How to Fight the Monday Blues!

Uh oh! It’s the day of the week so many of us dread. *heavy sigh*

When the rich want money, it’s the rest of us who go to work. (with apologies to Jean-Paul Sartre)


So I thought I’d cheer us up by sharing some of your Rumpy memes.

From Clowie's Corner
From Clowie’s Corner
will and eko
by Will and Eko

from Pawsitively Pets
from Pawsitively Pets
from Something Wagging
from Something Wagging This Way Comes
from I Love Dogs
from American Dog Blog

And this is my personal favorite:

ash the husky
from Ash the Husky


Wasn’t that fun? You can see more posted on my Facebook page. Don’t forget to ‘like’ me while you’re there!

Now off with you! There’s work to be done!

50 thoughts on “How to Fight the Monday Blues!

      1. Woo woo..must head over,have not been on facebook for awhile πŸ™‚ By the way Rumpy we found out today that cosmetic companies here who claim they don’t test on animals are lying!! Apparently if they export to China,China insists on products tested on animals…so Loreal,L’OCCITANE and Bobby Brown..pretty awful,so our Fair trading people are looking into it..wonder if you have the same issues ?

      2. Yes, it’s a problem with Avon and Mary Kay also. So Jen only buys products with the Leaping Bunny seal of approval. That way she knows for sure there’s no animal testing.

      3. I only buy Body Shop and when they talked to them this morning they said if China wants animal testing we will not be selling to them..Yay for people putting welfare before money.

      1. Yes I did! Thank you so much for sharing it on twitter!!!! πŸ™‚

  1. LOL! Very funny. Maybe because it actually is Monday, but I like that one best. I was wondering about the memes when you started posting some last night. Now I know why. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, that was fun sweet Rumpy and you got our day off to a great start. Have a good one… your background. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy and Mumsy

  3. our menagerie (well, the dawgz, thattizz) may be a little sad mondaze, as we make a point to “get out” satyrday AND sunday. but they’re also a bit tired. the cats don’t care … every day is pretty much Wonderfull Cat Day.

  4. Thanks for the smiles – I didn’t see them till Tuesday but gotta say, they’re just as needed today! πŸ™‚

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