It’s Friday! Yay!!!!

FINALLY! Friday is back! That means one more work day before Jen is home with us!

I wonder what I should do this weekend?

Maybe my snake will come back to visit!
Maybe my snake will come back to visit!

Maybe I’ll get another package from the mailman… and this time he’ll actually deliver it!

Nothing like finding THIS on a Sunday morning!
Nothing like finding THIS on a Sunday morning!

Or maybe we’ll just do lots of this:


*snort! snort!*
*snort! snort!*




You only have a few hours left to make your plans…… so get busy!

Happy weekend!

33 thoughts on “It’s Friday! Yay!!!!

  1. Weekends aren’t such a big deal at our house because mom often works here and there but still we like to celebrate Friday, heck, I just like to celebrate any occasion!

  2. Oh dear Rumpy, I am afraid so much from the snakes… You know we have a new house in the village near to the city. Last weekend I saw a snake outside of the garden… There is a wall between there but makes me afraid. It was black and very thick like my arm… I lost him in the grasses and trees… Tell me how can I keep them away from my garden… By the way I was feeding birds and cows last weekend, and I gave them apple! The snake maybe came for these apples… But I am not sure… Thank you my dearest friends, have a nice day and weekend, love you all, nia

    1. Nia, have you tried spreading moth ball around the yard. I understand they will not cross the line of moth balls.

  3. I love the idea *snort snort* ! that I’m gonna do it with my mom and kitties! πŸ™‚
    Happy Weekend, Rumpy!

  4. My plans are to help with the yard, nap, go for a hike, nap, maybe some fishing, nap. Yea it’s all planned.

  5. Why plan out your entire life, Rumpy? Sometimes it’s fun just to be spontaneous.

    After all, you’d hate to miss out on a nap because it wasn’t written into your plan.

  6. Big neighborhood yard sale Saturday, then we’re joining you in a nap Rumpy. Keep your paws crossed that we make lots of $$.

  7. You’re right Bubba, happiness is a dog to snuggle with and that’s an adorable picture. Rumpy, your adoring public loves all the photo’s but sorry for waking you….giggle

  8. Are you SURE you want the Snake to come back???

    WE would rather have a good nap instead.

  9. Woof – we’re going for a walk under blue skies and lots of wind from probably our last cold front – (walk now, says Molly) Sorry Rumpy – hope your weekend is grrrrific (and Molly thinks DeDe’s bed looks tasty and quite chewable…..)

  10. Lots of zzzzzz is on the FiveSibes list of top things to do this weekend, too, Rumpy! Happy napping and Happy Weekend! Wooo!

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