Words on Wednesday!

If you live in Alabama, animals need your help!
If you live in Alabama, animals need your help!


Please call your state representative TODAY and ask him/her to support HB 188.
Please call your state senator TODAY and ask him/her to support HB 188.


This bill will allow low-cost spay/neuter clinics in the state to remain open.
This bill will allow low-cost spay/neuter clinics in the state to remain open.


But don't tell your vet you support this bill.... because they oppose it.
But don’t tell your vet you support this bill…. because they oppose it.

For more about this bill and what’s at stake, check out this fact sheet from the ASPCA!

Click HERE to find your Alabama state senator and call or write TODAY!


22 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday!

  1. Who could resist those sweet faces! We have a big push at the moment here in the UK. The RSPCA are petitioning the government to get animal neglect and abuse more in the spotlight and some proper and appropriate legislation passed.

  2. Hi Rumpy! I’m sorry I missed this yesterday. I’m in Illinois…but I have shared on Facebook and Tweeted from all our accounts! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you do to help pets and their people everywhere!

  3. Why are vets opposed to it? Is it because they feel it is taking money out of their pockets? Well that is bologna! My vet welcomes low cost spay/neuter because that leaves him more time to take care of other issues and patients. As long as the clinic are doing things up to protocol it should be offered to help control the pet population. I am in Ky so it wouldn’t do any good for me to call but I do believe in low cost clinics.

  4. Law cost-spay/neuter clinics are essencial for our animal right!
    By the way, the collar that Graybie baby or Little girl has looks nice!
    Does it is unfastened easily?

  5. I am finding that humans are just becoming more and more selfish, only thinking of themselves and their pockets books. Mankind is now disappointing me on a daily basis.

  6. Love the pics. Can’t believe vets would be against it, they won’t lose much business it will help those who can’t afford spay neuter normally.

    1. They’re opposed to it down here in Florida too ma’am. Legislation introduced this year would guarantee protections for people who TNR and the vets who perform those operations. The legislation was opposed by the state veterinary association.

  7. Fantastic Rumpy, we use to have places that helped out with neuters and spays but they have closed down, people without a lot of money have to pay the robbin.*** @@@@*** to do it.. xx00xx

    Saint Mollie and Alfie

  8. Why would vets be against such a bill…except that they are greedy and want to charge big buckaroonies for the same procedure?!? I hope the bill passes, Rumpy!

  9. Thank God a low-cost clinic started traveling to our town! With all the strays my kids drag home, I couldn’t help them any other way. You’re right, vets don’t like it, but the pep population needs some help!

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