Introducing Petbrosia!

I was asked by Petbrosia to try out their new food, so I did. They sent food for June Buggie and Rumpy!

Petbrosia comes right to your door!
Petbrosia comes right to your door!

Who is Petbrosia? They are a new pet food company on the scene with an interesting concept- they sell you food specially designed for your dog or cat.

How does it work? You give them your pet’s breed, age, and activity level. They prepare and send food along with instructions on how to feed your pet.

Look! They even have our pics on there!
Look! They even have our pics on there!

The food is not as dense as the other foods I’ve fed, so I had to be sure to follow the target feeding suggestions to make sure they were getting the right amount of food daily.

Here's what it looks like!

Petbrosia is made from chicken free from antibiotics and hormones. they do not use wheat, corn, gluten or soy in their products. 

June Buggie likes it!
June Buggie likes it!

The best part is you can give your companion animal’s profile, set an automatic delivery schedule, and never have to worry again about shopping for pet food!

What do I like about Petbrosia?

  • The list of ingredients show a healthy diet I want my animals to have
  • I could order food tailored to each pet’s unique nutritional needs
  • The company’s customer service response is fast, friendly, and helpful
  • Petbrosia supports Rescue Bank, a non-profit that supports rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

What do I wish was different?

  • At present the company does not have a poultry-free product, which means I must watch to ensure DeDe doesn’t eat Rumpy’s food. They do tell me that is in the plans, though. 

If you are looking for healthy and convenient feeding options for your companion animals, check them out.



Would you YOU like to try Petbrosia?  You can get 25% off your first order simply by using the following code: RUMPY. How cool is that?

Pretty soon you could be eating food made just for you!


Disclaimer: Petbrosia provided the food June Buggie and Rumpy tried.  My thoughts on the product are my own. 

24 thoughts on “Introducing Petbrosia!

  1. Wow!!! Petbrosia! The food is designed for ourselves! That sounds very interesting and excellent!!! The instruction with our own picture makes us feel more special! Plus June Buggie and you seem to enjoy their food! Thank you very much for giving us the info about this new company, Rumpy! 🙂

  2. Both RC and Molly are on strict diets ( ok molly gets a bit of yogurt…that doggy face!). they have tummy issues, but I like this one avoids stuff that concerns me – will check it out – thanks for the Rumpy code!

  3. I’m more than willing to give this a try. I’ve bought my kitty so many different brands of “good” food and he keeps going back to Fancy Feast. Maybe this will be more successful!

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