Poo on Monday!

I don’t like Mondays.

Monday makes me sad
Monday makes me sad

I guess you’re wondering what’s the big deal. After all, I’m a dog. All days should look alike to me, right?

But they don’t.

On the weekend, Jen is here! We get to play. And have fun. And just BE together.

The other days, she’s gone.

And even though I still have DeDe and June Buggie to keep me company, it’s just not the same.

*heavy sigh*

I'll just wait here for Friday to come back!
I’ll just wait here for Friday to come back!

42 thoughts on “Poo on Monday!

  1. Hi Rumpy – Isaiah here – I know exactly how you feel. I watch Mom leave Monday and get depressed. I love weekends cause I have her all day and gets lots of pats and cuddling. *heavy sigh*

  2. We hate Mondays too. But I am so proud right now because I survived the dentist visit. LOL. I had my toothies cleaned.

    Jen is working for you guys, so she can feed you. Just remember that every Monday and Jen is gone, it means that you guys get to eat good food and good vetty visit.

  3. I bet she hates them almost as much as you hate them!! Maybe even more, I knwo typist hates having to leave her dog each morning!

  4. Look at it as an opportunity to store energy for even more fun when she is back from work! My mom usually works from home which is great but then she does stuff like going to Blogpaws and leaves me home…that is worse than any Monday in my dog opinion!

  5. We know what you mean! And ours was gone last week too! Thanks for stopping by and helping us trash the house. We needed a dog’s touch. Purrs!

  6. I very much understand how you feel Rumpy….I miss my mom on weekdays and she misses me alot, too…I always think if she can’t work at home…..*sigh*

  7. No matter how well I was prepared and although there may have been no need for the anxiety, I dreaded Sunday night into Monday morning blues. Coupla little baby heart attacks in 2006 were best thing that ever happened to me. I had 30 + years so got out. Now I often don’t know what day of the week it is and there is really no reason to know any more anyway.

  8. Hey Rumpy, Mehitabel the cat here, writing on that rotten panda’s email account. Mom works at home, so I don’t mind mondays, but I hate it when she draws pandas. She should do more cartoons with just cats.

  9. Rumpy, you totally just helped out Wilhelm. I told Jason he was sad it was Monday and Jason said “he doesn’t know what day it is.” But he does and was sad! I knew it. Wilhelm says thank you!

  10. I feel the same about mondays and I don’t even HAVE to leave the house. We should rename it to something more fun like…cookieday or something.

  11. Rumpy, i can understand your sadness. i have a feeling that mom is just as sad as you are.

    Now that Mom is retired, I don’t have to worry about Mondays. I worry about Tuesdays and Thursdays when she is out. I don’t have other friends to keep me company, just Mom.

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