Dog Lovers Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Musical Genres!

People who love animals come from all corners, including some places you don’t expect.

David Flynn is the bassist for metal band Chelsea Grin.

Flynn posted this pic on this Twitter account
Flynn posted this pic on this Twitter account

Recently Flynn posted on the band’s Facebook page that his puppy needed immediate surgery, and that he couldn’t afford the $2300 it was estimated to cost.

Flynn's pup broke 3 fingers and growth plate
Flynn’s pup broke 3 fingers and growth plate

What do you think happened next?

Oh yeah, the money started flowing in. So much money that he was given all the money needed that same day, and the band had to ask people to STOP SENDING MONEY.

Chelsea Grin (from the band's webpage)
Chelsea Grin (from the band’s webpage)

Flynn refunded all donations over the amount needed to pay the surgery.

Now doesn’t that leave you with a smile on your face?

It leaves me happy in the knowledge that there are MANY people out there who love us animals.  Now to figure out yet how to get them all on the same page to make positive changes.


34 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Musical Genres!

  1. Every once in a while our local shelter puts an article in the paper about a sad animal that will need extensive surgery for something and they usually get the money to cover the expense. Any extra goes into a special fund for these types of special cases. It always warms my heart when people step up to the plate to help the helpless in some way.

      1. I believe people are emotionally there but often unsure of what they can do in their area. We had a puppy mill of sorts locally but after many years of trying our local shelter finally shut it down. Many of us did what we could to support the effort. The photos and descriptions were heart breaking and it was here in our community, not some far away place.

  2. I’d love to say “Thank you very much” for those people who love and help animals with their sweet heart!!! 🙂

  3. Kudos to David Flynn for getting the proper help for his pup, and for not taking advantage of people’s generosity. I wish there were more caring people like this on the planet – for the sake of all animals and people as well.

  4. That is a great response to a need. Hope puppy has a long happy life with such a caring owner. Thanks for the likes on my blog.
    Appreciate your stopping by.

  5. That’s sweet! My mama’s school needed money for a field trip. One teacher put it on his facebook and TONS of his grandmother’s friends paid money. In a matter of LESS THAN 24 hours, the entire trip was paid for. We used the rest of the money to order shirts that the students could have to remind them of the trip! People are so willing to give to others (people and animal alike!).

  6. I hope puppy is doing well and has a long happy and loving life. Sounds like his family has a great heart for him-lucky pup. Sarge really likes your blog, Rumpydog. A cookie or any kind of yummy treat drive would be great. Sarge is concerned greatly concerned about those few who scam for money in the name of animals. Do you have any suggestions about knowing how to know real from not real? Love your blog.. Also loved the panda kindergarten. Woof!

  7. Rumpy that’s a great story…all our three adult boys,muso’s,tattooes,animal crazy…our daughter animal nuts too…they have nothing to do with any people who are the slightest bit not into animals…all sorts of people ages etc have the capacity to be great advocates for animals :))

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