A Kitty Saved…… Eventually!

Oh Dog! DeDe here. Happy Sunday!

Warm Sunday wishes from DeDe!
Warm Sunday wishes from DeDe!

It had all the making of a 50’s sitcom episode. A frantic call to 911 about a cat stuck in a tree. A school full of children watching from their classrooms. A hero police officer bravely climbing the tree to save the kitty.

And getting stuck.

Officer Natto stuck in a tree (photo by Jennifer Ialenti)
Officer Natto stuck in a tree (photo by Jennifer Ialenti)

And that’s just what happened to New York City Police Officer Dane Natto.

After his partner quit laughing, he called in the fire department, who also came by to laugh at Officer Natto.

But then they used their long ladder to climb the tree and rescue the officer… and the kitty.

Kitty was saved! (photo by Jennifer Ialenti)
Kitty was saved! (photo by Jennifer Ialenti)

Cats, don’t try this at home!

20 thoughts on “A Kitty Saved…… Eventually!

  1. The story is very funny and also heart-warming!!! Officer Natto is in a way brave(!) and so kind to TRY to save the poor kitty!
    Thanks for the Fire Department to SAVE bothe of them! 🙂
    Have a Happy Sunday, Dear DeDe! 🙂

  2. I know I shouldn’t laugh…but I can’t help it! How embarrassing for Officer Natto…At least him and the kitty were both rescued eventually, but I can’t help but wonder how long the office teasing will take to die down 😛

  3. Yay Officer Natto! Maybe he’ll get lots of fan letters to counteract the teasing. It’s so great to know that firemen everywhere are worried about kitties stuck in trees.

    Before OurPeople adopted Zhaan, she was taken to the vet clinic by a Good Samaritan because her leg was broken. Before the nice man got her into the building, she jumped from his arms, ran over to an oak tree and climbed 20 ft. up to a branch. Some firemen with a ladder truck came and rescued her, too. OurPeople baked them cookies to say thanks!

  4. Nice guy! One of my little cats got out and ended up high in one of our trees. My hubby climbed up to save her (scaring me to death). Just as he got close to her, she shimmied down the other side just out of his reach. She was gone for three days but finally came home.

  5. 😀 Poor police officer! Doing everything in his power to be the hero and getting laughed at mercilessly instead. Well, good for him for trying. I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if you’d said that, by the time the fire department got their to rescue the officer, the cat had made it’s way down safely. Now that would have been even more hilarious 😀

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