June Buggie is Fired Up and Taking Action!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

7-31-11 003

I want to be clear about something- I have the audacity to believe that I can be a force for change. 

So I combine that with action.  I write a blog. I am on mailing lists for animal welfare organizations. I write my elected officials. And I talk to people about their companion animals and what they can do to take better care of them.

The thing about animal welfare that chaps my ass today is that I can turn on the TV and see a dog or cat in every other commercial that comes on. Oh, humans  love us animals! And yet most of those animal-loving souls don’t have a clue about our plight around the world.


They’ve been duped by PR gurus and misguided souls to believe that groups that act on behalf of animals are bad, and that if you REALLY want to save animals, you only do rescue. That is one of the DUMBEST things I’ve ever heard, and the fact that so many people bought that argument makes me want to puke.

So while veterinary associations are working state-by-state to make low-cost spay/neuter services illegal, and puppy mill owners work with animal agriculture to pass ag-gag bills that will protect their interests, people sit back and feel proud of themselves because they added a dollar to the tab last time they shopped at PetSmart.

Well here’s the scoop, people: You did some good in the short-term, but if you don’t change laws, you will keep fighting the same battles over and over until you DO pass legislation. 

Now me? I’m a cat, and I’m lazy. I think I should only have to do things once. Humans though? They think they can do the same thing over and over again and have different results.

Nope, the result is always the same.

If it weren’t for the fact that our lives were at stake, it would be funny. But since we have to depend on YOU, it’s tragic.


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32 thoughts on “June Buggie is Fired Up and Taking Action!

  1. Very well said JuneBuggie…once again you’re rant is on point…what bothers me most is the vets who campaign against low cost spay & neuter…shame on them!

  2. Vets against low-cost spay and neuter? Why? Pet companions today live longer and develop the same ailments people do. I have a 15 year old diabetic cat. My friend’s dog just had back surgery. Caring for those ailments is certainly more of a money maker than a once and done spay job!

  3. Great post June Buggie! I hate commercials, made by the stupid recipe: take an animal or a kid and you can sell what you want… and for the puppy mills the same, hope sometimes this people will get their punishment…

  4. Hi June Buggie! *waving*
    Thanks very much for this post that you always encourage our human to do some actions for us animals! 🙂

  5. good read! I have always admired that quote from Gandhi! We cannot be concerned with how the world will look at us….if we ever want to make changes to the world…..

  6. Great post. Now our vet up here actually participates in low cost neuter with a rescue organization. Don’t understand why vets are against it!

    1. Because in some communities the programs are not well run and they do not bring about positive results for the community, but they DO lose business for the local vet. They do have a point.

  7. Our Mummy likes to think she makes a difference for guinea pigs where she can as they are her area of expertise. Going to farms, or coming across animal roadshows in the high street she always finds them making the same mistakes.

    Keeping them in pens which are too small, kept with rabbits, on show when injured or sick or pregnant. Surely these are basic things people should know about keeping guinea pigs?!

    It always upsets Mummy and she either files a complaint or contacts the RSPCA depending on the severity of the case. Although this only makes a small difference to a few animals each time, whee do wonder if one day whee might be able to make people change the way they see small furry pets.

    Neglect and suffering to small animals is just as bad as that of dogs, cats, and horses, it’s just less people seem to care. Whee are seen as disposable pets. Cheaper to replace than to love and treat well.

    And whee can see whee have gone off on a bit of a rant. Maybe whee need to do a post about this!

    Great post as always. Maybe you could do a list of tips on how people can make a difference to different issues.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    1. I am so with you guys. Here in the US, the animal welfare community just LOVES some of these big box pet shops because they don’t sell dogs and cats. But I don’t like them, because they DO sell animals. They sell birds, and reptiles, and small mammals. Those animals come from horrific situations just like dogs and cats do. And they deserve better.

  8. June Buggie – so much of our world is a blind eye to just about everything. That’s why last week when I posted in jest about Kizmet wanting Internet fame, it was really my underlying way of expressing my frustration with this world. I mean seriously, why does Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat (a cat made out of a poptart) go viral, but we can’t do the same for pet responsibility? It makes me crazy…

    1. I think we are our own worst enemy. All that cross-posting dripping with emotion. All those fund-raising commercials laden with emotion without any clue what the money goes for. That crap turns me off, and I AM an advocate! It doesn’t bring converts to our cause, for sure.

  9. A LOT of vets make me wonder why in the world they are vets in the first place. Maybe because they were forced by family, or for the money? I have no clue. But in my eyes they are sworn in to take care of animals all the way, at least that’s why I started studying it.. Grah there’s so many people out there that will make you believe anything for their own comfort.
    Nice rant.

    1. There are many good people out there practicing veterinary medicine. But they see low-cost spay/neuter as causing more problems than it solves. And to be honest, sometimes they are right. It’s only when we partner these programs with public education about responsible animal care that we find they are effective, like what happend with Mayport. I have an interview with them to post next week. Come check it out!

      1. I’ll come check it out. ^_^ I didn’t mean to come off as rude by the way, i’ve just seen a lot of vets these past 2 years that made me seriously question the profession you know? I think there was one good one I saw, a lady in the last place I lived. (The wife of my teacher as it turned out hehe)
        It’s true though that hard judgements get us alternatives.

      2. I didn’t take you as rude. I simply don’t like to make any one side look bad. We are all good people. We just believe differently. Some vets believe they need to pay their student loans, and that leads them to do the things they do.

      3. That’s a great way of looking at things! However I personally still can’t forgive the vet here for bringing pain to my hamster. -_-

  10. JuneBuggie, we couldn’t say it better ourselves. We must keep this message in the forefront…until humans get it. They are slow, you know.

  11. PA won’t even ban canned pigeon shoots at gun clubs, but at least it’s only isolated communities that have banned TNR and low-cost S/N–and that’s mostly because of loud-mouthed individuals, not public opinion. But breeders managed to turn around restrictive legislation and everyone’s all over the ag-gag bill. But we don’t stop trying.

  12. June Buggie you are a very smart kitty! Gandhi’s quote right on. And it goes without saying but Ima say it, you can tell a whole dang heck about people by the way they treat their pets.

  13. Oh June Buggy, you are not alone in your outrage. And, if people are not Outraged, they are not paying attention. We at DogDaz applaud you and your crew for making noise.

  14. Good evening! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Your blog is inspiring and chock-full of educational information (such as this post). Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing! Details about the Versatile Blogger Award can be found on my blog.

  15. That’s quite a rant and I hope it helps. I think all pet bloggers are doing something for the animals. I know I am really trying to make a difference. At times it just gets frustrating because, after all the good intentions, I feel like we are preaching to our own choir.
    We are making a dfference – each small attempt adds up together.
    Case in point: those advertisers who use animals. After not watching TV for many months, we are now enjoying it in the house again. I marvel at the idiot advertisers (growing in numbers by leaps and bounds) who think just putting an animal in their ad will help, whether or not it has any relevance at all to the ad. But, being one of those annoying glass half full people, I have to marvel at how many are trying (even stupidly) to get into the love of animals pet craze that WE have all ignited. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your rant. There is a lot there to really think about and I will!

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