June Buggie is Upset About What May Have Happened!

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say!

Cat, you can't make this stuff up and it sound any more stupid!
Cat, you can’t make this stuff up and it sound any more stupid!

So this guy by the name of Nawaz Sharif is campaigning to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. His nickname is “sher” or tiger, and his party’s mascot is the tiger. And being an opportunistic politician (like most of them are), he has capitalized on that nickname by having tigers on display at his campaign rallies. 

Last Thursday, the Times of India reported that a white tiger that had been on display at some of his rallies had died from prolonged exposure to heat. Obviously this  brought negative publicity on the campaign, and many Pakistanis were asking if this was not a bad omen.

Apparently not. It seems the tiger that was brought unconscious to the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Lahore and later died, has miraculously come back to life. Indeed, it is claimed the tiger was never sick at all!

the Tigress Sandy, who has miraculously risen from the dead!
the Tigress Sandy, who has miraculously risen from the dead!

The purported owner of this tiger,  Idrees Ahmed, told BBC News that the tiger is his baby, and that it lies on top of his car, unrestrained, at campaign rallies. When asked if it might be a bad idea to take an unrestrained tiger to campaign rallies, his response was, “It doesn’t bite.” 

Regardless of WHAT really happened, the use of the tiger at campaign rallies is a violation of international law, according to the World Wildlife Fund. It’s also incredibly stupid.

Animal abuse? Definitely. But exactly what kind? I guess we won’t know that until after the election. 


55 thoughts on “June Buggie is Upset About What May Have Happened!

  1. What a stupid thing for anyone to do…and what a sad thing to do to the tiger. What are people thinking…or not thinking, as the case may be.

  2. That’s animal abuse, neglect and stupidity. The tiger may not bite now, but what about it’s welfare? And it’s a white tiger on top of that, according to the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa white tigers are a product of inbreeding and all of them have some type of disability. It takes several times to make a white tiger that will live so not only is this white tiger a product of cruel inbreeding, but it needs extra care because of it. I really wish there was an worldwide law against owning exotic animals.

  3. Oh no…poor white tiger….I’m sure that he didn’t want to join the election at all…..I hope that people in Pakistan will make a right decision for the election……

  4. Terrible. An animal like that is still a wild animal no matter what they say. Like any animal (even ‘tame’ pets) it is unpredictable, only when this one has a mood swing it could kill someone. Not only is is cruel but dangerous for people too. Who came up with such a stupid idea. Honestly!

    Exotic animals should not be pets. It’s animal abuse pure and simple.


  5. Is there no end to the creative ways that humans find to exploit animals for their own purposes? It’s a sad story. I hope this politician gets a drubbing at the polls. Best wishes, Russell

  6. Stranger than true.
    “It doesn’t bite?” That’s what a local flea market said here almost 20 years ago…just before the excessively hot lion mauled a child that summer. Kid lived. Photographer and Flea Market owner felt terrible. But child scarred terribly. Ordinances /laws after that
    But leading by example doesn’t seem to work sometimes?

  7. “It doesn’t bite” ? !!!! Well, it should.

    Totally wrong – & I don’t understand this really, whether it died or not. I can’t help thinking it died & was replaced. Poor beautiful creature, not free.

    Sorry at this one, Rumpy.

  8. AND it is all media driven so absolutely nothing you read can be trusted, maybe i will train Author to ride on top of the car, with an umbrella and holding a cold drink, do you think the media will believe that too!? Too crazy.. c

  9. so odies just trying to get this right.. the tiger is alive? which, if true, odies glad about.. but sad about the fact that such a beautiful animal has been reduced to circus fodder for childish whims and personal gain. we wish we humans respected all life forms in a better way.
    hugs to you and the animals,
    O and OM

  10. It only takes a fraction of a second for a tiger to change his mind and BITE, he is a wild animal afterall and deserves to be there…free in the wild….so if he hasn’t bitten anyone till date, they are all just very lucky!

  11. I love animals, with one exception, sorry: reptiles!
    Happy Mom’s Day and my very best! Cheers, Mélanie

  12. It’s abuse! It’s cruel! And, my heartbreaks for the poor big cat. “It doesn’t bite”!!!!! Shaking my head over the hubris and stupidity. I’m with you on this one.

    On a happier note, give a purrrr and wag to your mom for a Happy Mother’s Day. I love and admire all you and your furry siblings do (& biped mom) to help make the world a better and safer place for all the furry friends.


  13. I don’t blame you for being upset, June Buggie. A tiger is a wild thing, no matter how much someone thinks s/he is cute. Also, does the top of the car overheat like the inside does. That could be very uncomfortable for the big cat. (So, was the cat replaced … or, was it indeed a miraculous recovery?)

  14. I can just feel the tiger’s agony, slowly dehydrating and unable to move away from the heat. It’s really hard to not get emotional when you hear tragedies like this. As for the white tiger’s resurrection, if anyone believes that I know of a nice bridge in Brooklyn I could sell them.

    As for bringing the new tiger on the campaign trail, that’s the dumbest (and most dangerous) political stunt I’ve heard of yet. The poor tiger will bite someone who was taunting him to see if it was true that he didn’t bite, and who will find out that, oops, he bites after all. Then they will shoot the tiger for being a danger to humans and “betraying their trust.”

    What a helpless feeling this all generates.

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