Hisses and Purrs!

First of all we send prayers, comforting thoughts, and all the energy we can muster to the people of Moore, Oklahoma.

Next, Hissy Fit Jones throws down some hisses:

For shame! For shame!
For shame! For shame!

Hisses for Taco Fusion in Tampa, Florida, for having the nerve to put lion meat tacos on the menu. After the news hit the internet, the threats starting pouring in. So did the business, and the lion meat tacos have already sold out.

Hisses for the Coca-Cola Company, which fought against a recycling program in Australia because the company said it was bad for business. Plastic is killing sea birds, who mistake it for food, eat it, then starve to death when they can’t digest the plastic.


And here’s June Buggie with some amazing purrs:

Good job. Have a cookie.
Good job. Have a cookie.

Purrs for rocker Slash, for calling for an end to bear bile farms. Slash recorded a short video message for Animals Asia.

Purrs for the French oil and gas company Total for deciding to not search for oil in the Virunga National Park of the Congo. Virunga is the home to mountain gorillas.

Purrs for Jasmine Dustin and Cause 4 Paws, who helped Charles Gilliam get veterinary care for his service dog, Big. Gilliam is homeless and was on the streets passing out his vet’s card and trying to get help for his dog. Dustin saw Gilliam and helped him get the money and help Big needed.


What hisses or purrs do you have to add this week?

33 thoughts on “Hisses and Purrs!

  1. Purrs to the wonderful miss Noel Garcia who after taking a picture of a dog holding a water jug talked to the owner and found out the owner was homeless and the dog had a lump that needed vet care. Miss Noel made it hee personal mission to get the dog to a vet to be examined raise the funds needed to get the surgery which was about $3000 to get the owner a place to stay where he could be with his dog which is currently hotel room so him and his dog to be together. She is not only amazing but an example of how one person can make a difference.

    1. First of all..the hissy picture makes me laugh 🙂 i know it shouldn’t …Purrs to a wonderful local man here in our town,who stayed after work to catch a kitten he had seen,purrs to our local vet Dr Rayya (check out her blog peeps) who after hours with her fellow vets and assistants operated on this little kitten and instead of removing an infected umbilical cord removed what turned out to be a stick and a load of plastic.The vets did this free of charge and the man who found the kitten paid for the medicines.This kitten now named Cleo is feisty and well and with the man who rescued her and his family.Her story is amazing and well worth looking up.Hisses to people who don’t get their cats spayed and care less for the kittens who are left behind or dump them.And by the way..Lion Tacos..what the hell..
      Sending our thoughts to all in Oklahoma from down here in Australia,horrible news,just horrible.

      1. There are some wonderful people who restore your faith in humans! thankfully as sometimes i just wonder if the world is going to hell in a handbasket !

  2. Lion meat?!? Some people just aren’t right.

    Hissy got a mean hiss…I will be sure to steer clear of that! Good thing mom drinks Diet Mountain Dew. Coke is so wrong in their decision. One day they’ll learn.

    Yay for Slash!! Mom likes GNR and met Slash one time. Glad to see he continued to be nice and aware of the right thing to do.

  3. Oh no….Lion meat….this news makes us sick…..very disappointed…but Purrr stories are all so great, especially the final one about what Jasmine Dustin did! And of course, purrr for miss Garcia!!!

  4. Thanks for mentioning Coca Cola in Australia… they put the kaibosh on our recycling program here in Darwin – their lawyers worked tirelessly to find a tiny loophole in the Territory’s law which has essentially put pay to our fantastic cash for containers scheme. It was such a case of a huge multi-national bullying a small community. They are, of course, still charging us the extra money they initially put on the cost of a can to cover their ‘recycling costs’. People have been printing off ‘out of order’ signs and putting them on all Coke vending machines and I won’t buy any more Coca Cola products. I urge everyone else to support us by doing the same thing. I can tell you for a fact that the recycling system was working; we saw people out collecting containers and therefore removing them from the environment, the RSPCA had a collection point at their gate and people would take them there so that the RSPCA could get the cash. Well done Coke, what a fantastic victory for you. You must be so proud of yourselves. Thankfully our local government has agreed to fund it for a short period of time while they try to fix the loophole.

    Rant over. 🙂

  5. I avoid coke products for many of their practices – even their water and fruit/smoothie drinks
    Paws up for Big getting help – glad something sent Dustin/Cause their way
    it’s nice to carry extra water bottles in the car during the summer to hand out for the companion dogs of the homeless (and there’s a lot of them here). The dogs are comfort and protection – and loyal to their owners. Heat is dangerous for both of them.

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