Why is DeDe So Excited????

Happy Sunday everybody! DeDe here!

Yard dawg!
I’m happy its spring!

We’re pretty excited around here. The Animal Cruelty Bill that Jen lobbied for passed the House unanimously on April 17th and passed the Senate unanimously April 28th. The bill now awaits Governor Scott’s signature.

The bill states that a person who commits acts of animal cruelty is to be charged with each individual act. So if you abuse more than one animal, or if you abuse an animal repeatedly, you will be charged for each act of animal abuse.

The bill also allows for those charged with animal fighting to be charged as engaging in racketeering activity under the FL RICO act. That means property related to the fights can be seized.

It makes my heart happy to know that at least one state is moving forward in the area of animal welfare, when I see my former state of Tennessee poised to allow ag-gag to become law. 

Most recently, singer Carrie Underwood has called the governor to veto the law. State senator Andy Holt just gave an interview with his local newspaper where he calls her “out in left field” and he tweeted that “I would say that if Carrie Underwood will stick to singing, I’ll stick to lawmaking.”

Andy Holt has consistently voted against animal welfare bills and has even cancelled committee meetings if he knew there were animal welfare advocates sitting in on them.

I have little hope that the governor will veto the bill.

This is why it is so important that each of you do more than SAY you care about animals. It’s is vital that each of us TAKE ACTION to improve animal welfare where you live. Sure, it may mean you have to work side by side with some folks you don’t necessarily agree with. But your failure to do so is, by proxy, supporting those that want to continue to treat animals like property. Do you really think the majority of people in Tennessee agree with this law? I am guessing most of them have no clue what it says.

Have a good week everybody! And take a few minutes to stand up for animals!

53 thoughts on “Why is DeDe So Excited????

  1. Hi DeDe! As always, I love your pictures. And I’m right there with you with regarding animal welfare. We’ve gotta keep working on this. P.S. Is that an orange tabby cat I see in the background of your picture on your blog?

  2. WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 🙂 Meow and Woof and Hooray – DeDe – tell Jen something for me ……………. will You sweet heart – that all her hard work is amazing – and one more thing – i know i am here in Canada – and it’s different politics up here – But You know what i stand for – animals 🙂 YOU XXXXXXX so if there is – and i know i have written you about this a million times – june buggie is probably getting sick of me 🙂 lol ……………………….. if i can help with any political stuff from here – let ME KNOW 🙂 ………………………….. Happy Sunday xo Big Hugs from Toronto xo
    C xx

  3. We really need to remind our politicians that they are public servants, meaning they are in service of the public, not the other way around as they seem to believe! Doing the right thing every day is key, regardless of the immediate results. The Grand Canyon didn’t get carved overnight! xoxoM

    1. If the only people lobbying them are big businesses, then they assume that’s the will of the people. Since I can’t afford to hire my own lobbyists, I have to do the work myself or support groups that lobby for me.

      1. I think we each have to do the work. It may not seem like much, it may not seem enough. Start with signing the petitions, making the phone calls. And, yes, supporting the lobbying groups that align with your beliefs. Politicians did not forget the meaning of public service overnight, they won’t remember it that quickly either. We have to keep reminding them! xoxoM

  4. Hi Dear DeDe! *waving* It’s a great news to hear!!! Bravo Jen!
    She always proves and teaches our humans that humans can change our animal rights!
    Have a lovely Sunday DeDe! 🙂

      1. oh my goodness, I must’ve misread! I thought you said Carrie called to veto the bill, as if she wasn’t in support of it! I was thinking she seems so sweet, why wouldn’t she want the puppies protected??

  5. that is such wonderful news…sorry to hear about the ag-gag news though…what a shame some people care so little for the ones who need the most protection

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