The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

Oh Dog! DeDe here! Happy Sunday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!


I'm happy to see you!
I’m happy to see you!


We got Jen up at the regular time this morning. Sure, it’s a day off, but we still like to keep our routine around here. She can rest later.

Tennessee Governor Haslam still has not decided what he’s going to do about the ag-gag bill. The pressure for him to veto keeps cranking up. If you live in Tennessee, you need to be sure you’re doing your part to encourage him to veto that bill. Call or write his office TODAY, and ask your family and friends to do so.

While in Michigan, your legislature is trying to disenfranchise voters by passing a bill that would not allow you to have a say on whether wolves can be designated as a game species for hunting and trapping. Maybe that’s because most citizens of the state would say NO WAY to hunting wolves, and the state wants to protect the special interests of those that WANT to kill them. It’s shameful. Michigan residents need to call or write Governor Snyder and tell him to veto that bill!

Oh I know, you want Sunday to be a day of rest. I do too. So take the few moments needed to call or write NOW, then enjoy your day.

And have a great week everybody!

I plan to enjoy mine!
I plan to enjoy mine!


22 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets the Worm!

  1. We wrote to Mr. Haslam, I hope he will sign the bill. I feel sorry for the wolves and I think, we will write to Mr. Snyder too. Have a wonderful cinco de mayo :o)

  2. Nice to see a pup advocating for this kind of thing. Surely, he will veto. Keep up the good work, Rumpy, and enjoy your Sunday. Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  3. DeDe – Some of us can never rest until the wrongs are righted, and the underserved are protected. Good for you. But do get a nice walk in and let Mom take a nap.

  4. Hi Dear DeDe! I hope that Mr Haslam continue to veto that bill!!! and hope that those wloves would be protected by the community in Michigan!!! They have a right to live!
    Happy Sunday DeDe!

  5. Let us hope the Gov. Vetoes that bill. It is alarming how Big Ag wants to keep us in the dark about how they really treat animals. It’s got to scare them to know people are choosing other options. Always about the bottom line isn’t it?

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