo Bieber! Someone needs to teach him about real life, capuchins were not supposed to be human pet.

  21. We are not a fan. We also do not like monkeys being kept as pets. We would much rather see them in their natural habitat. We sure hope it turns out well for the monkey. Hugs and nose kisses

  22. June Bugie i am with you…money will buy just about any poor creature to be fobbed off,outgrown,put in containment,taken from it’s enviroment,used and abused…will it never end 😦

  23. June Buggie, I am so glad that you wrote about this. I was very sad when I heard (and read) about this story. I don’t know what the heck he was thinking. No one in his group that he travels with had the courage to tell him not to do such an incredibly irresponsible thing?! The poor monkey!

  24. I would like to go on the record to say that I believe that the monkey has more intelligence, common sense and better manners than JB. Perhaps the gift is actually a service animal – someone to do the thinking for Mr. B.

  25. I can’t believe they even let him on a plane with an undocumented animal. This shouldn’t be able to happen. I so dislike people who buy animals on a whim, learn nothing, and just throw them away. They do so much damage.

  26. Nice kitty and we all know that cats are smarter than Bieber. The monkey is smarter that Bieber and should have left him with German Officials. Cats rule.

  27. The only reason I even clicked the like button is because this is written out so well.
    Bieber is an irresponsible little brat. I don’t like his character, well actually he has none if you know what I mean for treating pets this way among other things. I’ve said enough. I’m only getting warmed up and warmer about the brat by the second!…Down with Bieber!

  28. Well spaketh, June Buggie! We can only hope that ten thousand fleas will find their way into JB’s undershorts.

    While he’s wearing them.

    In the middle of a concert. : )

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