I Want Your Advice on Something…..

I’d like some advice.

Will you help me help Jen?
Will you help me help Jen?

After twenty years of working with people in crisis, I think Jen ought to try something different. I want her to find meaningful work that fuels her passion.

She’s been looking for work in the animal welfare arena, but she hasn’t had any luck. So she asked people in the field for some tips, and they all told her to volunteer.

Which makes perfect sense. Except with everything else on her plate right now, the only way she could volunteer is to give up my blog.

And I don’t want her to give up my blog.

Blogging is her most favorite thing to do…. next to feeding me cookies.

So maybe animal welfare is not the right place for her after all.

But what is?

That’s where you come in. What sort of work would you suggest for her?

Maybe the dog should get a job and let Jen stay home.
Maybe the dog should get a job and let Jen stay home.

79 thoughts on “I Want Your Advice on Something…..

  1. Life is so short, we think you have to do what makes you happy.. Giving up the blog is not an option πŸ™‚ Jen you are good with people, perhaps something in that line. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. I can’t believe Jen is having trouble finding a job in animal welfare. I would have thought that her background and your blog would make her the perfect candidate! Although I don’t work in it at the moment, I worked for many years in recruitment and human resources and if I saw Jen’s background I couldn’t think of a more perfect job for her. Do you know what it is that’s making it so difficult?

    1. No, that’s why she reached out on LinkedIn. Most time she’s not even getting a rejection letter. I believe that if the part is hard, maybe it’s time to try a different path. So I think she should look elsewhere.

      1. Thanks. I know it’s hard for people to believe, but with the kind of work she does now and all of us to care for, she really doesn’t have time for anything else without giving something up. You don’t think she’d give ME up, do you?

      2. Rumpy, you can take it from me: she would NEVER, EVER give you up. I say to my three all the time that I’d live in a car with them before I gave them up. I just know Jen feels the same about your crew. And I understand being busy. Having a full time job and a family {a furry one like Jen has, or a combination variety like I have} and just trying to get everyone from one day to the next is a lot. Add in blogging every day and that’s a whole lot. Someone asked me recently why don’t I give up writing, but I just couldn’t. So I totally understand.

  3. I’m not sure why your mom πŸ™‚ Would have to give up the blog. If you enjoy it, I’m thinking perhaps cutting back a little would let you do what you want to as well as a blog. Why not? πŸ™‚

  4. How about voluteering to help a Shelter with its blog / webpage … Jen you have seen how important it is to a Shelter? I know how frustrated I get when looking at sites of Shelters and they are up to 12 months out of date and so incredibly complex to find your way around. If you on the PC for the shelter you will be able to sneak a few minutes for Rumpy’s blog too – win win! It may also lead to a full time job in the Shelter’s office? xxx’s

    1. I’m not opposed to doing that. But I think you know how much time blog maintenance actually takes, and I just don’t have that much time to give right now. It is something I hope to be able to do in the future.

  5. There are some of these type animal shelters and such that seek people that can blog and web build for them… has she thought of that…

  6. Wow, that is a tough one. I would think some of the rescue groups must have some paying positions she could work in, maybe in combination with your blog.

  7. Couldn’t she find a way volunteering through your blog?. As you can see, no one likes the idea of not keeping the blog [a bit selfish of us, but true!].
    So maybe this blog could serve as an “animal welfare arena”, also!!!
    I do hope she finds the best solution for her first [obviously] and ideally, for all of us!

      1. It certainly is and you are doing it more than right!!!! However, because you say you want more volunteer job do that ALSO through this blog. Maybe I didn’t understand to begin with… [my english leaves much to be desired!]

  8. Animal welfare is very important,work is also necessary to help animals,if you can combine the two all the better.So,private sector welfare work is often easier here in Australia to get in to with vol work behind you,if you could get some vol work and incorporate your blog to highlight their particular organisation that may be one way,it’s hard when your passions are tempered by the need to provide for yourself,it can really mess with your mind,i wish i could offer mum more advice Rumpy,just know that as with you yourself when you thought there was no light your mum came along and this works with humans too πŸ™‚

  9. I love JJ’s idea. I know of a man who started a blog when he adopted his puppy. The dog went to his shelter for lessons so he remained in contact with them & blogged about them. They were soo impressed with just what that achieved that they hired him to work on their blog. Maybe Jen could become a doggie day care mom, or a mobile dog groomer. She’d be working with animals & could contribute to animal rights & shelter issues utilizing the connections from her work. how about a therapy dog trainer? just think it’s something she could come at from another angle. is their an organisation that coordinates care for pets when women/children escape domestic violence? that could be a midway point between what she does now & what she wants to do. whoever gets to work with Jen will be very lucky. mwah xoxoxo

  10. First, Jen’s blog is a great place to get out the animal welfare/good caretaking message. Maybe there is a way to market that. Or maybe she could apply to blog/maintain a website FOR an animal welfare agency. Another suggestion would be to create the job she wants, something that doesn’t exist yet. For example, become an expert in temporary housing and re-placement for animals displaced by disasters.

    I think her best bet might be piling up cash and vacation time and just investigating this with professionals.

  11. I don’t think that Jen gives up her job in the animal welfare as long as her passion is there. However I understand she has to work with the stable job as she needs feed and care for her fur family.
    She is good at writing and at impressing people with what she writes which I difinitely think that they are one of her talent.
    I strongly hope that she finds the job in where she want to work.

  12. I think she should be in animal welfare, can’t she volunteer part time? Or…do what my Mom does and only shoot for 3 blog posts per week. There is no need to post every day

  13. What about looking for a job with a company that uses therapy pets in their fields? Like a rehab facility or something? That way you get pets AND humans!

    Just a thought

  14. Maybe if she could somehow combine animal welfare and blogging together…or have separate days…I know it sounds difficult but don’t worry, things work out in the end. πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Rumpydog. We are pretty much in the same boat. I am just starting to monetize Ask Fisher so I don’t have any big success stories yet. But I sure feel the angst you are going through – hence the very long reply.
    I, too, am passionate about animal welfare. I spent a short while freelancing for a company I won’t mention, and it was a huge pain in the you know what. I will be forever grateful to them, though, because the experience brought my passion to light. I hesitated to give up my paltry earnings because I loved doing the writing.
    Finally after a disastrous event in which I had a big scoop but timing was essential, their messed up software prevented me from publishing. I had to ask myself why I was continuing when it was so very frustrating. The money wasn’t enough and the time I spent was over the top for the little I got.
    I did not want to quit writing about all the wonderful things the shelters, rescues, and volunteers were doing in Tampa Bay. Through them, I did learn how huge and active it is here.
    I was in the mode of “What’s the difference between $12 and frustration per month, or $0 and following my heart. (Sometimes I just have to get hit over the head with 2×4.) So, I started another blog: http://tampabaypetonline.com
    I now promote all the stuff I can that is going on in Tampa Bay. Most people settle in and attend events in their own little burg, and the same goes for adoption, etc. But everyone sometimes goes out of county and I want them to know where to visit, what events to attend, and everything I can do to support their efforts.Mine is a hyer-active attempt to get the 6 counties thinking like a community.
    My biggest problem is that I started it in the height of pet events season (Florida!) and I have been running behind for months now. Well, that is coming to an end and I can breathe a little and just keep plugging along now under a lot less pressure to do everything all at once.
    One of my goals is to inspire other areas to do the same thing. The big buzzword around is “Local”. I don’t know what your area really is, but if this sparks an interest I am more than happy to talk with you, or email about all this. I am so happy now. Passion over poverty keeps me going. When I get to 500+ followers, I will reach out to the local pet retailers and whoever else would benefit from focused advertising.
    I met a woman who started a magazine for pet people just in Sarasota. She said after 6 months, retailers were calling her to advertise in her magazine! She said she isn’t getting rich, but it pays the bills. (That sounds kinda rich to me.)
    But getting back to where we are now: BlogPaws is a wonderful source of information. I am only starting to monetize Ask Fisher now, and I will sign up for http://network.blogpaws.com/. I talked to Tom at BlogPaws and he said he will help me if I need it. Nothing is up yet, but I hope by the end of the week.
    If anything I have written appeals to you, I will be happy to have discussions via emal: askfisher@gmail.com
    We are all in this together! Best wishes.

  16. Investigate volunteering at your local animal shelter (SPCA). The one near me only requires 6 hours a month.

  17. Jobs are really hard to find – especially in animal welfare with budgets cut ( as there were here) Volunteering is a way to get “in the loop” and know people (and jobs are generally given to people they know), but the real danger is that they will simply adore you and your dedication and just keep you working for free.
    Make the shift to animals ( not less emotional/exhausting, but it’s where you belong – you have the empathy and common sense). Consider becoming certified animal vet tech so you can get paid for work in that field in a clinic to get experience (reputation) – and have a certified skills for future jobs? One lady/teacher here started as a dog trainer for a few classes in spare time and now has quite large business – she has no certification – and I have seen better honestly, but her classes served a purpose – people like her – and the dogs do progress. She stopped teaching several years ago and worked with a vet and his growing doggy day care/ added training and an accessory store. Now she’s left and is free standing. Her replacement is a young guy who worked in a popular doggy day care in Houston, then studied/got to be a certified trainer. He’s doing pretty well, too.
    Dog trainers do need to be in an area with clients willing to pay – and there’s lots of those around….if you move, look for large fenced area so you can have room to work and perhaps develop your own doggy day care center? You will still be able to do rescues…groups know you.
    Slow down the blog posts if needed – pictures will work and keep us updated.
    Paws crossed the right opportunity arrives at your door!

    1. Oh ( as if this isn’t long enough) Looks like people in areas with tourism are finding flexible jobs offering to walk dogs of tourists during the day while owners are off doing stuff – they are partnering with bed and breakfasts and some hotel…might pay the bills and give you the time you need?
      Maybe someone can suggest how to ramp up a website so you get paid for clicks and ads ( which we will forgive). You have the readers. Any help from wordpress?

  18. Perhaps the right opportunity just hasn’t come along yet. If your mom really wants to work in animal welfare she shouldn’t give up … it just may take a little longer for the Universe to line up the right job for her. My advice is for her to be patient and keep putting her intentions out there – and feed you cookies in the meantime.

  19. Oh Rumpydog, I don’t want to see my fellow snow pup blogger go away! Maybe Jen could go into animal healing like puppy massage or something. It could help with abused animals. I know Mama’s massages help me Wooowooo! Or maybe training pups to be reading dogs for children or to be pet visitors for senior centers? Good luck. Woooowooooooo! Ku

  20. Can’t lose the blog! I’m not sure there is an easy answer, but life is too short not to pursue your passion. Best of luck – hope you can find something that lets your combine your work/interests. Maybe an animal welfare group will see this post!

  21. Has Jen looked into education? Technical college? University? I’m liking the cat’s idea. Service dog. Paid advertisements and endorsements.

  22. You already work towards animal welfare by running this blog. There are lots of jobs you could get paid for that work with animals like vet tech, animal caretaker at a shelter, dog walker, boarding facility, petsmart or smaller pet store that doesn’t sell animals, groomer, dog trainer, etc. It’s not always easy to get into some of those jobs and many of them don’t pay much.

  23. Maybe Jen could volunteer a few hours per week in animal welfare, just to see how it goes. I would think since your blog already advocates so much for animal welfare, she could somewhat try to integrate the two. Like talk about her experiences there? Doing so might help open up some animal welfare-related doors and opportunities. πŸ™‚

  24. In quite a few cases, many people will begin to get payed for their blogs/vlogs. Ever hear of “partnering?” http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/224560
    With such great personalities showcased on this blog, it wouldn’t be that difficult! I think one of the biggest keys is network network network! Get yourself out there and known. Seems like there should be no problem there. It basically comes down to being a writer, and Jen is a fabulous one… I mean, you know. πŸ™‚

  25. Wishing you lots of luck Jen, the perfect thing is going to come along, promise! I would sure miss you all if you ever gave up the blog though πŸ™‚
    ps. I don’t know how Rumpy or DeDe are with strangers… but is there a possibility that you guys could team up once again and bring happiness and awareness into peoples lives that are not on the internet? I am picturing schools or old folks homes πŸ™‚

  26. I love the unique way you advocate for animal welfare through your blog. There is no other site remotely like this one.

    Have you considered approaching companies (either nonprofit or for profit) with a big animal welfare emphasis to be a paid blogger and social media person? You certainly have the credentials.

    You could craft a proposal and present it to several companies. To get some ideas for what companies expect from a paid blogger, check out the job board at ProBlogger.net.

    Several of the people attending BlogPaws were paid writers/social media people for pet businesses. Maybe you could start with the for-profit companies you really respect who support animal welfare causes.

  27. I think this blog is almost a resume for a job in animal welfare. It shows that Jen is passionate, involved, and active in animal welfare issues. Cutting back on the blog a little to make time to volunteer and make connections and network a little is one way to handle it. Giving up the blog completely would be sad. We would miss you too much, Rumpy! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  28. We’re going to play devil’s advocate.
    Animal welfare is a lot of stress and strain with low pay – some of the same things that I’m guessing Jen is feeling a bit burned out on in human welfare situation.

    Does Jen have a degree? In what? Our person found the most time to spend writing about dogs when she got a job that let her work enough to pay our kibble bill and write in the evenings and on weekends. We think Jen should look at getting a job that lets her spend time and energy writing because we think that’s where her real passion – and talents are…if she puts too much time and energy into working in a rescue she won’t have much left for writing.
    Just our opinions πŸ™‚

  29. I am sorry that I do not understand why you cannot do both? I do not see this blog is a conflict of interest of the job you seek. As the matter of fact, this blog is about helping animals after all.

  30. P.S. Rumpy, tell Jen that our mom helps people with resumes and stuff if Jen wants another set of eyes to look her application materials over….>cmoslund@gmail.com<

  31. If you’re not fixed in Florida how about searching around for jobs with the humane society, or animal rescue groups, that could use a good person. Or compassionate vet that does a lot of animal rescue help. Just thinking out loud here. But… please DON’T GIVE UP THE BLOG.

  32. Not easy to change careers, particularly to animal welfare which attracts many. I would normally suggest contract or temp work (as opposed to volunteer) as a way to get into the network. What type of role depends on Jen’s qualifications. I agree with PMOTH, and I know it’s a time investment but the qualification as certified animal vet tech would be very helpful if Jen wants to work on the ground, so to speak. I also suggest Jen goes physically to work places, and any events, and makes-uses as many contacts as possible. Good luck.

  33. She could work with animals… at a shelter. They probably don’t pay much though. Even vet clinics don’t pay much… is hard to make much over 25k a year at my old job as vet tech that had been to college for the occupation.

  34. Could she tie the blog and volunteering together? I hate to say this but she could cut back on how often you post and then maybe blog about the different animals she meets? You could always come and blog on my blog pal!

  35. I hope Jen doesn’t give up the blog. Maybe she could start a house sit dogs and cats while people go on vacations, are sick in hospitals or need a sitter for a couple of hours. I hope she finds something.


    1. I’m trying to incorporate that in the Hisses and Purrs on Tuesday. I just don’t want first world countries to get the idea that, no matter how bad we’re doing, we’re better than THOSE guys!

  36. Bein ever practical and knowing how important it is for biped and four legs to eat, I say t Jen: Find a job that pays, has benefits and doesn’t suck out your brains. that way you can invest in Rumpy’s blog and pay the bills. I have a job that is not the job of my dream, but it allows me to volunteer at an animal shelter, write my blog, and still spend time dreaming. My energy and soul goes into what I love. Some physical and a little bit of brains go into the money job. win, win, win. Best of luck to Jen – she is a jewel in the crown of kindness.

  37. Please don’t give up the blog! I know I’m not entirely regular but I love your photos – as in LOVE your photos… & your humour, comments, thoughts.

    I reckon keep open, and you will recognise the right opportunity. I am actually looking for more satisfaction in my day to day work at present too, so I do relate.

  38. I’m hoping Jen finds a spot as an advocate for animals, a lobbyist who has animals’ best interests at heart, and is well paid for her efforts. Her blog fulfills part of this … and, I’m guessing, her creative side as well.

  39. Rumpy, Jen is a very good writer and your blog also gives her joy, which she needs. Have you suggested her doing free-lance writing for magazines like Dog Fancy or Cat Fancy.

    I’m very new at blogging so I couldn’t tell you how to monetize your blog. I just came from BlogPaws and was a lot of information about the “how to’s”. People are making money through blogging. Perhaps begin by searching the web and go to the BlogPaws web site.

    if jen is anything like I am, she will never give any of you up. I was almost evicted because I wouldn’t give BJ up.

  40. oh don’t. You are an inspiration, and your blog is beautiful, and your animals are, too. I smile the whole time I am here, and am inspired to be a more active animal advocate.

  41. maybe Jen should get people to guest blog – and then volunteer with the extra time? Or maybe jen could earn some money writing in animal-related fields? I hope she works it all out!!

  42. Yow rumpy! Nylablue frum da Purrfect Pad here….me n Mum talked over yer Mum’z prublem n we fink she needz to KEEP yer blog az it iz a guud outlet fer her to be creeative. N of course she just HAZ to keep You who iz such a beeutifull poochie!!!
    So me Mu sayz maybee yer Mum haz to creeate her own job bein a consultant or leeazoon (whatever dat iz?)
    Maybee shuud cuud go into pet sittin or sum sort of 4 legged care?? We jsut throwin out ideaz az we knot you or yer Mum well….
    Whatever she deecidez to do we hopez both you n yer Mum will be happy πŸ™‚
    All da best frum Nylablue n her Mum SherriEllen xo

  43. I haven’t read all the comments, so maybe this has already been suggested, but why not blog for animal welfare? Find a shelter or rescue that you believe in and post photos and bios of available animals, and other animal-related stuff. That’s what I do anyway, and it’s very rewarding. I also do our rescue FB page and also post cat photos on the shelter (Sacramento County Animal Care) FB page. Of course it doesn’t pay $$$, but it does help the critters find homes.

  44. This is a bad time to try to make a career shift. Whatever you want, go slowly and tread lightly. And please keep blogging! The world is a better piece because of your blog!

  45. I have the same problem. I would love to get into animal welfare or care. Heck, I’d even pick up animal poop at the San Diego Zoo if they’d have me. Unfortunately, even to volunteer means being on a waiting list a few thousand people long.

  46. Thank you for following my blog. I have read through yours and think it is great! I have therefore nominated you for the Shine On Award, you can check out the details on my blog.

  47. How about friendly visiting to seniors who are homebound? I brought a litter of pups over to a woman in her early 90’s and she lit up like a Christmas tree! It is rewarding and could be part of your blog

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