Wordless Wednesday- Come to the Beach!

It’s almost summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, and people around the world are dreaming of sitting on a warm beach. The Florida Gulf Coast beaches are back and looking great!

Don't you wish you were here?
Don’t you wish you were here?

The winds are blowing, the waves are rolling, and the birds are calling.

Ahhhhh..... clear waters!
Ahhhhh….. clear waters!

When you come, remember to pack sunscreen! And when you go, don’t leave anything behind!

Leave only your footprints please!
Leave only your footprints please!

Take care of your Mother, so she can continue to take care of you!

Keep the beaches clean so you can nourish your spirit for years to come!
Time to nourish your mind, body and spirit on a beach near you!

56 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Come to the Beach!

  1. My Mom lived in Clearwater, FL for six years – that looks a lot like the beach there but all the Gulf beaches are beautiful again! Enjoy!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. I would love to come to the beach! I miss living on the beach on the North Sea coast! Great “commercial” post…you could write for the FL tourist industry.

  3. The beach is awesome!!! Very beautiful and the water is so clean!
    Whenever we look at the shell chandelier that Jen gave us, we imagine gorgeous and relaxing Florida beach! Thank you very much for it! πŸ™‚

  4. Sand, seagulls, sky! Just beautiful.
    We usually leave the beaches in Galveston for the tourists in the summer..but Memorial Day the parks and wild life guys were busy with some unexpected visitors. Due to heavy rains in some areas (not here) the rivers have been flowing rapidly and some gators have been washed into the gulf. Not liking salt water, the gators have started the long walks home – worrying visitors – to the wildlife guys have been giving them lifts.
    Or maybe the gators decided the beach was the place to be for the holiday? What better place to find a girl?

  5. Sigh, if only we lived close enough to go to the beach. We have never been to one, but Mom has and she says they are delightful:)

    You should send this post to the Chamber of Commerce in your area – great promo:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Oh, I do love the gulf coast. My main memory is sitting in Clearwater on the beach drinking root beer. Yum! Looking forward to some beach time myself soon – Spain, not the UK thankfully!

  7. Growing up I spent every summer on Pensacola Beach, with occasional visits to Ft Walton and Panama City … these photos bring back some wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing!! Have a good summer there ~~~

  8. The beach and ocean are Mom and Dad’s favorite place. We have never been there it too far to drive. We settle for lakes and our creek πŸ™‚

  9. I guess we don’t in the same northern hemisphere as you Rumpy …
    But yes I do agree take care of the Pachamama ! (mother earth, and goddess of fertility in South America). I love the word, it’s so full of meaning. β™₯

  10. I love running about on the beach, but the water isn’t very good for drinking! I wish everyone would take their rubbish home, or to a bin.

  11. Looks like such a fun time on the beach. My humans are from California but now we live in Nashville, a landlocked place and this is the one time of the year that they reconsider their decision to move out here!

  12. how’s the water temp? we are sunny–but c-o-l-d…inna fifties. I am itching to start surfin’ again. I used to surf 24/7!! And miss it every summer, and winter too, but you know…less…

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