Hisses and Purrs!

Happy Tuesday that acts like a Monday! The UK had a bank holiday, and of course we here in the US celebrated Memorial Day, so humans are dragging! Not me though, because Jen has the day off to make up for being on call this weekend.

As we now do each Tuesday, Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie run down the Hisses and Purrs for the week. Here we list some of the best- and worst- stories in Animal Welfare.

Ready Hissy?

Oh yeah, he's ready!
Oh yeah, he’s ready!


Hisses to The Airports Company South Africa for removing an ad placed at OR Tambo International airport by Avaaz that asked tourists to tell President Zuma to end the trade of lion bones in South Africa. Avaaz took court action after the ads’ removal. South Africa’s export of lion bone increased 250% between 2008 and 2010. The bones are used to make sex potions for sale in Asia. 

Hisses to David Gill, owner of South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Northwest England, for lying about the circumstances surrounding the death of zookeeper Sarah McClay last Friday. Gill told the BBC that McClay had entered a pen with a Sumatran tiger, when in fact, the tiger escaped its enclosure and attacked McClay in an area supposed to be off-limits to the animal. When will humans end the barbaric practice of putting animals on display for their entertainment?

Hisses to the Sirius Institute for selling a ridiculous scheme they call “dophinization of the planet.” They plan to do this through “dolphin therapy” and now with “birthing with the dolphins,” whereby expectant mothers give birth while in the water with “therapeutic dolphins”. What a load of crap! Now I have no pity for humans. If they’re dumb enough for fall for that, they deserve to get ripped off. But what about these poor dolphins?


Better let June Buggie calm things down now....
Better let June Buggie calm things down now….


Purrs to the activists who marched on the Australian Parliament House Sunday to demand a ban on live exports of animals. The march was organized after it was learned cattle exported from Australia to Egypt were cruelly treated prior to and during slaughter.

Purrs to animal lovers and animal welfare advocates in China for asking President Obama to help them put an end to the annual Dog Meat Festival held on June 21st in Yulin, Guangxi. Locals believe eating dog meat will prevent disease, increase sexual performance and get rid of ghosts. I’m sure glad we don’t live there!

And purrs to the ASPCA, IFAW, Code 3 Associates Animal Disaster Response, RedRover, and the other agencies and people who are helping animals in Moore, Oklahoma, be cared for and reunited with their human caretakers. You rock!!!


Do YOU have any hisses or purrs to share?

18 thoughts on “Hisses and Purrs!

  1. Beyond belief the hisses Hissyfit i don’t blame you humans are one backward species…annual dogmeat festival…speechless…but ye the purrs are great..we here in Australia are passionately against the live meat export..i have pet sheep and i can tell you they are sentient lovely creatures ,they can remember up to 100 people they interact with,we sit in the paddock on the grass and get kisses(very smelly due to the ruminant tummy) they are lonely if they don’t see us and they interact with our pets,my cat Dinnermintz always gives a leap up headbutt to them…so yes to have them exported in this manner is enough to make me sleepless for the rest of my life.

    1. I believe that animals deserve to be treated with care. It bothers me that here in the US we seem to feel that way about dogs and cats, but not about the animals we eat. So we put into our bodies these animals we’ve given miserable lives, doped up with all sorts of drugs, then slaughtered. It’s not healthy for one’s soul to eat meat obtained in that way.

      1. Exactly! i am chicken sitting and well if you saw my blog i just did you know how i feel ..had a sad day after these foxes attacked the chickens..poor girls ..people don’t get it..i believe in karma..i have too otherwise i think my cheese would slide right off my cracker 😦

  2. The hisses are just sickening and make me so mad – the purrs make up for it. Sometimes , it feels like there is such a loooong way to go in animal welfare; how do you keep your spirits up and your motivation up when you hear stories like the ones that elicited the hisses?

    1. I try to keep things in perspective. Most people truly believe what they are doing is OK. It’s up to me, you, and the rest of us to spread the word that it’s NOT OK, and we have to do it in a way where they will hear our message.

  3. I cannot believe that people STILL think animal bones, etc…can improve their lives through consumption or whatever method they use……I’m pretty much speechless…i knew it went on, but not to the level of a festival…

  4. That Sirius Institute is just sick – sometimes I can’t believe what’s going on in such heads. I hope President Obama can do something against this cruelty thing in china. Thanks for the information Hissy Fit Jones.

  5. Oh no….very scary that in China, people eat Dog meat and locals believe it will prevent disease(!!!)
    Personally my kitties and me(?) purrr for a couple who my mom met at the vet last Sunday, who just adopted an abandoned 2months old kitty from the vet. The couple said that they hadn’t had any companion animals before, and the small kitty is the first one!
    They seemed to still learn how to but they looked so happy to have the cute kitty! Glad the kitty found the lovely parents! Purrrr for them! 🙂

  6. Those hisses made us hiss, too! Humans are some of the most inhumane creatures we know. GRRRR!

  7. Zoey the Cool Cat likes to walk in front of me and then at the most inopportune time just flop on the floor. I know she does it so it rarely catches me off guard. However, when she did it just a while ago I accidentally stepped on her tail. She was not happy. I tried to pick her up and love her to apologize but she was mad, mad, mad. She hissed and swiped at me, so I let her go. Of course, food resolves all, so I put some food on the desk. Here she is now eating food and making google eyes at me………..lol

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