Stuffies Misunderstood!

It’s funny how some stuffies become instant ground cover for me, while others last a long, long time.

This is chicken.

me and my chicken!
me and my chicken!


Chicken was a gift from my friends Forrest and Autumn and their mom Leslie.

His squeaker is gone, and he’s past due for a bath, but I love to play with my chicken.

Compare that to the other stuffed chicken sent at the same time. That chicken is no longer with us.

Rest in peace, other chicken.

54 thoughts on “Stuffies Misunderstood!

  1. Oh Rumpy …sounds about right to me..although my Forrest has no stuffies left…all other toys are out of reach! lesson learned after my sisters Shepherd had half a tennis ball surgically removed ..nasty op…so it’s out of the way after play for our fact they hang in a string shopping bag a whole collection i call the yukky dip…dirty slime covered ..just what dogs love 🙂 love the chicken Rumpy he suits you!

  2. OTHER Chicken…. Prolly had it Coming… Just sayin.
    THERE IS a major difference between One Stuffie and Others.

    We actually have one that is (I KID YOU NOT) OVER 18 YEARS OLD. It survived the 3 short hairs that came BEFORE US and then survived OUR PUPPY HOOD and it STILL SQUEEKS. TRUE STORY!!!!

  3. We like what we like…I still play with some of my very oldest stuffies (ones that have been to Momz stuffie hospital more than once ) and there’s others that just don’t make it

  4. Chicken love! Molly enjoys pulling all the stuffing out of a red bone…then I stuff it back in and stitch it up…and she finds a tiny hole and pulls it out…and I stuff it back up…repeat….she doesn’t eat the stuffing and waits patiently…but wish she’s just use a kleenex box or something….
    Such a cute chicken…maybe someday

  5. Angel Dakota, Phantom, and Thunder were always pretty good with their stuffies, but then along came Ciara and Lightning – oops, destuffing is now the norm:(

    Nice of you to treat your chicken with such TLC.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Rumpy, what great timing that Forrest and Autumn gave you a chicken just when your other one went away. Take good care of your chicken.

  7. I don’t understand Chester and Gretel’s rating criteria either. Chester pretty much tears anything stuffed or with a squeaker up but the Organic Cotton Simply Fido toys last a long time. Maybe because it is stuffed with cotton and feels different? Dunno.

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